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    28 Products From Walmart That'll Actually Make Your First Year Of Parenting Easier

    The things you'll reach for time and time again.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A waterfall rinser that will make it at least a little easier for you to wash your baby's hair without getting any water or soap in their eyes.


    Besides being helpful now, it will stay useful for all the years you help them bathe! It has little ridges that channel the water away from their eyes and face.

    Promising review: "I was excited to try this bath rinser because the opening from where I pour the water is slightly smaller than the first one I tried. My daughter is so afraid to have the water come into her eyes! So this smaller 'spout' worked better. I feel like I have a little more control." —Jen

    Get it from Walmart for $7.96.

    2. A Boppy nursing pillow because it lifts babies up to a more ergonomic and comfortable position (for you!), whether you're breast or bottle feeding.


    And with time, it becomes a comfy place for your baby to prop themselves up on and eventually helps them sit. Naturally both the pillow and the slip cover are completely machine washable.

    Promising review: "With my first child I didn't have a Boppy until we brought baby home for the first time. This is an essential item to your hospital bag, whether you breastfeed or not! My mom uses it when she watches our little one, because it supports her arms while feeding with the bottle. It also makes bonding time easier and more secure as my fatigued arms don't need an armchair! And we used it for tummy time, to make the face down issue less scary. I will not let any of my friends have a child without a Boppy!" —valueshopper

    Get it from Walmart in several colors for $39.79: the dark floral pictured left, the grey zoo print pictured right, or see all the available colors and patterns.

    3. A Pack 'n' Play that converts from a bassinet to a safe play yard *and* collapses into an easy-to-carry bag. That means you can take it basically anywhere and know your baby has a cozy place to relax and sleep.


    The bassinet folds in with the play yard for quick packing in the included carrying bag.

    Promising review: "Ordered this because we are going on a trip and didn't want to stress about a crib at the hotels. Love the compact package, you would never think the Pack 'n' Play was in there. Is very easy to set up, takes me less than 10 minutes. Instructions are very easy to read and follow. Love that it has two wheels, which make it very easy to move around. The carry bag makes it easy to take anywhere. Baby has been able to nap in it no problem. For now we are using the bassinet which works out great. Love the product!" —DGnz

    Get it from Walmart for $59.99–$79.99 (eight colors).

    4. A silicone plate — it sticks and stays in place on the high chair or table, so your kiddo can't ~accidentally~ tip it over on the floor.


    It's shown here with an older kid who's using utensils, but it also works well for finger food like cheerios, strawberries, and small pieces of cheese. It's dishwasher safe of course!

    Promising review: "This plate is so cute and very effective. My one year old grandson likes to dump the food off his plate and onto his highchair tray. He is so frustrated now because he can no longer pull those shenanigans. LOL! The suction is excellent on countertops and highchair trays. Some wood kitchen tables may be a little problematic. Highly recommend for the efficiency — and the look on your kids face when they can't toss their plate on the floor is priceless." —OneEyedKristy

    Get it from Walmart for $17.95.

    5. A video baby monitor system so you can leave the room and have plenty of peace of mind. Between the temperature sensor, the camera (that pans and zooms and tilts), and the auto infrared night vision, you'll always know that everything's okay.


    It also works as an intercom, which some reviewers mention they like as their kids got a little older. It can charge up and be wireless, although it seems like (again, based on the reviews) the charge isn't usually enough to last through an entire night — it has to stay plugged in for that.

    Promising review: "I love this monitor. It vibrates with sound, doesn't light up the nursery, has the temp., and the parent unit is sturdy and doesn't feel cheap. I haven't lost reception in any room of my house. The best purchase." —HappyMama

    Get it from Walmart for $84.99. And if you wanted to add a second camera, the system is totally expandable; get one for $50.94.

    6. Or the Owlet Smart Sock monitor, which tracks your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels as they doze, and notifies you on your phone if anything seems to be amiss.

    The package comes with a base station and the sock, then all you have to do is download the app. One reviewer mentioned putting a second sock over the Owlet to keep it extra secure.

    Promising review: "This monitor is a lifesaver. My daughter was born two months premature and any parent with a preemie will tell you that you become accustomed to the monitors strapped on at the NICU. When we were going to transition to bringing her home I was looking for a monitor that could give us that extra bit of assurance. I tried a lot of monitors... even brought them into the NICU to test them against the hospital grade equipment. The Owlet was always accurate and proved to be the perfect fit for our family. I could not imagine life without it." —Nicole

    Get it from Walmart for $199.

    7. A heavy duty stroller hook so you can quickly attach your purse, shopping bags, and diaper bag directly to your stroller's handle, leaving your hands completely free.


