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    The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Kitchen

    For the glow-up your kitchen deserves.

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    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

    1. Hang your trash bags on dowels under your sink, and your foil and parchment paper on dowels inside one of your cabinets for quick access *and* storage that's out of the way.,

    You'll need curtain rod brackets for your bulk trash bags ($7.99 for two on Amazon, two colors), and smallish Command Hooks for the foil ($6.36 for a pack of six hooks, also on Amazon). From Simply Organized and I Heart Organizing.

    2. Mount pot lids on the inside of your cabinets and cabinet doors using two or three Command Hooks so they're out of the way *and* you can grab the right one quickly.

    heatherraec /


    I have one pot lid stored like this, and it's held up for over two years now. Get six medium Command Hooks (the ones pictured here) on Amazon for $5.53.

    (From when we asked the BuzzFeed Community and Nifty Home Facebook to send us photos of the ways they actually organize their homes.)

    3. Then stack your pots and pans on an organizer rack either vertically or horizontally to take full advantage of the space available in your cabinets.

    This rack can be used either vertically or horizontally and can hold up to nine pans of various sizes (the sections are fully adjustable to accommodate even sauté pans and sauce pans).

    Get it on Amazon for $34.99 (or if you're looking for a horizontal organizer that fits even more pans, also check out this expandable 10+-pan organizer for $29.76).

    Promising review: "My wife got a new set of pots and pans for Christmas and we wanted to make sure we stored it correctly from the start. I landed on this being the best solution for our budget and our cupboard situation. I have to say, I like being right. We've only had it for a few days, but so far so good! It holds almost all of our new 13pc set (all but the large stockpot) AND a large saucepan from our previous set that we're saving. This rack keeps our cabinet organized as well as our new pots and pans in good condition." —Mark F.

    4. Transform the inside door of your baking cabinet into a measuring equivalents chart, and hang up your measuring cups and spoons so you can simply grab the one you need., Brittany Lauren / Facebook: BuzzFeedNiftyHome

    Tidbits from the Tremaynes got their look with chalkboard paint and a marker, and Brittany Lauren (who submitted via Facebook) kept it simple and classy with the small wire Command Hooks. Get a pack of six wire hooks on Amazon for $6.36.

    (Brittany Lauren's photo is from when we asked the BuzzFeed Community and Nifty Home Facebook to send us photos of the ways they actually organize their homes.)

    5. If you have a spare drawer, turn it into an easy-access spice rack with these customizable drawer organizers.

    Because they're a universal fit, they'll work with all the different brands you buy! You easily cut them to the length you need, and add as many to your drawer as will fit (the pack comes with six 18-inch strips). If they don't take up the entire width of your drawer, you will need to use Command Strips or a drawer liner to hold them in place.

    Get it on Amazon for $14.99.

    Promising review: "After years of having my spices in a narrow spice cabinet where it would take me five minutes to pull everything out to find one elusive spice, I finally decided to get organized. After examining countless types of spice organization apparatus, I finally found these simple and fool proof liners! My spices have never looked neater. I put things in alphabetical order and it takes only a second to find what I'm looking for. My whole family was very impressed by how neat and, dare I say, how pretty the drawer looks." —Michelle B.

    6. No extra drawers? No worries: you can get an organizer that fits on a cabinet shelf...

    I have ZERO drawers in my tiny New York kitchen, so I feel this struggle. This screws into your cabinet for sturdiness and has three plastic trays that pop out for easy cleaning.

    Get it on Amazon for $25.99.

    Promising review: "Super convenient! Love this spice rack because it's made it possible to reach my spices without knocking them all over or getting a step stool. It fit the depth of my upper cabinet perfectly and it works very well. I don't jerk it down, so haven't had any problems with it at all and love the convenience. You can stagger the spices so you get slightly more than a single row." —PNW

    7. ...or that has magnets so your spices can hang on the side of your fridge, freeing up cabinet AND counter space.

