17 Tweets That'll Make Anyone Who Shops At H-E-B Chuckle Then Say "Yup"

    Three words: Texas-shaped cheese.

    1. First of all, can we talk about all the Texas-shaped things you can find at H-E-B? Like this cheese.

    2. And tortilla chips.


    3. And so many other things that TBH it's a little much sometimes.

    HEB drinking game: take a shot every time you see something Texas shaped, die

    4. H-E-B knows their audience: on the Fourth, you can get burger-shaped cakes for your cookout.

    God bless Texas #America #Texas #heb #IndependenceDay

    5. You can almost always find your favorite Whataburger condiments, so you can make every biscuit a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit.

    I love heb because they have everything. I also hate heb because they have everything.💰

    6. You're always reminded which city you're in because there's always something with the local sports team logo on it.

    see these on those late night HEB runs 😂

    7. So sometimes visiting another city can cause some ~culture shock~.

    I'm used to seeing Dallas Cowboys gear, not Houston Texans gear everywhere. went to HEB and went "Who the fuck is that guy?" at a billboard.

    Also, H-E-B doesn't have any locations in Dallas proper and parts of north Texas, including the panhandle. Which is just weird.

    8. Some locations HAVE A BAR, because when they say "Here Everything's Better", they mean it.

    9. It's always a good day when you get the Combo Loco you need.

    @HEB you're so combo loco! 😂🤗❤ #HEB #ComboLoco #aDealThatMakesSense

    10. But you can spot the craziest combos in the checkout line.

    I love that the two men I'm behind at HEB are buying a 6 pack of Stella and a Four Loko at 11:45 AM. Me too, guys. Me too

    11. Don't forget about the iconic ~yellow coupons~ that make saving convenient AF!

    *takes one of the yellow coupons at heb* Extreme Couponing™

    12. Of course sometimes you wonder *who exactly* comes up with the deals. Am I supposed to dip the chips in the ice cream?

    Does anyone else think that maybe the employees that come up with HEB coupons are smoking a little weed? #munchies

    13. This one gives you a free children's book...if you buy six donuts???

    Who is in charge of these yellow coupons?!! ;) @HEB #HEB

    14. Although you def have to give H-E-B props for their quick Harvey response:

    Texas First Responder: HEB grocery store. We love you, HEB! #HEB #HurricaneHarvey #TexasStrong #HoustonStrong… https://t.co/JnTCK9mRhH

    They literally had a fleet of relief trucks ready to go.

    15. What other grocery store chain can say THAT?

    16. And even though sometimes H-E-B takes it to a whole new level of strange/weirdly awesome...

    When you're at HEB and see this😕😂

    (There's probably more than one of these cart cars out there, for parades.)

    17. ...everyone, even newlyweds, know no store does more.

    This is amazing...their first stop after their wedding was #HEB