    Promising review: "This hook is a convenient tool to add bags and paraphernalia to your baby carriage. Easy to use, it simply hooks onto the carriage and bingo! You can now attach any bag to your hook. A must-have for all moms carrying lots of baby gear!" —jknop

    Get it from Walmart: the single pack for $8 or a value pack with a second, smaller clip for $2.20. (Why the price discrepancy? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but I'll take it!)

    8. A manual breast pump to keep as backup just in case you forget your electric pump, or need to collect some extra milk after a breastfeeding session.

    Lansinoh /

    It comes with two flanges in two sizes so you can choose the one that fits best, and has a soft rim for comfort and an ergonomic handle.

    Promising review: "I bought this because I left my electric pump in the part of the office that gets locked before I leave for the day. I couldn't go 12+ hours without pumping. It's really easy to use. I like that the flange has the soft seal part. I feel it created a really nice seal while pumping. I was very surprised with this pump's performance. Usually I have to pump 20 minutes and usually get two or three let downs. In ten minutes per breast I had two solid let downs that produced about half an ounce more production on both breasts than my normal pump session with my electric. Usually I have to manage my errands schedule around my pump times, but now with this little manual pump I'll be able to run them a lot easier. I'll be traveling in a few months and was going to order a power adapter for my car, but now I won't. This manual pump is great." —deltagreen321

    Get it from Walmart for $24.75.

    9. A lightweight, compact portable changing pad that has a comfy bit of cushion and, perhaps most importantly, is easy to clean off with a quick wipe-down.


    Promising reviews: "This is exactly what I needed, a changing pad that I am able to clean off. It fits perfectly in my diaper bag and isn't really bulky." —CiCi86

    "I've been using one of these to change my daughter on ever since she was born. I like that it is very simple, no flaps or anything to get in the way, and is completely waterproof. (My daughter used to pee almost every time I took off her diaper, so this was a necessity!) If it gets poopy, I just clean it off with a baby wipe — it comes right off. I just ordered a second one of these for the new baby on the way. Highly recommend!" —Anna

    Get it from Walmart for $7.50.

    10. Or the Skidaddle Diaper Changing Station, which can replace your diaper bag entirely for shorter ventures out of the house, because it folds up on itself and includes several pockets for diapers, wipes, and a few extras.


    Promising review: "Great product! Saves having to balance a diaper bag on the shoulder while changing baby. Just grab, and go! Totally changed my public diapering experience." —Rachel

    Get it from Walmart for $19.84.

    11. The Cozy Cover because it will keep your baby toasty warm in their carseat and carrier even through the chilliest months of winter — all without making it difficult to get them safely strapped in.


    It stretches over an infant car seat, and blocks out any cold that might want to seep in! The two zippers make it easy for you to reach your baby and buckle them in. And yes, it's machine washable.

    Promising review: "Absolutely worth the buy! Great price for a great invention. I had my daughter in the cold winter months and it protects from wind, snow, even rain. Made out of good material and very easy access. Universal cover, fit the Graco infant car seat I have perfectly! Would definitely recommend." —mama

    Get it from Walmart for $11.62+ (four colors).

    12. The NoseFrida Snot Sucker, a non-invasive (and dishwasher safe!) nasal aspirator designed with a tube that goes against your baby's nostril instead of inside of it, which besides being more comfortable for your baby, also won't harm anything in their inner nose. Oh, and it instantly relieves any stuffiness so you can both enjoy some peace.

    Yes, you are basically sucking out your baby's mucus but it comes with disposable filters to help prevent any bacteria or boogers from reaching your mouth.

    Promising review: "Every non-parent who hears the name is grossed out. But it's the only aspirator that works. I held out for a while because of the price, but considering the length of time until kids learn to blow their own noses, this is a worthwhile purchase. This is the only one that they allow near their noses when they're already miserable. In seconds, relief. The clear tube allows you to see what you're actually getting out of their noses. After that tube is a filter (with extras in the box — don't throw them away!) and a long flexible hose, so the snot never can get to your mouth." —MomofTwins5773

    Get it from Walmart for $15.99.

    13. The cotton Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle, which, thanks to its Velcro sides, takes only three simple steps to put on your baby and can adjust to hold both their arms in, one arm in, or let both of their arms free.

    Even better? It has a zipper in the bottom so you can change their diaper in the middle of the night without having to take the rest of the swaddle off.

    Promising review: "Worth its weight in gold. We were given one of these as a gift from the hospital I gave birth at, and after using many other kinds of swaddles this one is by far our favorite. We used it so much we had to buy another to always have a backup when one is dirty. It's really hard for him to get his hands loose in the night, and he sleeps so soundly, it's just the right thickness for summer." —Laspapasfritas

    Get it from Walmart: the cotton version for $21.99+ (three sizes, 13 colors), and the warmer microfleece version for $21.99+ (three sizes, five colors).

