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    37 Tips That'll Finally Organize Your Closet Once And For All

    Create your very own before and after.

    Header that says "The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet"

    1. Choose a system to help you decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to toss — if you even want to get rid of anything at all.

    2. Magically create more room on your closet rod — which means it'll be easier to see what you already own and easier to fit new clothes — by switching to non-slip slimline hangers.

    3. And layer five pairs of jeans, leggings, or slacks on specialty pants hangers to immediately halve the horizontal rod space they all take up hanging next to one another.

    The hangers; they look like three layered es-es stacked on top of each other and stretched out, so the top, middle, and bottom of each es is flat. Folded pants, towels, and scarves are on each flat part

    4. Stack hangers using the tabs from soda cans to hang multiple blouses or shirts in a single spot.

    Three blouses on their hangers; a soda tab sits at the base of each hanger head, each with the top of another hanger head looped into it

    5. Slot in a multi-tier shoe shelf to take full advantage of every last inch of the space beneath your hanging clothes.

    6. Or mount several of those builder's-grade wire shelves upside-down to put all of your shoes on display.

    A blogger's closet; five upside-down wire shelves, hung at an angle, fit and display three pairs of shoes each

    7. And if you have more pairs of shoes than you can count (or at least more than you have space to store neatly), shoe doublers can conjure the square inches needed to fit even more of your collection in a single spot.

    Before: four shelves holding four pairs of shoes each; After: the same shelves, now looking half empty because the shoe doublers hide the second shoe under the first

    8. Install stick-on, motion-sensing lights in any dark corners so you actually notice that cute dress that got buried in the back.

    The white stick-on puck light in a drawer, under a bookshelf, under a closet shelf, next to a bed, and on a kitchen wall

    9. Slide on some simple shelf dividers to instantly make an open shelf functional: they keep purses standing up straight, and stacks of sweaters in line.

    10. Cut down some pool noodles (and, optionally, wrap 'em in fabric) to help boots stand up nice and straight instead of constantly flopping over and becoming trip hazards.

    11. Valet hooks are basically extra rod space in disguise: they stow away flat when you don't need them, but can fit several pieces of clothing when you do (and you can totally use them in your laundry room to air-dry clothes).

    12. You can also use a pull-out-style valet rod to help plan your outfit every night before bed.

    A top and necklace on a hanger, which are on a valet hook that's pulled out from the side of a purse shelf, where its back is mounted

    13. Or skip the install and hang one directly over your closet door.

    An over-door hook; it's sturdy enough to have the four hangers on its "tongue", which can flip up when not in use

    14. Stack your favorite clutches or wallets on a lid rack so you can always find the perfect one to match your outfit, no digging through an old bin required.

    1 - A blogger's collection of clutches 2 - their lid rack from Target 3 - three clutches filed away neatly in the clutch rack

    15. Fold and stack your t-shirt collection vertically in a drawer so they a) take up less space overall and b) you can see each and every one of them in a single glance.

    16. Then repurpose shoe boxes as drawer organizers for all your folded items, including tees, yoga pants, and sweaters.

    A dresser drawer organized with "filed" folded tees, pants, and sweaters; the tees are in a shoebox

    17. BTW, a folding board makes the process a thousand times faster and neat as can be.

    18. Stow all of your small items like bras, tights, and underwear in precision order using divided organizers, like this set of four.

    The set of four grey organizers with colorful garments in each

    19. Display scarves on shower curtain rings and an over-the-door towel rack so you can see every single one you have, and quickly pull it (and only it) down when you want it.

    Blogger's scarves on three-tier over door rack, each looped in a shower curtain ring

    20. Or opt for a scarf hanger that can stash away on your closet rod until the moment you need it.

    21. Burgeoning belt collection? Shower curtain rings and a simple curtain rod can display 'em just as well as scarves!

    Row of belts hung on a small rod with the curtain rings

    22. Or, of course, so does a hanger made especially to organize belts and ties...that some reviewers use as a space-saving tank-top station, instead.

    23. Stretch a length of curb chain between pushpins or nails to make a quick and elegant earring organizer on a cork board or on a small stretch of bare wall.

    Blogger's medium jewelry chain hung with earrings

    24. Give every pair of sunglasses you own a designated place using clear Command Hooks.

    Blogger's five sunglasses hung on a side wall of a closet over a three-tier T-bar jewelry stand sitting on some drawers

    25. Keep track of which masks you've worn already with "wear me" and "wash me" bags, or by simply hanging the clean ones on a rack or even a basic carabiner (and tossing the dirty ones in your laundry pile).

    26. Instantly multiply your hanging space with a sturdy double-hang rod that takes basically zero effort to install.

    The rod has two thin, long metal pieces that hook onto the top closet rod, which hold the second lower-height rod

    27. Make use of *all* the vertical storage you have — if your built-in shelves don't go high enough, layer small shelves on top so every bit of space serves a purpose.

    A closet with lots of vertical space above the top closet shelves, so smaller shelves are stacked on top and store various items

    28. Outfit the back of your door with baskets, extra rods, hooks, and other ~organizing essentials~ so it works for you.

    Cute pink closet door with two copper baskets holding belts and tights, and two copper bars holding scarves and other belts

    29. The back of the door's also an excellent space to store the bags and purses you use most often.

    Blogger's closet door with hook rack at the top for three bags, then four wire shelves filled with clutches and other purses and bags

    30. Or it can be the ideal spot to display all your jewelry, so you actually wear everything you have. A hanging organizer and Command Hook system works even if you have bi-fold doors.

    31. One more way to use the back of your door: it's the perfect spot to stack your baseball cap collection with a cap rack.

    32. Pack seasonal items away in protective fabric bags that can either sit at the top of your closet or slide under your bed.

    33. And file away those shoes that you wear less often but don't want to completely forget in their own under-bed bag that you can quickly pull out anytime you need a pair.

    A reviewer's sneakers, boat shoes, keds, and sandals fitting neatly in the 2x4 organizer

    34. Compress bulky items for storage with a plastic garbage bag and your vacuum, so you have more space for everything else.

    35. Or if that's a little too tricky, Space Saver bags can quickly shrink up your sweaters, coats, and extra bedding with exactly zero hassle.

    36. If you have the square footage for it, replace random baskets and bins just sitting on the floor with a storage ottoman.

    37. Or skip the small solutions, and revamp things totally by ditching your current setup totally and swapping in a closet system that works for you.

    Now step back and admire your organizing success!

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