    Get a pack of 12 magnetic spice tins on Amazon for $18.50.

    Promising review: "My family cooks a lot and we had two drawers jammed full of spices and it was always a pain to find them. These magnetic spice tins are amazing. We have them stuck to the side of our fridge and it's such a nice, colorful, off-the-counter way to store them. It helps me remember that we have them when I'm cooking something without a specific recipe. They are high-quality, visually appealing, and just all-around awesome." —Amazon Customer

    8. Keep your knives from damaging the bottom of your drawer, slowly dulling themselves in the process, by protecting them with a knife block.

    It fits right in the drawer, and can store up to sixteen knives.

    Get it on Amazon for $19.95.

    Promising review: "My utensil drawer was an absolute mess. When I began looking for a way to organize it I wasn't even aware that horizontal knife blocks existed. I was really attracted to this knife block because of the aesthetics, practicality, and price. I was able to fit 11 knifes into the block. My chef's knife and bread knife fit into it easily. Everyone who sees it wants one. I highly recommend this knife block because of its beautiful appearance, price, and utility. I love pretty things. This is a pretty AND USEFUL thing." —Bigred

    9. Or leave 'em out on the counter but still know which knife you're about to pull with this transparent knife "block".

    It's easy to take apart and clean, too. You just insert your knives into thin plastic slots at the top, and the handle prevents them from falling in. Get it on Amazon for $24.97+ (available in round and rectangular).

    Promising review: "This is a terrific knife block for someone like me, who has a random assortment of knives. You can see each blade so selecting the right knife is easy. It seems solid, comes apart so you can clean it, and has a nice narrow profile so it doesn't take up much space. I have about 15 knives in mine and now I use them. Before they were in a drawer with blade covers and hard to identify." —AKVA

    10. Repurpose an old paper file organizer from the office supply store to sort out your baking sheets and cooling racks.

    From Two Twenty One. Want to try this but don't have one to repurpose? Get a similar rack for $11.18 on Amazon.

    11. And for bigger or heavier-duty pans where the thin wire doesn't quite cut it, try a rack made especially to sort cutting boards, muffin pans, and casserole pans.

    Get it on Amazon for $12.97.

    Promising review: "We bought two and I was really happy to see how strong and durable they are. The spaces are wide enough to held all my cutting boards and cooling racks with no problem. I have some pretty solid heavy cutting boards, so when I was looking at the pictures online, I was a little nervous that mine would be too big or heavy and that they would tip forward. They don't at all, they work perfectly!" —Kristi

    12. Divide your drawers both large and small however works best for your kitchen with expandable dividers. Besides keeping everything in its place, they'll give you the flexibility to easily reorganize and adapt if and when you buy new gadgets or move somewhere new.

    This set of four bamboo dividers adjusts from 17.5" to up to 22", so they should fit most drawers out there. You can use one, two, or three to a drawer, depending on your needs! They don't require any tools to install, so it's NBD to experiment with different layouts to figure out what works best.

    Get them on Amazon for $29.99.

    Promising review: "These organizing dividers work with a strong spring mechanism that allows you to easily fit them into different sized spaces. I used them in two kitchen drawers to organize what had been a chaotic jumble. Now I can see and easily access everything. One set was enough for two wide drawers. They're very sturdy, attractive, and their springs are strong enough to hold them tightly in place." —Jules, author

    13. And of course, if you don't have one already, an expandable silverware organizer will make your most reached for–drawer both incredibly functional and just really nice to look at.

    This six-compartment organizer expands on either side to eight compartments, so there's very little wasted space. Of course be sure to measure before you buy — it's an important step for any size organizing project!

    Get it on Amazon for $19.58.

    Promising review: "I love this silverware drawer organizer. It is so beautiful when I open the drawer. You can make it fit snug in the space so it looks like it was built-in. I can store two full eight-piece sets of silverware plus two carving knives, four paring knives, and several serving spoons. And they all stay where they are supposed to stay! I am very happy with it." —Amazon Customer

    14. For your tallest, bulkiest items, small tension rods can turn ten inches of two shelves into a sturdy custom storage spot.