    14. And the sleeveless version that you'll pull out once they've outgrown the first one, and they learn to roll over and crawl.

    It goes over their regular PJs and keep them cozy all night long! Plus it's been named the First Candle/SIDS Alliance #1 Safe Sleep Product.

    Promising review: "We love the SleepSacks. Baby hasn't liked being bound up (wrapped tight) since he was two months old. We started using the these to make sure he stayed covered up in the middle of the night. Also, they are easy to get into to change his diaper. The micro fleece is great in cold winter months, and the light cotton knit works well the rest of the year." — Mamasita

    Get the cotton version from Walmart for $19.99+ (five sizes, 17+ colors/patterns) or in microfleece for $21.99 (currently only available in pink).

    15. Some breathable, hypoallergenic, fragrance free–diapers that feel like soft fabric inside and out but can magically absorb over 50 times their weight in fluid.

    They're designed for wear both day and night, and are made with sustainably harvested fluff pulp, which helps lock wetness away from your kiddo's skin. And they come in like, 12+ different adorable patterns.

    Promising reviews: "My son has sensitive skin, so I've had to switch to non-fragrance everything, and these diapers are great! They're the second cheapest option (the cheapest option leaks all the time), but you can't tell! The cute designs are just icing on the cake!" —Babyreview

    "We adore this brand! They are super soft and still very absorbent. Our six-month-old is a size two and his diaper held from 7:30 last night until 8:30 when he woke up. I've been wanting a brand that's better for the environment but couldn't commit to cloth diapers yet or the cost of some of the other disposables. Not that they are necessary, but the designs are pretty cute, too!" —Happy Momma

    Get them on Walmart: a box of 74 diapers (cactus and watermelon patterns) for $23.94 (sizes newborn–35+ lbs), or a pack of 113 (in a cloud pattern) for $28.58 (same size range).

    16. The Hatch Rest Night Light and Sound Machine because it not only provides a gentle, controllable light for midnight feedings, but also connects to your phone so you can play soft music without being in the room.


    And as they grow, you can use it as a night light and as a signal for when it's okay for them to get up in the morning. It has several preset color combinations, or you can customize the color and brightness.

    Promising review: "Love this, couldn't wait to use it with my baby girl. It makes all the regular sound machine noises as well as lullaby music. And the nightlight features are so fun! This is something that you will be able to use for your child from infant onwards. It is very simple to control from the app on your phone as well. You can create "schedules" of music and lights for certain times, etc. Very neat product and super easy to set up and use!" —Ifer

    Get it from Walmart for $59.99.

    17. An ear thermometer so you can know whether or not they have a fever in just a few short seconds — and so they stay completely relaxed and comfortable the entire time.


    Promising review: "I was a little afraid of the price, but now that I've used it, I love it!! I wish I would have bought this from the beginning. I have two kids, one is just over a year and he's not very fond of getting his ear checked. This is so fast that I can get it done and with no fights!! I recommend this to anyone!!" —crzydaisy42

    Get it from Walmart for $39.99.

    18. A banana toothbrush teether — its textured tip will give your babys gums some sweet relief and its small size will be extra easy for them to hold.


    It's dishwasher and freezer safe.

    Promising review: "This banana is my son's and my favorite teether! I love that this gets babies in the habit of good oral hygiene early on. This was the only teether that my son was able to hold and control by himself when he started teething at three months. And of all the teethers I tried, this one was still his favorite, I think because of its smaller size. It doesn't collect lint anymore than any other teether, and washes easily. I carry this banana everywhere we go and give it to my son whenever he gets restless. We still love this six months later." — Noeticeye

    Get it from Walmart for $7.61.

    19. A silicone baby food dispensing–spoon that keeps the feeding mess to a minimum because it makes it simple to get those perfectly sized bites.


    It comes with a cap so you can toss in your bag on the go, and is dishwasher (but not microwave) safe.

    Promising review: "I love this spoon. My little one is almost five months old and we've just started introducing puréed fruits and veggies. The spoon is great. No mess, easy to clean, and is durable. I also love that I can also store leftovers in the spoon." —HappyMomma

    Get it from Walmart for $5.99–$7.99 (three colors).

    20. The Munchkin Bottle Brush, which is designed with a suction cup base for easy drying, a flexible neck to help you reach every nook and cranny of different bottles, and a soft rubber nipple brush that stores right in the handle.

    Walmart, Munchkin

    That nipple brush could help you clean pump parts and valves, too.

