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17 Inspiring Instagram Feeds To Follow If You Love Breakfast

You can be a better breakfast eater. All you have to do is believe.

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Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

1. @buvettenyc

Get all the amazing brunch inspiration you could ever want from the NYC location of the Parisian bistro.

2. @keiyamazaki

Tokyo resident Kei Yamazaki captures her amazingly well-rounded meals every morning.

4. @topwithcinnamon

You'll find a little more than just breakfast on this British blogger's feed, but the morning meals are particularly inspiring.

5. @idafrosk

This blogger makes amazing food art, enough said.

6. @thebagelshop

This Sydney-based bagel shop makes beautiful New York-style bagels that are so gorgeous you won't even care that they're not made in the big apple.

7. @sidecardoughnuts

This Californian shop also sometimes serves doughnuts out of a cool red truck.

8. @publicanchicago

This Chicago pub serves all the meals, but their brunch shots will make you swoon.

9. @thebreakfastgrubguy

This Columbus-based blogger reviews breakfasts from all around Central Ohio, and sometimes other places.

11. @krystalzhu

Her food and vacay photos will make you wish you could live her life.

12. @spoonforkbacon

Stay updated with everything these bloggers are eating and cooking.

13. @sprinklesforbreakfast

Sprinkles. For breakfast. Her blog has the recipes.

14. @tacodeli

Breakfast tacos can be tough to photograph prettily, but this restaurant makes it look easy.

15. @whatforbreakfast

This blogger's feed will inspire you to up your breakfast game.

16. @thefieldsd

A San Diego pub that will make you dream about Irish breakfasts.

17. @stumptowncoffee

Because breakfast isn't breakfast without a good cup of coffee.

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