13 Penis Pendants You Can Buy If You Have Cash To Burn

    If you're feeling so inclined. And also rich.

    1. This orange carnelian agate piece.

    2. This smaller "pagan phallis in a dark chocolate colored stone."

    3. This carved deer antler with testes.

    4. This pewter penis that drank a can of Redbull.

    5. This collection of bronze fertility charm pendants.

    6. These tiny silver pendants strung on a necklace.

    7. This antique crystal "love luck charm magic fertility penis."

    8. This circa 2nd-3rd century A.D. gold item.

    9. This "large genuine jade penis."

    10. This cast bronze "conversation stopper."

    11. This 1960s charm.

    12. This satyr riding a penis.

    13. This "cool phallic effigy in full flower."