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23 Practical Tips For Living Alone That Actually Make A Big Difference

Good solid advice.

1. Don't close the door unless your keys are in your hand, so you know you have 'em every time you leave.

2. Keep a fire extinguisher around and know how to use it, juuuust in case.

3. Put doorknob bells on every entrance to your home — if you don't hear 'em ring, you'll know no one's actually opened the door, no matter what you *thought* you heard.

4. Keep some medicine stocked just in case you get so sick that you can't really make it to the pharmacy.

5. And keep a supply of nonperishable ~sick food~ around, too.

6. If you live somewhere where the power might be knocked out for a couple of days, keep food and a flashlight around for that, too.

7. Follow the one-minute (or two-minute, or five-minute) rule — if you spot something that needs to get done, and it takes less than one minute, just do it right then.

8. Get a vacuum with an expanding wand if you hate dealing with spiders and other bugs. Or just a straight-up bug vacuum.

9. Or just keep some bug-killing spray around.

10. Buy a tool set that at least has a screwdriver with changeable heads — you'll use it.

11. Meet your neighbors, even if you just knock on their door and say hi.

12. Keep your doors and windows locked, just, like, always.

13. And consider installing a home security system of some sort.

14. Don't hesitate to invite friends over for game night, movie night, taco night, etc. — it'll motivate you to clean up and make your space less lonely.

15. And find reasons to leave your apartment, even if you don't have something to do.

16. Or if you just moved somewhere where you don't really know anybody, find a meet-up group doing something you're interested in.

17. Stay in touch with your loved ones, like your parents or your supportive friends.

18. Give yourself little routines or rituals, like cooking dinner every night, or cooking a big batch on the weekend to eat throughout the week.

19. You can also make big batches that you eat some of now, and freeze the rest for later.

20. And make it food that you'll actually look forward to when you get home, so you're more likely to actually eat it.

21. Tie a ribbon to a clothespin to zip up a dress by yourself.

22. And tape one end of your bracelet down so you can put it on with one hand.

23. And most of all: Enjoy your solo space! Now's the time to experiment with your home decor, or customize it to whatever you actually like.

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