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    27 Useful Products Around $100 Our Readers Actually Swear By

    Splurges — most under $100 — worth the money.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community (and asked again!) to tell us the best products they'd ever bought for about $100. Here are the results!

    1. A bright sunlamp perfect for lifting seasonal depression especially during the darkest months of winter.


    "A daylight lamp for my seasonal depression. It got pretty bad last year, and I wasn't feeling like taking two-hour walks every day. So I sat in front of my lamp everyday and actually felt an effect. It was like a warm shower, it felt soothing and like my body was absorbing the light. Great purchase!"


    Read more about seasonal depression — you may want to talk to your doctor before making any big changes. And when you're ready, get this highly-rated 10,000 lux, full-spectrum, UV-blocked lamp on Amazon for $73.95.

    2. A weighted blanket that may help you feel relaxed when you're anxious or generally just help you fall asleep and stay asleep, so you wake up rested for once in your life.


    "My. Weighted. Blanket. Y'all, I have never slept so soundly in my life. I fall asleep quickly and more impressively, I stay asleep all night!!"


    Amazon reviewers say it helps with their insomnia, anxiety, and just general sleep quality — and it works for both kids and adults (and some dogs, aww). Make sure to choose the weight and size most appropriate for the person who'll be using it the most; look for one that's about 10% of the user's bodyweight (but skip it if you're a snorer or have sleep apnea).

    Get one on Amazon for $64.90+, depending on the size and weight you need (available in 21 colors).

    3. A travel steamer you can use every damn day to keep all of your clothes wrinkle-free, no bulky iron or ironing board required.


    "I swear by this travel steamer and don't even own an iron because it's that great. I packed it in a carry-on for a wedding across the country and it was quite the hit with my friends who used it too!"


    Literally all you have to do is hang up your garmet, slowly run the steamer down in sections just like the guy in the photo, and the wrinkles will ~vanish~.

    Get it on Amazon for $58.79.

    4. A pair of slip-on perforated sneakers happy to take you all over Europe without causing even one single blister., Vionic

    "They were slightly more than $100 but Vionic shoes. I get blisters super easily on my feet and needed shoes for Europe. I went into the store and they fit them exactly for me. Let me just tell you that we walked at least five miles everyday for two weeks and I didn’t get any blisters and my feet were never sore." —kelseyw46fa76671

    Get them on Amazon for $29.99+ (most styles around $59.99; available in sizes 5–11, including most half sizes, and seven colors; some styles aren't available in all colors), or a similar style from Vionic for $129.95 (available in sizes 5–11, including half sizes, and six colors).

    5. An Instant Pot (of course) because it really is a miracle to get dinner on the table in just fifteen minutes.


    "My Instant Pot cooks frozen chicken breasts in 15 minutes. No defrost necessary. I also cooked a rack of baby back ribs in 25 minutes. The ribs came out perfect! Brussel sprouts cooked in three minutes. Best part is I only clean one pot."


    "After having a baby, moving to a different state and going back to work, the Instant Pot has made cooking a meal easy and much less time consuming than normal stovetop, oven or crockpot meals. It’s the best purchase we’ve made in a long time."


    Get the six-quart on Amazon for $79.95.

    On the fence? Read one BuzzFeeder's full Instant Pot review, plus some beginners tips and recipe ideas.

    6. Or an air fryer so you can make all sorts of frozen or homemade foods taste like you ordered them fresh at a restaurant.


    "Air fryer! I have a Crock Pot and Instant Pot but I only use them maybe once or twice a month. The air fryer gets used at least three or four times a week by myself or my boyfriend. It’s awesome for frozen or fresh food and is a life saver in the summer when it’s a million degrees in the kitchen. I got this one and the size works well for two people. [Ed. note: the one pictured and linked here!]"


    "I use mine several times a week. I live for French fries and this way I can have a smaller portion with way less calories. Plus, it’s the only way I’ve found too cook them at home to taste as good as a restaurant. And it’s great for veggie burgers, tots, chicken strips, and so much more!!"


    "I live in Oklahoma which can get hot in the summer. I frequently make sweet potatoes for my dogs, or a baked potato for myself, because I hate heating up the oven for a couple of potatoes. It is also perfect for making pork chops or chicken strips. Everything cooks so quick. The most useful product of the year."


    Reviewers for this air fryer say it's perfect for everything from mozzarella sticks to wings to sweet potato fries. Get it on Amazon for $42.14+ (available in five colors).

    If you want to make bigger batches of things, consider upgrading to the Phillips, which is $129.95 on Amazon (and comes with a free cookbook!) — read our Philips airfryer review for more on that option.

    7. A lightweight blender set so you can make breakfast smoothies and snack salsas in a flash, whether you need a personal serving size or want to feed a crowd.


