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22 Makeup Tricks Every Beginner Should Know

Basics and beyond.

Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the makeup tips and tricks every beginner should know. Here are some of their responses, along with a few of our favorites!

1. Always start with a clean face, and figure out a skincare routine that works for you.

Always start with a clean face! It makes a world of a difference. If you're just too busy to stop and do a full skincare routine just use micellar water and top it off with a moisturizer with SPF.


Primer and moisturizer made the biggest difference for me. Bottom line: have a solid skin care routine before a solid makeup routine.


You don't have to use the "right" products. I tried using face primer because so many people rave about how it helps your makeup stay. I finally realized that it does absolutely nothing for me. If something doesn't work for you, don't worry about it. 🙂

—Kylie Casino, Facebook

From Dermstore.

2. Do your eye makeup *first*, and your foundation and concealer last. /

Many beginners often like to start with foundation or other skin products, but I️ find it easier to just do my eye makeup first. If you mess up your eyeshadow you can just clean it up with concealer later.


3. Warm up your mascara in you bra (or a glass of warm water) while you do the rest of your makeup, and it'll apply extra ~smoothly~.

When I start to get ready, I put my mascara in my cleavage. I leave it there while I finish the rest of my face and by the time I go to put on my mascara, it's warmed up and is less clumpy when I put it on.


I always stick my mascara and pencil eyeliner in my bra/cleavage when I'm starting my makeup. If you're not as well endowed, you can pop them in a glass of warm water while you work on your masterpiece!


From Lil' Luna.

4. A little bit of eyeshadow primer can go a long way.

Eyeshadow primer makes your eyeshadow last so much longer and look so much more pigmented!


Primer, particularly on the eyelids, was a real turning point. My eyelids get oily easily, and my eyeliner used to leave a second line on my eyelid anytime I kept my eyes open. Not a good look.


From Beauty Nerd By Night.

5. Choose the right eye shadow brush that actually does what you want it to do.

Use the right type of brush! Beginners sometimes don't understand why a blending brush isn't packing on pigment.


You may not be using your products to their full potential if you're applying then incorrectly — especially when it comes to blending eyeshadows.


6. A regular piece of tape's an easy way to get that perfect wing.

Use tape to get a clean, sharp winged eyeliner look.


If you want that perfect winged eyeliner and sharp eyeshadow, put down a piece of tape that starts at the corner of your eye and follows past your bottom eyelid/waterline.


From Girl With Glam.

7. Or try doing a more linear wing, then swiping up with a makeup wipe to get the perfect swoosh.

u/MDL1994 /

This assumes you can make your "messy-ish" eyeliner as neat as the first picture, of course. H/t Reddit.

8. Or, try using the end of a bobby pin to stamp on the perfect small wing.

Put a little bit of liquid eyeliner on the tip and press it to your lid and voila! Just fill in your wing! 🙂


From here.

9. A dab of concealer can easily fix a botched wing.

If you smudge your eyeliner or eyebrows a little, use a bit of concealer to neaten the edges without having to start over.


From here.

10. And if you have absolutely zero wing skills, practice every night to get better.

Lifetime Telly /

If you want to get better at doing makeup practice at night before you wash your face. Trying to nail the perfect wing? Do it each night in front of the mirror to get better!


11. When you're buying new foundation, swatch it on yourself and wear it around in different light to make sure it's a true match.

u/totallygeorgia /

Don’t trust the women at the makeup counter!!! Before they convince you to buy a foundation, wear it around the mall, the store, and outside — basically, look at yourself in different lighting to make sure it’s a real match.


Also give it about 15 minutes — many products will oxidize once they're on your skin, which may make them slightly change color. H/t Reddit.

12. Play around with different ways to contour for your face shape. /

Everybody loves contouring, but make sure you’re contouring the right way for your face shape. When I first started, I'd just contour where a chart said to and I honestly looked a bit droopy. Then I figured out there are many different ways to contour: I have a heart-shaped face so what might work for me wouldn’t work for, let’s say, an oval face.


