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    33 Seriously Easy 10-Minute Organizing Ideas

    Quick and practical transformations!

    1. Turn the inside of a cabinet door into a baking station with a kitchen equivalents chart + small Command Hooks + measuring cups and spoons.

    2. Plop an over-door basket on one of your kitchen cabinets so those cutting boards that you reach for daily don't stay buried in the back corner any longer. (Get two, and neither will your foil, parchment paper, and plastic bags).

    3. Go through your fridge and toss everything that's past its prime.

    4. Declutter your extensive tea collection by ditching all of those boxes that take up way too much space, and sorting everything into a two-sided stand.

    5. Hang pot lids on the inside of your cabinet door using two Command Hooks, so you can stack pots and pans *and* easily grab their lids.

    6. Upgrade your knife drawer with a protective organizer that will prevent the blades from knocking into one another, which means they'll all stay sharper for longer.

    7. Set up a corner tray so excess water drains away from your soap, sponges, and scrub brush, instead of just puddling up on your kitchen counter.

    8. Grab an empty shoebox to corral all your socks, tights, or underwear. Bonus points for folding and stacking them Marie Kondo–style so you can see every pair clearly.

    9. Or if you're a little lazy and don't want to do all that folding, revamp your underwear drawer with some divided organizers. All you have to do is quickly stuff your bras, underwear, and socks into their respective slots and everything will look nice and neat with almost no effort.

    10. Loop all of your favorite scarves over the bottom rung of a "suit" hanger, so you can easily see them all at a glance and they don't get wrinkled.

    11. Or if your collection is bigger than what can fit on a single hanger, try a hanging scarf organizer that will display them all neatly and sweetly so you can always find the exact one you're looking for.

    12. Stash your less frequently worn shoes away in an under bed organizer. We all have pairs we use less often but don't want to completely forget, and this keeps them out of the way but still very accessible.

    13. Display all your favorite jewelry like it's a work of art and you just might start to wear more pieces more often. This mounted organizer can hang wherever works best for your space, like on the back of your closet door or behind the door in your bedroom.

    14. Or if you have the drawer space for it, sort your earrings into ice cube trays to make every pair easy to spot.

    15. Replace "the chair" where you constantly throw those outfits you've only worn once (and intend to wear again before you wash 'em) with a decorative ladder; besides holding more clothes than the chair, it also makes it easier for you to see everything you have.

    16. Multiply your closet hanging space — or just make it easy for a kiddo to reach their own clothes — with a double-hang closet rod. All you have to do is hook it onto the top rod, and ta-da! You have your very own TV-worthy before and after.

    17. Fill a specially-designed beanbag chair cover with your kids (or teens) treasured stuffed toys and their rooms will instantly look, like, 95% cleaner.

    18. Institute a "crap basket" system for the junk that your family leaves lying around the house. Just put anything that's out of place in the right person's basket, and then it's their responsibility to put it all away.

    If you want to try a crap basket system yourself but don't see yourself investing in fancy seagrass weave quite yet, you can always test it with some fabric storage bins.

    19. Choose one — just one! — of your bathroom drawers, and empty it, toss what you don't use (or what's expired), wipe it down, and reorganize it.

    BTW, here's how to know when exactly you need to toss something:

    20. If the space under your sink needs some TLC, choose one half of it (or if it's extra spacious, just a third) to quickly clean out and redo. I'm a big proponent of under-cabinet drawers for this, because they prevent your favorite lotions from getting lost to those deep back corners.

    21. Magnets are the ultimate solution to your bobby pin woes: either attach a strip of adhesive magnet tape in a drawer or to the back of your medicine cabinet, or stick 'em in a paperclip organizer.

    22. Collect all your hair ties on a carabiner and they won't mysteriously vanish quite so quickly.

    23. If you wear makeup everyday, pull the stuff you love the most out of your cluttered bag or drawer and put it on display in a convenient countertop organizer.

    24. Treat your favorite styling tools to an easily-accessible spot on the back of the door under the sink, thanks to an organizer that fits right over your cabinet door.

    25. Or if you don't have much cabinet space to speak of, try mounting a hair dryer holder — its small size makes it flexible, so it can work with pretty much any setup.

    26. Have an ever-growing collection of nail polish threatening to overflow the old cosmetic bag you're currently storing it in? Neatly stash it away in a compartmented case instead, and you'll always be able to find the color you want in a single glance.

    27. Swap out your regular old shower curtain liner for one with pockets: you'll either instantly double all your storage space or finally be able to leave the edges of your tub clear, making them easier to wipe down once a week.

    28. Avoid wasting any bit of storage space, especially if your bathroom's on the tiny side. Over-door hooks or towel racks turn that previously dead area into super functional storage.

    29. Hang a wall organizer with Command's picture hanging strips right next to your front or back door and you'll have an instant mini-mudroom and ~drop zone~.

    30. Pack your reusable bags in one bag with a carabiner on it, so you can hook them both on your car and on your shopping cart.

    31. Sort through everything in your glove compartment, then file all your important papers away in a convienient document case.

    32. Snap on a couple of headrest hooks and you'll finally have a spot to stick your bag (besides the floor!) when you have a car full of passengers.

    33. Stick a laundry basket or plastic bin in the trunk of your car for the next time you get groceries: it makes it easy to carry all of your bags inside in a single trip, and will help your bags stay upright on the drive home.

    You, giving yourself the recognition you deserve after improving your life with even just one or two of these things:

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