    Photo by Monica Buck. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright © 2002. /

    Just make sure to measure the height of your shelves! From Martha Stewart.

    Get a set of eight tension rods that expand from about 16 inches to 28 inches on Amazon for $14.99.

    15. Or use a several tension rods to divvy up the space above your fridge into the ultimate baking cabinet.

    This was done by an Amazon customer, who reviewed a different set of five tension rods that expand from 11 to 20 inches. You can get those on Amazon for $11.39 (three colors).

    16. Put a Lazy Susan anywhere you need to corral a bunch of bottles, so you can quickly reach the ones in the back without pulling everything down.

    It's especially helpful on higher shelves. From Making Home Base. Get a 12-inch Lazy Susan for $7.99+ or a two-tier 10-inch Lazy Susan for $14.99, both on Amazon.

    17. Tame your cluttered leftover containers by storing them in a drawer — you'll use every inch of cabinet depth, but still be able to pull it forward to reach what you need.

    From Polished Habitat. Get a similar (six quart, about 13x9x6 inches) drawer on Amazon for $12.84 or a larger (about 15x19x8 inches) drawer from the Container Store for $18.99 (seven colors including clear).

    18. Or sort them all into a shallow plastic bin you already own that can act like a drawer, and use a shoebox to separate and stack the lids.

    You can also take this opportunity to go through your entire collection and donate or recycle the pieces you don't actually use, or that don't have matching lids/containers anymore. From Everyday Organizing.

    19. Condense the amount of space your tea collection claims with a handy storage rack that can hold up to 100 tea bags at once.

    It will slide right into your cabinet (or onto your pantry shelf), and has 12 removable clear plastic bins to make it easy to grab exactly what you want.

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    Promising review: "Do I really need a tea bag organizer? That's what I was thinking when I ordered this. And when I took it out of the box. And when I filled the first little bag holder. But as the pile of empty boxes grew larger, I knew the answer was yes, I do need a tea bag organizer. I was using a whole shelf and a half of jumbled tea boxes which I had to sift through to look for a specific tea. In the end, I think this held about eight or nine boxes of tea bags (I crammed some of them). I am so happy that I got this!" —Sarah C.

    20. Quit endlessly stacking and unstacking your salad plates, dinner plates, and bowls once and for all — instead, slide in a set of corner shelves to separate everything so it's easy to grab *and* put away.

    Get it from Amazon for $20.57.

    Promising review: "I can't say how happy I am with this! I live in an efficiency-sized unit with limited cupboards. Using this I can stow dinner plates, small plates, and bowls with room for more than I have! Footprint was perfect for my cupboard dimensions. It doesn't waste space and I don't to lift up the dishes to get to what I need. Welds seem good, no weak spots. Strength is better than I had expected." —T. A. Ernst

    21. Neatly store your soap, sponge, brushes, and other favorite dish-washing supplies on a suction-cup organizer that drains any excess water directly into your sink.

    It'll let everything dry out when you're done with dishes for the day (as long as you squeeze your dishcloth and sponge out first, that is).

    Get it on Amazon for $8.49.

    Promising review: "This caddy saves space at the sink by hanging over a back corner of the sink area. It keeps water from sitting near the hand and dish soap since it drips into the little easy-to-clean tray instead, which tilts towards the sink. The suction cups work great to keep it in place. It is the perfect size. Still holding strong several months later. Excellent product." —C.J. Moses

    22. Designate an "eat me first" bin, and use it to keep anything that's close to expiring. That way, when you need a snack or want to improvise some at dinner, you know exactly where to look first.

    From the (now-defunct! sigh) blog Closette.

