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19 Useful Tips For People Who Suck At Concealer

No fancy pants Kim-style contouring here.

1. In the world of concealer, color rules everything.

2. That's why red lipstick works to cover up dark blue or purple spots on darker skin tones.

3. And why this blogger uses a dark orange on her dark spots, and a lighter orange around her mouth.

4. Pay particular attention to the undertone of your under-eye circles, because this will determine which concealer color will work best.

5. Turn a skin-tone concealer green (as well as lilac, yellow, orange, and so on) by blending it with the right eyeshadow color.

But, it might be difficult to get just the right shade you need. Read more about how this blogger did this here.

6. Different formulas work better for different parts of your face.

7. Applying concealer *after* foundation prevents you from blending all the concealer away, and can help you use less concealer.

8. Let your concealer "cook" (or, oxidize and slowly melt) on your face for a few minutes.

9. These swatches, photographed right after application and 20 minutes later, show how under eye concealers do change color, slightly.

10. Apply different colors of concealer strategically to even out your skin tone, and brighten it so you look more awake.

11. Here's another good foundation and concealer map, if you just need to use a skin-tone concealer to help highlight certain areas of your face.

12. Or if you're more a do-the-minimum sort of person when it comes to makeup, just apply it under your eyes, at the corners of your mouth, and next to your nose.

13. Applying under-eye concealer in a triangle shape will help you look more awake.

14. But for a more natural look, small strategically placed dots will give you the coverage you need.

15. Patting a little bit of moisturizer over a flaky zit can help prevent further flaking through the day.

16. In fact, it's best to use a clean concealer brush to apply instead of your fingers.

17. Apply concealer around a zit as well as on top of it.

18. If you don't have concealer, but you really need some cover up, you can dab a thicker layer of foundation over your zit.

But it might be more difficult to completely disguise your zit, and the makeup may not stay put very long. Here's more on how to do this.

19. And always remember: patience and practice are key!