    "My Ninja kitchen system. It’s a blender, food processor, smoothie maker all in one. And it came with two tumbler lids for the smoothie cups. I got it on sale for $100. The amount of cabinet space I got back and the amount of time I save cooking is well worth that $100."


    Unfortunately the full set with the food processor's not discounted right now, although you can still get it from Walmart for $149 or a Renewed (i.e. refurbished) set from Amazon for $119.99.

    If you want to stick closer to $100, you can get the blender plus two smoothie cups and smoothie lids on Amazon for $89.99.

    8. A handheld carpet shampooer that washes out all sorts of stains, whether you discover them immediately or several days — or weeks — later.

    "We have three animals and it’s an absolute lifesaver. Even works on our mattress! (Don’t ask.)"


    Get one on Amazon for $99, or check out one that you can just set down and let it clean for you for $149.

    9. A heated foot massager perfect for anyone who's walking or standing most of the day — it might help your feet feel less sore and even maybe have less swelling.

    "I work in a lab where I’m on my feet for 8–10 hours a day, and this is the only thing that’s helped with the foot aches and swelling. It also helps with swollen feet after flying. It’s about as expensive as one deep tissue massage, but I can use it whenever and for however long I want. It has several massage patterns and you can alter the time, intensity, and heat to however you want."


    Unfortunately the specific one they recommended is currently out of stock and unavailable. But you can get a similar one on Amazon for $79 — it has three intensity levels, five massage patterns, and heats up to about 104 degrees F.

    10. A pair of classic duck boots to keep your toes toasty and dry and your footing steady no matter how much snow or slippery sidewalk you encounter this fall and winter.

    L. L. Bean

    "L.L. Bean boots! I’ve had them for eight years and they’re still almost like new!"


    That eight-year number isn't an exaggeration — these are handmade in Maine and super durable, designed to last year after year. (One reviewer said she only bought new ones FORTY-FIVE years later. 45. years.) The site and several reviewers suggest ordering a size down, because they run large.

    Get them from L.L. Bean: the eight-inch-ankle version for $139, the six-inch ankle for $129, or see all of the options (including men's) for $99+.

    11. Or a pair of Dr. Martens boots that will take just about any outfit you choose to wear up a notch, and — once they're broken in — be plenty comfortable to wear even if you have miles of walking planned for the day.

    "Doctor Martens, and I regret nothing. At first I did, though, because they take time to adjust to your feet and feel very stiff at first. But after walking in them for quite a while now I can safely say they’re the coolest and most comfortable shoes ever!"


    My sister buys these and wears them pretty much every day in the fall, winter, and spring here in NYC because they're just that comfortable once you break them in!

    Get the pictured pair from Nordstrom for $180 (available in women's sizes 5–11, but built on a unisex shoe form), or a similar style from Amazon for $79.95+ (most styles around $139; available in sizes 6 women's / 5 men's through 15 women's / 14 men's and 26 colors, although not all sizes are available in every color).

    12. A classic hair straightener you can count on as the days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months, and the months turn into years.


    "Chi hair straightener. I've had it for nine years and use it at least three times a week. Worth every penny." —Ali Brennan List, Facebook

    This sounds like I made it up, but I promise I didn't: I had a Chi I got in high school that worked reliably for over 13 years before it finally stopped heating up. I always used it several times a week, if not every day, and only occasionally would skip straightening my hair for more than a few days. (I don't do this anymore — especially not without a heat protectant!) Chi straighteners really do last!

    Get one from Amazon for $53.99.

    13. A 12% AHA/BHA night serum that says it gently exfoliates skin to leave it smooth and clear.


    "Love this night serum. My skin has never been so even, blemish free and it GLOWS!! You only need one pump a night so it lasts a long time too. My cystic acne has cleared up and I don’t need full coverage foundation anymore!" —hannahjanek2

    It also supposedly helps smooth fine lines and reduce oiliness — of course, as with all skincare products, your mileage may vary! I've been using it alternate nights with my prescription tretinoin (a retinol) for a few months now, and it has helped reduce the oiliness of my skin somewhat which is pretty great! That said, I still use a blotting sheet at the end of the day, and it hasn't been my personal cure-all for acne.

    Get a bottle for $90 on Amazon or Sephora.

    14. A high-quality vegan leather jacket to make any outfit look a little more sleek (not to mention keep you toasty).

    Yi Yang / BuzzFeed

    "I don’t wear animal byproducts like fur, leather, and silk for ethical reasons, so I never thought a leathery jacket would become the most-worn thing in my wardrobe. But I stumbled across Express’s (Minus The) Leather line about six years ago and I’ve never looked back. All of the brand’s faux-leather jackets are amazing (they also have a moto style) but this simple fit with a cute peplum detail in the back is particularly perfect, because it looks just as great over dresses as it does paired with jeans.

