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    28 Ways To Actually Make Your Bathroom More Organized Than It's Ever Been

    Easy changes, big results.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

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    1. First things first: go through all your cabinets and toss anything that's expired or past its prime, or that you just plain don't use. (And recycle the containers, if you can!)

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    That'll free up extra storage space so you can give everything you do use the organization it deserves.

    2. Hang caddies on water-resistant hooks so everyone has their very own shower rack.

    It keeps the racks from inevitably falling off the shower head, and if you hang them where they don't end up *too* wet (like, the opposite end of your shower) the metal caddies might just last longer. From The Crazy Craft Lady.

    Get a heavy-duty, water-resistant Command Hook for $5.97.

    3. Or try a removable-adhesive plastic caddy (or two) that you can hang at whatever height works best for you, and that will never leave you dealing with rust.

    To make sure the Command Strips hold the way they're supposed to, follow these steps. You could also hang these anywhere you need a little more storage, like on the inside of your bathroom cabinet doors.

    Promising review: "I’ve had this on my shower wall for almost a year and it’s still going strong with the original strips. It holds everything my husband and I need and could probably hold more. I rarely clean it, but it somehow still looks pretty clean and I honestly like the way it looks better than a permanent fixture. If it only lasted a year, I’d still say it was a good value, but at this rate I won’t be surprised if it last two or three." —Lida

    Get one on Amazon for $6.88.

    4. To entirely declutter the walls and edges of your tub, store the bottles you like least in a handy pocket organizer that hides behind your shower curtain.

    Besides the aesthetic reasons, you'll never have to move stuff around to clean your shower. Parents of babies and toddlers, one reviewer mentions that it's also handy to keep curious kids from wasting all your soaps.

    Promising review: "LOVE this! I don’t like leaving everything on the edges of my tub. Nor did I like the idea of putting something in the corner on a tension rod. I didn’t want to see it sticking out of the top of the curtain. I took a chance with this and I am so glad I did. It hides all the clutter and I don’t see it when I leave the curtain open. Worth every penny!" —Christen Cook

    Get it on Amazon for $8.99 (three colors available).

    5. Enlist an extra lingerie bag for bath time duty: it makes the perfect fishing net to pick up all the toys, then quickly bunches up and hangs everything to dry while you're reading the bedtime story.

    All you need is a waterproof command hook, and a durable lingerie or delicates bag. From Two Twenty One.

    Get a set of three similar bags for $9.45 and a pack of six water-resistant hooks for $7.51 on Amazon.

    6. Or if you have way more toys than could possibly fit in a single bag, a second shower curtain rod might just save the day.

    From The Inspired Home, who found their s-hooks and baskets at the dollar store.

    Get a tension shower curtain rod for $20.45, a pack of 30 s-hooks for $10.99, and a set of six colorful plastic baskets for $16.99, all from Amazon.

    7. Hang three or four towels in the same amount of horizontal space as a single towel rod with a hook rack.

    Another ideal solution for shared bathrooms, whether you're moving in with roommates or you're redecorating the bathroom your kids share. They made theirs at Gingersnap Crafts, but you can also buy a hook rack on Amazon for $17.05. Or, if you like the personalization aspect, Pottery Barn Kids has individual initial hooks on sale for $4.99 each (currently available in every letter except A and B).

    8. Or, if you're not concerned about kids being able to reach them, a three-tier over-the-door towel rack might be just the solution you need.

    This one's elegant, and has two functional hooks at the bottom corners for your robe or dirty clothes.

    Promising review: "This towel holder does the job. After using it for a few days towels actually dry completely with no odor with out being totally extended. Easy to put together although it comes with very small screws." —SirGO

    Get it on Amazon for $16.68 (also available in bronze).

    9. Sort out cluttered drawers by giving each drawer a specific purpose, then fitting it with basket trays that give everything in the drawer a designated, sensible place.

    On Bless'er House's guest post on The Summery Umbrella, she used dollar store baskets, but you can find a set of eight similar trays on Amazon for $10.57.

    10. Or opt for a set of six clear, stackable trays you can rearrange over and over again, as the makeup you wear most changes.

    Promising review: "This set is exactly what I’ve been looking for. They fit perfectly in my drawers, and stacked they are the exact depth of the shallow drawer in my vanity. Perfect for organizing all the small tools and bits of makeup, bottles of perfume and tubes of medicine etc. Appear to be heavy/high quality enough to last a long time." —S. Knox

    Get the set on Amazon for $14.99.

