15 Useful Things For People Who Never Remember Their Shit

Where did I put my keys?????

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1. For the chronic key-loser: this pretty rosewood bluetooth keychain.

It’s also a little button that you can use to make your phone beep when you misplace that instead. (Lost both? Sorry, can’t help you there.) Get it here for $40.

2. Or get these little door knob bag-and-key keepers.

They’re so cute they’ll help you resist the temptation to jus throw your bag and keys on the couch when you get home. $23.99, here.

3. For the bar outlet hunter: this portable phone charger that attaches to your keychain.

You will have to remember to re-charge the charger after you use it, I’m afraid. $19.79, here.

4. For the person who can’t remember numbers to save their life: this lock that uses images instead of numbers.

Get one for $4.50 here.

5. For the candle-lover who has almost burned down the house: this reminder doormat.

Customize your own for $50 here.

6. For the person who never remembers to CHILL THE DAMN WINE: this quick wine chiller.

Works in less than 4 minutes, and works with champagne, which is only good chilled, tbh. Put it on your gift list, because it’s $89.95. Get it here.

7. Or for the person who never puts the new beer in the fridge: the Chillsner.

CHILLSNER. Fear not, you can cool and sip at the same time. $15.95, here.

8. For the roommate who never remembers it’s their turn to clean the shower: this robot shower cleaner.

Who needs elbow grease? The starter kit is $18.99 here.

9. For the avid gardner who honestly just kills their plants: this self-watering pot.

It’s $8.77, here.

10. For the frequent note-misplacer: this cork cactus.

Also good for the plant-killers. $15, here.

11. For the accidental energy-waster: this cute vintage light timer.

It still works! And it will turn the lights off for you at a certain time of day, every day. Get it for $20 here, or get a less cute, newer version here for $3.97.

12. For the frequent cash lack-er: this keychain that holds a backup bill.

It’s $6.49, here.

13. For the librarian of any friend group: a private library starter kit.

Less for a forgetful person, more for a person with forgetful friends. This kit includes a COOL STAMP, cute pouch, and those little cards that lets you see who else in your squad has read that copy of 50 Shades. $16, here.

14. For the list-maker who forgets their stickies everywhere: this phone-shaped sticky note pad.

Some people just hate making lists on their phone, okay? Now the list can be ~on~ your phone, without draining battery. $7.95, here.

15. And for the absent-minded urinator: this toilet seat decal.

This isn’t passive aggressive at all. $4, here.

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