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18 Things Only People Who Love Workout Classes Will Know

Sweating solo is for suckers.

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1. You don't even worry about this mess of machines.

(And you prob hate treadmills in your deepest of hearts).

2. This just looks like loneliness waiting to happen.

(Although working out at home is great for lots of people!)

3. The group is what you need.

4. You don't care how goofy you look, because your friend next to you looks just as goofy.

5. You look forward to class, because you know it will always be ~awesome~ ...especially if it's a themed class.

6. You know the moves, so you can just get into it, and let the instructor guide you.

7. When you grunt, there's someone else grunting with you.

8. Being in a group makes you push yourself harder than you would on your own.

9. If everyone can keep going, you can too!

10. Nothing will convince you that it's better ~without~ a buddy (or two).

11. The studio is your zen and your safe space.

12. You're always up for a pop-up class.

13. You love big classes...

15. ...and everything in between.

16. Some people may look at you funny, but it's really their loss.

18. Because together is always better than apart.
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