    23. And, whether you have kids or just want to snack a little healthier yourself, keep pre-portioned snacks in another easy-access bin.,

    From House of Hepworths and Organize Yourself Skinny. Get similar clear bins on Amazon for $11.67+ (medium, and large sizes available, as well as a set of three).

    24. Pick up a Lazy Susan or two for your fridge, too, so you never lose your favorite jar of olives to the back corner again.

    From Listotic. Get a 12-inch Lazy Susan on Amazon for $7.99+ (also available in nine and 18 inches).

    25. Or opt for a set of pull-out storage bins, which let you easily pull everything stored in the back corner up to the front where you can actually reach it.

    They're simple to pull out and clean in case of a leak or spill because they a) will contain the mess and b) are much easier to wash than the entire shelf. (And yes, they do work in the freezer, too!)

    Get the four-piece set on Amazon for $29.99.

    Promising review: "I jumped on the bandwagon to have a more organized refrigerator and love it! Everything is neatly contained and organized. This also helps me remember what was in the container and what needs to be refilled." —MrandMrsK

    26. If you have a particularly narrow shelf or a tiny fridge, a dual-sided bin can work wonders to make every last square inch of storage space accessible and functional.

    I have something similar in my small New York studio fridge; I store jams, jellies, and other condiments on one side, and cheeses and deli stuff on the other. Without it, I'd definitely forget anything that got pushed to that far back corner!

    Get it on Amazon for $19.99.

    Promising review: "Love this piece, fits very nicely in a couple of places on my fridge and freezer shelves. A great organizer and space saver for bottles, cans, bags and otherwise non-stackable goods. It has a solid grip in-wall handle; you can fill it with cans and bottles, pull it off shelf and it will stay solid. There are little feet on the bottom keep it from slipping the shelves." —Amazon Frequent Flyer

    27. To make everything even ~fancier~, apply decals to your most-used bins so anyone who opens your fridge can immediately find what they're looking for — and so you can easily keep track if you start to run low on something.

    FairyDustDecals / Etsy

    Get the pack of eight words from FairyDustDecals on Etsy for $12.99+ (5 sizes, many colors. Each pack includes labels for fruits, vegetables, eggs, butter, yogurt, sauces, condiments, and cheese. If you have specific words you want, you can probably message the seller for something custom, too!)

    28. Package all your meal prep or last night's leftovers in super transparent, shatter-resistant, leak-proof, air-tight containers so you know exactly what you have on hand in a single glance.


    These heavy-duty plastic containers are microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe. They even have little vents you can open so you can microwave them with the lid on, preventing splatters!

    Get a seven-container set from Amazon for $24.99.

    Promising review: "I’m pleased with the performance of these glass-like plastic containers. They’re great for meal prep, freezing and microwaving. Even microwaved tomato sauce doesn’t stain these. The clip-on lids mean there’s no spilling or leaking despite frequent drops. The extremely tight seal may be tough for hands which are more arthritic than mine. Many sizes available. I can heartily recommend these." —HollyShort

    For more about why these are so great, read our full Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers review!

    29. If you have wire shelves, a binder clip can help store a stack of beers so it doesn't roll away.

    Matthew Petty / Flickr: muteboy

    From Flickr user Mathew Petty.

    30. Turn one corner of your fridge into a mini wine chiller with this sturdy, stackable plastic rack.

    That way you can always have a cold bottle of champagne ready for any little celebration!

    Get the pack of two on Amazon for $14.99.

    Promising review: "I am amazed at how well they hold wine in place in the fridge while traveling in our motorhome. Each rack has a lip on the back that you can lock on the back of the shelf so it doesn’t move. Even though it seems like I can't remember to lock the fridge before hitting the road, I haven't had a problem with destroying a bottle of wine! I love that I can stack them to utilize every space in the fridge. They are well made with sturdy construction. No more rolling wine bottles." —Casper 3900.

    31. And close up partly-finished wine bottles with a vacuum sealer that both keeps your wine fresh and makes it easy to stash that bottle on its side in your fridge.