    Promising review: "I love Munchkin bottle brushes. The flexible neck definitely makes cleaning bottles easier, and the rubber nipple cleaner is definitely efficient. One of the things I love most about these bottle brushes is their durability. Of all the brands I've tried, I think Munchkin lasts longer because they don't get 'nasty' like others." —jswan

    Get it from Walmart for $4.10.

    21. An adjustable silicone tether for sippy cups and toys so you don't have to play the "the drop" game at the grocery store, in the stroller, or in the high chair.


    Get it from Walmart for $7.74.

    22. A stretchy multi-use wrap — you can use it to cover your babys carrier or carseat while they nap, slip it on while you nurse, and (once they're sitting up more normally), pull it over the grocery store cart seat so they sit more comfortably.


    Promising review: "I love that it can be used as a nursing cover as well as car seat cover! This is a must have for traveling!! I was able to use it to let my son continue sleeping while in the plane and when he needed to nurse was able to remove it easily with one hand off of his car seat and cover up while nursing!" —Alyssa

    Get it from Walmart for $24.67+ (three colors / patterns).

    23. A wrap-style carrier that easily slips on in several different configurations and doesn't require any actual skillful wrapping to use, so you can give them all the cuddly contact they need without completely exhausting yourself in the process.


    It's 100% cotton, but also washer and dryer safe. And can be worn in several different ways, depending on what's most comfortable for you.

    Promising review: "My son was six weeks early. I wasn't going to buy a cheap carrier with buckles but his nurse recommended this. It's worth the price. It can be worn a million different ways and you don't have to figure out how to wrap it yourself. It's already wrapped for the most part and has a guide on how to do the rest. My son loves it and falls asleep in it. Helps me with taking my dog potty and being able to do things around the house. It's not for heavy duty stuff like hiking or older babies though." —JessieJo

    Get it from Walmart for $28.94+ (one color).

    24. A pack of three changing pad covers because they'll be much lower effort to wash, even if your changing pad wipes down or has a removable, washable cover.


    Promising review: I love this. Easy to carry, change out, and wash. Has a plastic backing so it's waterproof. A must have." —scaboops

    Get a pack of three from Walmart for $8.03.

    25. A Halo Glide bassinet so you and your baby can safely sleep side by side in bed and always see each other through the mesh. And when you need to reach for your little one, the side wall retracts with just the pressure of your forearms, then automatically returns.


    It has gliding discs on the bottom so you can get out of bed without disturbing your baby, and the height is adjustable so it will fit most beds.

    Promising review: "Our little one was born a month ago and we have really enjoyed using the bassinet. It assembled very easily and impressed us with the durability of the frame. At night, it feels like our son is in bed with us, but safely sleeping by himself. Also, the bedside frame has a side that moves down when we pick him up, which was very appreciated, especially in the week or two after he was born. Overall, we love this bed and imagine our little guy will be safely sleeping in it for quite some time." —cbr1

    Get it from Walmart for $169.99.

    26. A Soothie pacifier with a detachable, cuddly stuffed animal because it's surprising how quickly pacifiers will vanish into thin air when they're not deliberately tied to something bigger.


    The Soothie silicone pacifiers are especially designed to be extra comfortable for newborns up through three months, but the stuffed animal is compatible with several sizes of pacifiers. And of course it's washable!

    Promising review: "My two-month-old daughter is obsessed with this Soothie and snuggle buddy. It's large enough for her to clumsily grasp and lightweight enough for her to position the pacifier back in her mouth if it falls out. I love how easy it is to detach the Soothie from the plush monkey, allowing me to clean each part separately as needed. This will also come in handy when the size of my daughter's pacifier changes or when she weans off it and can keep her snuggle buddy!" —Lu87

    Get it from Walmart for $14.95+ (available as an elephant or giraffe).

    27. And a pacifier clip so when you're taking a walk in the park and your baby decides to throw it at a passing pigeon, it stays firmly attached to their clothes.


    Promising review: "I really like this clip, the cord part is actually a strong rope cord, works great. We had a Velcro attachment to the pacifier on our previous clip and my daughter kept yanking the pacifier off and it would fall out of her crib. I like this because she can't take it off anymore... which means I get more sleep!" —robbibird

    Get it from Walmart for $3.96+ (six colors/patterns).

    28. A cozy daytime swing that features six speeds of side-to-side swaying and 15 songs and sounds to help them relax while you take a moment to do something like, idk, eat some lunch.


    It works with batteries or you can simply plug it in. The five-point harness makes sure they stay safe and secure.

    Promising review: "I bought this swing for my new granddaughter, because she really wouldn't sleep well without being held. Now her parents are so overjoyed, because they can actually cook and clean while she takes a little nap." —Nanna

    Get it from Walmart for $81 (two color combinations).

    Whatever you decide works for you and your family, always remember...

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    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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