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28 Surprisingly Awesome Things For Your Kitchen

Making the best part of the house better.

1. A designated Nutella spoon.

2. This towel that will make sure you're *not* riding dirty.

3. This self-ejecting garlic press that takes a little bit of the hassle out of cleaning.

4. This punny print.

5. These scissors that make chopping scallions and herbs literally five times faster.

6. This slicer that will make all of your pineapple-y dreams come true.

And after you've carved out the insides, smoosh the insides so the juice comes out into the pineapple cup, and add a little coconut rum. $13.59, here.

7. This kale stripper that makes it easy to get rid of the stems.

8. These chopsticks that will make you a sushi ninja.

9. This pasta box topper that will make sure you never accidentally cook too much pasta again.

10. This lemon juicer that gets all of the juice and none of the seeds and nothing on your fingers.

11. This corn kerneler that catches all the corn in one fell swoop.

12. This bag resealer that will keep your leftover chips fresh longer.

13. A laser-engraved rolling pin that stamps cats onto your cookies.

14. Condom-like covers for your bowls and half-eaten fruit.

It's called "CoverBlubber" and it's $20 for four, here.

15. A unicorn sprinkle shaker.

16. A filing system for your cutting boards and knives.

17. This unbelievably correct piece of art.

18. These spice holders that automatically measure out 1/4 teaspoon with each click.

19. Wind-up salt and pepper robots.

20. Butter end caps.

21. A Darth Vader toaster that burns the Star Wars logo into the side of your bread.

22. A colander with a screw-on base that turns it into a serving bowl.

23. Pot scrubbers that you can throw in the laundry when they get dirty.

24. "A Perfect Pickle to Preserve Your Pinot."

25. A divided skillet that lets you cook two single-serving dishes while only dirtying one dish.

26. This bowl that lets you make microwave popcorn with just kernels and whatever flavors you like.

27. The Snapi.

28. Magnetic beer storage for your fridge.