    I've used one of these for years, and so have my parents; all you do is quickly wet one of the included rubber stoppers under running water, stick it in the bottle, then use the pump to suck out the air that's between the cork and the rest of your wine. When it's done, it makes an audible "click-click!" noise. Then you can lay the wine on its side without any fear of leaks!

    Get it on Amazon for $11.95+ (two colors available).

    Promising review: "Wow! I have had this for about five months now — it works great! I drink red wine quite a bit and almost always leave a glass or two in the bottle. Prior to buying this, that glass or two was basically vinegar within one or two days (depending on the type of wine). If you have a half bottle or more remaining, this pump will keep that half bottle tasting like it was just opened for three or four more days. If you have about one glass left in the bottle, expect this pump to keep the wine good for a day or two." —Red

    32. Install expandable drawer organizers in your produce drawer too, so you can kiss your days of digging for the parsley goodbye.

    From Enjoy This Beautiful Day. Get a set of three plastic drawer dividers on Amazon for $21.99.

    33. Store any fruits and vegetables that you're worried might start to go bad before you have time to eat them in produce savers that keep everything fresh for almost two weeks.

    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed,

    I've been using these pretty much constantly for an entire year now — except for when they're in the dishwasher — and I can't even begin to guess how much money they've saved and food waste they've prevented!

    Get them on Amazon: single containers for $6.29+ (six sizes) or a set of three for $26.99 (one 6.3 cup container and two 17.3 cup containers).

    Promising review: "Oh-my-gosh, they work! I went on a ten-day trip to visit my mom and left my husband home with asparagus, strawberries, and spinach in the containers. He ate some of all of them, but there was plenty left when I got back and they were in perfect condition! I couldn’t believe it! These will save us a lot of money not throwing away food because we couldn’t get through it fast enough. (We shop at Costco and get large containers of produce.) These are TOTALLY worth getting and I will be getting a few more sizes. Excellent product!!!" —Elizabeth Walter

    34. Consider keeping a separate plastic bin or drawer just for uncooked meat and fish. That way, if any of it leaks, the germy juices won't end up on your produce.

    Faith Durand /

    If your fridge has a drawer labeled "meat", it probably stays colder than any other drawer, which can make your steaks, bacon, and chicken last longer before you cook 'em!

    From The Kitchn.

    35. Stack two magazine files on top of each other to actually find that bag of frozen corn without digging through a whole pile of other bags.

    36. Hang an over-door shoe organizer to make an easy-access spot for all the small things that tend to get lost in the back of your pantry.

    From Real Mom Kitchen. Get one with 24 pockets on Amazon for $7.97.

    37. Or make even more space for extra condiments, drinks, snacks, and all the little things with an over-door wire rack.

    The eight shelves are adjustable to sit in any order or height that works best for you. It can also be mounted to your door, if you prefer not to use the over-door hooks. Depending on how big your pantry is in the first place, this could nearly double your storage!

    Get it on Amazon for $34.99.

    Promising review: "I love this door organizer!!! I turned small Command Hooks sideways to keep it from bouncing off the door upon opening and closing. It's totally stable and doesn't move at all! I used all but one the shelves because I used the bottom shelf to store my saran wrap, foil, wax paper, etc. So if you don't need storage for these, you should be able to use all the shelves. This organizer has really helped alleviate some of my pantry clutter!" —Super Momx2

    38. Wire drawers and sliding trays are key if you want to maximize your access to every last inch of a deep shelf.

    The tray doesn't need anything special installed, it just slides easily in and out. From Graceful Order; this is her pantry cabinet (not a walk-in).

    Get a similar drawer on Amazon for $23.47. The exact tray she uses isn't online, but two shallow plastic fridge organizers side-by-side would work similarly; get a pack of two on Amazon for $14.99.

    39. And yes, those Lazy Susans are back again to help you make the most of your shelf corners: they give you instant access to all the sauces, dressings, and whatever else you want to store back there.

