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    27 Useful RV Camping Products That You Won't Know How You Lived Without

    Smart little upgrades other RVers love.

    1. A water bottle with a built-in filter that removes 99.999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoan parasites, so you have fresh-tasting water even if your current campsite doesn't.

    2. A flexible drying rack with double space-saving capabilities. It balances over your sink so dishes can drip-dry into it, instead of taking up precious counter space, AND it rolls up to stash away without occupying an entire drawer.

    3. And an extendable over-sink cutting board so you can magically create counter space where there wasn't any before.

    4. A paper plate dispenser because some days you just don't have time to wash dishes, especially when there's fun to be had!

    5. A slip-resistant telescoping ladder β€” it extends from a couple of feet to 12.5 feet (or is also available up to 16.5 feet) so you can pull kites/frisbees out of trees or just clean off some pesky leaves with very little effort.

    6. A circuit analyzer and surge protector so you always know the outlet you're about to plug into is probably safe.

    7. Or if you'd rather splurge than take any risk, a Surge Guard that features 2450 joules of protection and an auto-shutdown in case of any problems.

    8. An outdoor rug or two so you can vastly expand your living space into a setup where you spend long evenings on the "porch", just relaxing, talking, and playing games.

    9. And a pair of incredibly comfortable zero gravity chairs because whether you spend the day driving, working, or just having fun, you deserve to fully relax at the end of it.

    10. An awning shade for those hot afternoons where you want a little break from the sun, but still want to enjoy being ~outdoors~.

    11. A wrap-around step rug that reviewers swear is an essential you shouldn't leave home without.

    12. An ultralight (7.6 pounds!) vacuum because despite your best efforts, everyone seems to constantly track in dirt and sand.

    13. Some Space Bags so your blankets, extra sheets, extra pillows, and out-of-season clothes take up only a fraction of the space they would otherwise.

    14. A grilling table designed to be an ultra-functional kitchen prep station that sets up so quickly and yet is so sturdy it's like the holy grail of outdoor cooking setups.

    15. A mattress topper because you don't want to invest in a completely new mattress, but have been wanting something to make your sleep situation a little cozier.

    16. A pack of two wall-mount racks perfect for holding all kinds of small things like spices in the kitchen and bottles in the bathroom. And they can install on your backsplash or wall, on the inside door of cabinets, or wherever you need a small secure shelf.

    17. A handy caddy made specifically to tame your water hose so it actually stays nice, neat, and easy to move from your storage bay to the ground.

    18. A 16-pocket bedskirt organizer because whether you have extra shoes, books, toiletries, or something else, you could always stand to have a little extra storage.

    19. The ~Big Red Campfire~, which is actually a propane stove that makes it easy to enjoy the glow of a real flame anywhere you run into in-ground fire restrictions.

    20. A remote temperature sensor system whether you need to keep an eye on your fridge compartment or just like to know what the weather's like right outside.

    21. A collapsible dish tub that takes up just a single inch of horizontal storage space, then expands to do dozens of different useful jobs.

    22. A spring-loaded pop-up trash can because it's just a tad more civilized than tying a black trash bag to your front door handle. Plus they have multiple uses!

    23. And for your indoor kitchen and living areas, a simple trash basket that hooks right over the cabinet door.

    24. A nine-piece mixing bowl and measuring spoon stacking set (it also includes a sieve and a colander) because in small spaces like an RV, efficiency is key.

    25. A lightweight folding step stool who will help boost you the last few inches you need to reach those highest storage cabinets.

    26. Some globe lights to suspend from your awning and cast a ~romantic glow~ over your campsite.

    27. A solar power starter kit so you can boondock without worrying about rationing gas for the generator and also just look really cool.

    You to all your camping / RV-ing friends after you finish all of your upgrades:

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