13. Contouring with bronzer's incredibly simple: just try the ~E3 method~.

Barry King / Getty Images

A simple trick for bronzing your face is the E3 method. You start at the top of your forehead and bronze down the side of your hairline along your temple, then bronze in the hollow of your cheek underneath your cheek bone. Then again going down from your ear, bronze along your jawline. When you're done with both sides it will create a E shape on one side and a 3 shape on the other.


14. Blend out your under-eye concealer in a wide triangle shape and you'll look more awake.

I apply concealer in a triangle shape under my eyes and I find that that blends out for the best results.


From Maskcara.

15. If you want to cover up your under-eye circles and skin-tone concealer isn't cutting it, try color corrector beneath your foundation.

If you’re a person (like me) who struggles with chronic under eye circles no matter how much sleep you get, under-eye color corrector is amazing. NYX has a great one (in different shades for different skin tones) and I just use my ring finger to dab a little under my eyes before foundation. It makes a WORLD of difference. And adds about five seconds to my makeup routine. Worth it.


From The Blondeshell. Get NYX's color corrector palette on Amazon for $12.

16. Color corrector also works to hide any redness or yellowness that shows through your foundation.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

If you have redness from your face showing up even after you put on foundation and concealer, try using a color correcting palette before you apply foundation. Use the color green to cover up redness, yellow covers up purpleness and purple covers up yellowness. You can find the palettes at pretty much any drugstore, dollar store, or high end makeup stores.


17. Use a spoolie (aka a clean mascara wand) to quickly brush off any mascara flakes that may have popped up post-eyeshadow.


If you get mascara all over your eyelids after working so hard on your eyeshadow, there is no need to worry. Wait a couple minutes for the mascara to dry and then gently rub your eyelid with a spoolie. It will remove the mascara, but leave your eyeshadow perfectly blended.


18. Layer powder between coats of mascara for extra thick lashes. Or just let the mascara dry between coats.

Amy Nadine / Eunice Chung /

Do one coat of mascara ,and while it's still wet use a brush and dust your lashes with a dark eyeshadow, then do your second coat. The powder makes your eyelashes look thicker and more dramatic without the need for an expensive mascara.

—Samantha Campbell, Facebook

To make your mascara last longer and look better, let the first layer dry then apply again. It makes my lashes longer, more defined and more voluminous!


From The Beauty Department.

19. Avoid lipstick on your teeth: after applying, put a finger in your mouth and pull it out.

20. Definitely return makeup if you're not happy with it — many stores let you return products even if you've used them already.

21. Find a beauty YouTuber whose looks ~inspire~ you, and who recommends products you can actually use.

Find a beauty YouTuber that has a similar skin tone/type as you and use their channel to find great foundations, concealers and eyeshadow looks that compliment your skin tone. (*Just keep in mind that they are compensated by brands for a lot of their content*). I️ watched a lot of nikkietutorials videos because she has a very fair skin tone like mine!

Side note: you don’t need to use as much concealer (or any other product for that matter) as the YouTubers do! They purposefully do *FULL GLAM* for almost every video which is usually not what I’m going for as an every day lewk.


From here. Here's a list of underrated vloggers, to get you started.

22. Or don't worry about the YouTubers at all...and remember that your makeup is for *you*!

Youtube videos will have you believe that there's only one style of makeup when there are a lot of styles of makeup. You don't have to do extreme contour—or any contour—if you don't want to. You also don't need the most expensive products, you can create a ~lewk~ with stuff you find in Walgreens. I learned (and am still learning) by reading tips like these and just doing what I was most comfortable with. It just takes a bit of trial and error and practice.

—Nalia Warren, Facebook

Do the looks that fit you best, and don’t be afraid to experiment. At the end of the day, your confidence is what matters, so if you feel good go for it!


Note: Responses have been lightly edited for length or clarity.

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