    It’s fairly lightweight, but it hugs you snugly when zipped up, and keeps you warm when the AC or the wind is blasting. There are stretchy panels on the sides that make it extra comfy and flattering (plus, there are perfectly sized pockets!), and the pleather material is flexible enough that you can tie it around your waist. Sometimes I abuse mine and throw it around pell-mell like I would a hoodie, which is probably why I had to get a second one...after three years. When you consider the fact that I wore it almost every single day, it’s amazing that it even lasted that long. It’s so worth the $128 price tag — the cost-per-wear for me is way less than $1!" —Katy Herman

    Get it from Express for $128 (available in sizes XXS–XL and five colors). If you want to stick to the $100 price point, check out all of their vegan leather styles: some, like this moto jacket ($70.80) are on sale!

    15. A minimalist dash cam for your car, especially if you have an incredibly, frustratingly long or terrible commute.


    "Garmin Dash Cam for my car. I have a long painful commute and encounter a lot of stupidity on the roads, and having it has really given me peace of mind should anything happen. In fact, it was useful to have in a hit and run I recently witnessed."


    This one works even in low-light conditions, has a GPS and sensor in it that detects collisions and automatically saves the footage and place where it happened, and lets you control it with your voice.

    Get one from Amazon for $189.99. Or if you want to stick closer to the $100 price point, check out an older model from Amazon Renewed for $94.99.

    16. A pair of incredibly supportive sandals that just might make you swear off all other sandals forever.

    "Birkenstocks!!! These babies are amazing and are worth the price. I’m in college and I wear them everywhere and my feet never hurt or ache because the soles conform to my feet! It’s the only shoe I wear!"


    They come in all kinds of different strap styles, materials, and colors, too — browse the full under-$100 selection on Zappos or Birkenstock.

    Get the pictured pair for $99.95 from Zappos (9 colors, sizes 36–42 aka 5–11.5, regular or narrow options) or Birkenstock (7 colors, sizes 35–46 aka 4–13.5, regular or narrow options).

    17. Or Chacos sandals — they'll take you hiking, biking, beaching, and everywhere-in-between-ing without a peep from your feet.

    "My Chacos are a life saver. I live in Florida where it’s hot and it rains every day during the summer. These shoes are as slip-proof as rain boots, dry super quickly, are very supportive, and prevent you from experiencing that walking in wet shoes and socks feeling. I literally wore these to a theme park where we got soaked and walked all day and never experienced any pain or soreness or discomfort like other shoes might cause." —katelynp43b9d67eb

    "They are rubber soled sandals and I absolutely love them. I can wear them in rain or shine and they will last forever. I recently bought a new pair because I lost my old ones but they are the still same quality. They have great support and lots of colors to choose from. I don’t know what I’d do without them!" —frand4d8c996ce

    Get them on Amazon for $49.95+ (colors available depend on your size; 21 colors and sizes 5–12, including some wide options) or from Chacos for $105 (two colors available in sizes 5–12; also available in many other strap styles).

    18. A set of Controlled Chaos hair products (yes, the same ones from that one Shark Tank episode!) to help give each and every ringlet the shape it deserves.


    "For a gal with very frizzy curly hair this stuff has been a life saver. They cost me about $59 for the three products: cleanser, moisturizer, and curl cream. it’s a miracle for uncontrollable frizz."


    Get the set on Amazon (which includes their sulfate-free and vegan shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in curl cream) for $59.

    (If you have curly hair and want to learn how to manage it better, I'm a big fan of the subreddit r/curlyhair!)

    19. A USB docking station that lets you set up multiple monitors or other components for your laptop, but only have to plug your laptop into one thing.


    "I have the ability to work from home a few days a week but have to use my own equipment. At work I use three monitors and at home it was nearly impossible to be productive on a tiny laptop. I already had two monitors here but no way to use them with my very basic laptop. So I bought this thing on Amazon. I can even use my laptop as a third monitor."


    This humble little device has 4.5 stars and over 2,600 reviews on Amazon, and six USB ports plus HDMI and DVI ports — get it for $89.

    20. If you're even the littlest bit crafty, a simple, low-end sewing machine you can use to make quick fixes for your clothes.

    "A sewing machine. It doesn't matter if you love to sew or couldn't care less, but it is so useful to be able to easily patch a hole, shorten a pair of pants, fix a ripped seam, any minor repair/alteration, without having to go hunt for and spend money on a new item all together. And all my ladies out there know how hard it is to find something that fits perfect right off the rack. A quick YouTube video and less than an hour of free time can save you a lot of the hassle of shopping in store, and the guesswork (and hopeful prayers of quality and a good fit) of shopping online."