    From Classy Clutter. Get a 12-inch Lazy Susan on Amazon for $8.99+.

    40. Keep track of all your seasoning packets by hanging them from a humble binder clip and one of those small wire Command Hooks.

    41. File away your potatoes so they take up hardly any space but it's still quick to pull out the file and grab the few you need for dinner.

    Just *don't* store your onions and potatoes right next to each other — onions go out on the countertop. If you store 'em together, both your potatoes and onions will spoil faster. From Mimi's Crafty World.

    Get a set of two similar organizers on Amazon for $19.92.

    42. Decant all your pantry staples (rice, dry beans, flour, crackers, etc.) into airtight containers to keep them fresh for longer than the original packaging ever possibly could, all while making everything easy to find., Rebecca O'Connell / BuzzFeed

    They're designed to be incredibly efficient with the space on your shelves, the rounded corners make for easy pouring, and you push the button on top to open and seal the containers.

    Get the five-piece set on Amazon for $47.99.

    Promising review:: "I bought the really big set a while ago and was hooked. No longer will my white rice/grains/rolled oats/grits go wormy ( I know...yuck), my cat's kibble is stored in a clear container so I can see when it's running low. (FYI: the pet food container is not included in this set, but is worth the additional purchase.) I love these containers. They are lightweight so there's no strain on my wrists, yet heavy enough that they don't tip over easily. The lids are easy to clean, and you could apply labels to distinguish between flours and sugars. They are expensive, but I believe you get what you pay for — quality costs extra money. If I need another set in the future, I will buy it." —Judith A Loue

    43. Stack your canned goods on a three-tier rack and the next one in the row will always roll forward the moment you pull one out.

    This one holds 36 cans, and based on the reviewers photos, it looks like it can work on both wood and wire shelves. As always, remember to measure the dimensions for your shelf before you order!

    Get it on Amazon for $18.99.

    Promising review: "This was very easy to assemble and much heavier and sturdier than I thought it would be. All of the pieces have a piece of paper attached indicating which direction it needs to face. It took about two minutes to put together. I easily filled this up with three rows of cans, four deep, on each of the 3 shelves. It comes with plastic dividers to keep each row separated, but I set mine up without the dividers and it still worked great. That allowed me to add an additional row of small cans like green chiles." —G. Dutton

    44. Or if you usually don't keep quite so many cans around, a three-step shelf will put everything on display, so you can actually see what you have in stock.

    It has non-slip rubbery coating on each step, so nothing threatens to slide off. Note that this works very well for standard size cans, but not oversized ones!

    Get it on Amazon for $12.99.

    Promising review: "I got this to organize all of my cans. I just remodeled my kitchen and have a deep pantry, where it's easy to lose things. I already have a hard enough time finding cans and sometimes end up buying products twice because I thought I was out when I couldn't find them. This is a great way to stack them and make them easily accessible. It takes up the same amount of space in my pantry than it would if I had all my cans laid out flat and stacked on top of each other. Perfect solution!" —Beatriz

    45. If you want to sort basically everything into labeled containers, go for transparent bins that actually let you see what's inside.

    Labels are great, but if your bins aren't transparent, you might just find yourself forever reading label after label to ever find anything. This way, the bins and the labels can ~work together~. From Stacy Graves Interiors.

    Get the bins she used at The Container Store for $3.99–$6.99 each (small, medium, and large sizes available). Or get a pack of four similar bins on Amazon for $49.99.

    46. Put the extra spaces at the top of your shelves to work storing foil, chips, coffee, or other narrow things with slide-on trays that neatly fill that gap.

    Get the set of two on Amazon for $12.87.

    Promising review: "This was the perfect basket shelf for housing loaves of bread, aluminum foil rolls, and sandwich bag boxes. It was basically assembled, just need to pull the side up into place, and was easy to install." —Christie Fiallo

    You, enjoying cooking and baking in a kitchen so functional that everything's a thousand times easier:


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