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    23 Practical Ways To Actually Declutter Your Home

    Small steps to success.

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    1. Find the digital versions of your important owners manuals online, bookmark them all in one folder, then recycle the paper versions.

    2. Determine how many coffee and tea mugs you actually need using a simple ~mathematical~ formula.

    3. Sort through your reusable plastic containers to find the ones you use most often, then repurpose a shallow plastic bin as a giant drawer in your cabinet and use a shoebox for the lids.

    4. Keep an "Eat Me First" plastic bin in your fridge for all the food that's close to expiring or goes bad kind of quickly.

    5. Ditch the pile of half-empty tea boxes for a bamboo tea chest that'll hold 80+ teabags.

    6. Keep your food fresher longer *and* make your pantry and cabinets look neat AF by storing snacks, pasta, beans, and more in air-tight storage containers.

    7. Secure the cords to the appliances you only use every once in a while with Command strips.

    8. If you have piles of plastic grocery bags, keep only the ones that'll fit in an empty tissue box or grocery bag dispenser, and recycle the rest.

    9. Move your kids favorite games to stacking plastic containers or small drawers that are all the same size, so they make a neat, easy stack.

    10. If your bathtub's covered in colorful bath toys, use a Command Hook + a lingerie bag to capture them all when bath time's over.

    11. Go through your bathroom cabinets and toss anything that's past its expiration date.

    12. You can also sort out makeup that's *not* expired but that you never wear anymore, or only wore a couple of times — and offer it (sanitized with alcohol wipes, of course) to friends who might be interested.

    13. Give your bathroom serious spa vibes by swapping out your branded bottles for matching pumps in a soothing blue.

    14. While you're at it, pour your dish soap (and after-dishes hand lotion, if you use it) into a pretty glass pump bottle, too.

    15. Corral your family's clutter in "crap baskets" so when you find your daughter's shoes under the kitchen table, you actually have somewhere to put them.

    16. If you have a DVD collection you'd like to downsize, move 'em to organized binders (using binder inserts) and recycle the cases and covers.

    17. Store everything from extra bedding to out-of-season clothes in space bags: whether you store 'em under your bed or in a spare closet, everything will take up less space.

    18. If you tend to dump your mail and forget about it, set up a mail filing station so you can sort and file your mail the moment you bring it in.

    19. Give every piece of jewelry you own its own designated pocket in a hanging organizer, so you can choose from the ~whole menu~ of jewelry you own.

    20. Turn all your hangers in your closet backward, then when you wear something, flip its hanger back around. After six months, donate or sell whatever's still on backwards hangers.

    21. Speaking of selling, try out an app like Poshmark or Letgo to see if you can make a few bucks.

    22. Or if you'd like to make some money without putting in a lot of work, try sending your castoffs to ThredUp.

    23. If you're serious about decluttering for good, learn about different systems to figure out what might work for you.

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