    Get a bare-bones basic one (with 19 stitches) that reviewers say is perfect for beginners on Amazon for $73.12.

    21. A slim FitBit to motivate you to get up and ~move~, even on days you're not specifically exercising.


    "Honestly, my FitBit Alta! It's a constant reminder to get off my butt!"


    Besides counting your steps, distance walked/run, calories burned, and active time, it reminds you every hour or so to stand up and walk around, because every little bit counts.

    Get them on Amazon: either the FitBit Alta for $109.95 (available in size S in one color, and size L in four colors) or the newer FitBit Inspire for $99.45 (available in four colors; every one comes with both a S and a L band).

    In addition to all the things the Alta does, the Inspire monitors your heart rate and your sleep, is water resistant up to 50 meters, and can play radio to your bluetooth headphones.

    22. A mid-weight, hypoallergenic comforter that will keep you cozy and warm no matter how chilly and drafty your bedroom happens to be this winter.


    "A heat-retaining comforter that slid into my duvet kept me nice and toasty in my old drafty apartment."

    Elizabeth Lilly

    Get a highly-rated all season comforter from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in sizes Twin–Cal King including Twin XL, and seven colors).

    23. A Levi's denim jacket because it goes with basically everything you own and will make it easy to wear your summer clothes in the fall and spring, too.


    "Levi’s Trucker Jacket. Honestly the most perfect weight to a jacket you can ask for. Light enough to wear in the spring, but warm enough to wear in the fall. It may be my favorite item in my wardrobe. I’m mourning the end of summer, but at least I get to wear this jacket EVERY day."


    Reviewers both on Amazon and on the Levi's website say it runs kind of small, especially in the arms, so order at least one size up or consult the size chart to make sure you order for your exact measurements.

    Get it from Amazon for $41.99+ (most styles around $70; available in sizes XS–XXXL and 19 colors/fabrics, although not all sizes are available in all colors) or Levis for $89.50 (available in sizes XS–2XL and nine denim washes).

    24. A gentle face cleansing–brush so you can carefully scrub away all the lingering makeup and dirt on your skin that ordinary cleansing (and especially just taking off your makeup with remover wipes) might leave behind.

    "I remember it not being a 'fun' purchase when I bought it, but I needed to see how my skin improved. I've had it for over four years now and I feel like I don't have to spend much on actual facial cleansers because the Clarisonic does most of the work!"


    For simplicity's sake, it runs for one minute at a single speed, which is more than enough time for you to run it all over your face along with your favorite face cleanser.

    Get it from Amazon for $99.

    25. A pair of lightweight lounge pants perfect if you want to feel like you're wearing a pair of PJs all day long, *without* reaching for a pair of restrictive leggings or looking like you genuinely just rolled out of bed.


    "They're super comfortable. I wore them to and from London, which is a ten-hour flight for me. They're light, easily washable, and water-resistant. These are a great lounge/comfortable pant that is alternative to leggings."


    Get them from Lululemon for $118 (available in sizes 0–14 and four colors).

    26. A pair of prescription sunglasses because it's just plain nice to be able to actually be able to like, see especially when it's both bright outside and you don't want to wear your contacts (or don't wear contacts at all).

    "I spent years of my life being blinded by the sun in order to be able to see, and the few times I went with non-prescription sunnies to the river or beach, I was always sad that I couldn't see how pretty my natural surroundings were. Thanks to online retailers, I can now get my prescription sunglasses for about $100."


    Several other commenters recommended Zenni Optical; all of the frames pictured above are under $40 (top, middle, bottom), and they have a range of frame options starting at $29.95.

    27. A pair of Rothy's washable flats — they're ideal if you're tired of throwing out shoes that get unbearably stinky after just a few months of wear, because that's just what happens when you wear shoes without socks., Sheera Frenkel / BuzzFeed

    "My Rothy's flats. I have worn them to work every single day for over a year and I've never had blisters, soreness, or pain in my feet. There was no break-in period, they are showing zero signs of wear and tear, and the washable factor is HUGE. The advertisements are 100% accurate; these shoes are the best thing ever and I will probably buy their sneakers soon too."


    I've owned and loved my one pair of these since 2017, when a few of us first reviewed 'em. They are by far the pair of shoes I wear most often, although I do find that you do need to break them in a little bit (it takes maybe two or three wears). They also wash up extraordinarily well! Mine STILL look brand new. Oh, and most of their pairs are made with recycled water bottles! (They've recently started making a merino wool version, too, although I can't speak to the longevity of those!)

    Get them from Rothy's for $125+ (five styles available in many patterns; sizes 5–12, including half sizes).

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    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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