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    22 Useful Products That'll Actually Help Cut Down On Trash

    Quite literally be less of a garbage person.

    1. A set of produce bags to completely replace the flimsy, hard-to-open plastic ones at the grocery store. Because the less plastic everyone uses, the better.

    2. A pack of reusable beeswax wraps to keep your food super fresh, no plastic wrap required. Warm it up with your hands so it's easy to shape the way you need, then when it cools it will hold its shape.

    3. A produce saver that does exactly what it says: keeps fruit and veggies fresh longer (up to two weeks), so you actually end up eating more of your food instead of tossing it.

    4. A set of four stainless steel drinking straws because single-use plastics create unbelievable amounts of waste — plus these guys just make every drink feel extra special!

    5. A countertop compost bin ingeniously designed to lock-in odors, easily transport all the scraps to the outdoor pile (or neighborhood drop-off), then clean without any scrubbing needed.

    6. A bento box set so adorable it just might actually motivate you to regularly pack your lunch for work.

    7. A bag of soap berries to swap in for your laundry detergent as a natural alternative to those ubiquitous big plastic jugs.

    8. And pack of six wool dryer balls or two cute dryer pufferfish that will soften your clothes without any need for those disposable dryer sheets.

    9. A menstrual cup to reduce both your period's overall carbon footprint and your contribution to the 20 billion pads, tampons, and applicators that will likely be dumped in North American landfills in 2020.

    10. A silicone zip-top sandwich bag that can replace hundreds (if not thousands!) of the single-use ones without sacrificing any of the useful function that those old-school ones offered.

    11. An insulated, leak-proof travel mug, so you can fuel up with all the caffeine you need without all the waste of a single-use paper cup, plastic lid, and cardboard sleeve.

    12. A stainless steel water bottle because by now we all know that the giant packs of plastic water bottles we used to buy are seriously bad news.

    13. Packs of natural chewing gum — apparently plastic's in pretty much everything, including basically every brand of regular gum.

    14. A compact reusable bag to slip in your purse, briefcase, or car so you never have to answer the question "paper or plastic?" ever again. Oh, and it comes in so. many. cute. patterns!

    15. A French press coffee maker that makes it easy to enjoy an incredible cup of coffee, #NoFilter (or even worse...K-cup) required.

    16. A microwave popcorn popper because you don't want to continue to add to the piles of used microwave bags you've thrown away in all the years you've been making popcorn.

    17. A makeup-remover cloth so magical, all you have to do is wet it to take every speck of makeup off with just a gentle rub.

    18. All-purpose kitchen towels ready and willing to substitute for as many paper towels and napkins as they possibly can.

    19. A bidet because each and every time you wipe yourself clean, you're flushing "virgin" wood pulp down to the sewer.

    20. A set of four collapsible storage containers you can stash in your car or bag in case you have leftovers at your favorite restaurant.

    21. A pack of toothbrushes made from 100% recycled plastic that you can mail in (or, if you live near certain Whole Foods locations, drop off) at the end of their life to be recycled again.

    22. A pack of two stretchy gift-wrap bags because it's fun to give people something nice, and even more fun when the wrapping doesn't immediately belong in the garbage when it's opened.

    Captain Planet would be so proud!

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