    11. If you prefer to display your makeup out on your cabinet, make it all easy to access by stacking it on a wide, four-level palette organizer.

    It's 12 inches long (by six inches wide), so it can fit more products than you expect. It could work no matter how much makeup you have: if you're a minimalist, it can hold just the few products you use most; if you have every palette under the sun, you may want more than one!

    Promising review: "I was looking for something that would fit my Morphe palettes upright, not on their sides. This works perfectly! It fits thick palettes like the Tarteist contour palette, medium-thick palettes like the Morphe blush palettes and the Coastal Scents hot pot palette, and thin palettes like Lorac Mega Pros. If you have a lot of makeup, I wouldn't hesitate to buy this. I'm sure it will fit anything you have. This organizer is just what I was looking for, and at the right price!" —eXample

    Get it on Amazon for $12.99.

    12. Then keep your makeup brushes close at hand by repurposing an old candle jar and adding your favorite vase filler (or just buying one that's already made).

    Erica Sooter /,

    Get the how-to for the organizer on the left from Dwell Beautiful, or get the organizer on the right (including the pearls) from Amazon for $17.99.

    13. And store cottonballs and cotton swabs in containers that'll make you happy every time you reach to use one.,

    It could be yet another use for those empty candle jars you haven't tossed yet — get the tutorial at Mommy Suite — or a cute shopping find, like this ~cottontail~ bunny, $14.98 on Amazon.

    14. If you share a bathroom, a plastic silverware drawer organizer's the perfect way to store toothbrushes without risk of the bristles touching.

    Plus you can use the extra slots for toothpaste and floss, and even label each person's slot, if you're feeling ~inspired~.

    Get the pictured non-slip tray from Amazon for $8.

    15. Magnets are the ultimate solution to your bobby pin woes: either attach a strip of adhesive magnet tape in a drawer or to the back of your medicine cabinet, or stick 'em in a paperclip organizer., Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    Because they're suddenly easy to put away, you probably won't go through a new pack so quickly! Magnetic strip idea from Superwoman.

    And if you don't have the stuff already, you can get supplies for both tricks on Amazon: magnetic strip tape for $11.38, and two basic paperclip organizers for $6.99.

    16. Slip all your hair ties onto a carabiner so you can hook it wherever it is you need hair ties the most, like your gym bag or bathroom cabinet.

    Or put them on multiple carabiners, and have a few with you wherever you go! From Hi, It's Jilly.

    Get a set of 10 colorful carabiners on Amazon for $10.99, and give one to all of your friends so they can organize their hair ties, too.

    17. Maximize every square inch of space under your cabinets with a stack of plastic drawers — if it's a shared bathroom, each person can get their own drawer.

    This is an easy way to actually use all the space you have. From Hi, Sugarplum!

    Get similar drawers on Amazon for $10.08 (plus shipping) or True Value for $10.99 (with free ship-to-store). Or, get a pack of three other (but still similar) plastic drawers on Amazon that are eligible for Prime for $36.90.

    18. Take complete advantage of the inside of your cabinet doors: you could mount small plastic baskets...

    Naturally, they're hung with Command Strips; from Polished Habitat.

    Get similar little baskets on Amazon for $7.25+.

    19. ...hang a caddy that can store several different hair tools...

    Promising review: "This product did exactly what I needed it to. Before all my items were in a drawer and the cords were a pain, but with this metal basket it minimized clutter, kept things organized and separate, and it also looks nice. It fits two of my blow dryers, a flat iron, and curling wand. Worth the buy. :)" —Alyssa Jewell

    Get it on Amazon for $15.99.

    20. ...or even use it for a trash can that takes up zero floor space (and is out of reach of any nosy pets).

    Skip the trash bag and it becomes a deep storage basket, instead!

    Promising review: "Fits well under the bathroom sink. My Bassett kept getting into the bathroom garbage (a small stainless step can), so I got this to keep him out of the trash and save storage space in the vanity. Only complaint is I added Command Strips where the base touches the door so it doesn't clang when I open it." —Lauren W.

    Get it on Amazon for $11.89.

    21. Two Command Hooks + a repurposed file basket can mean extra storage space on the side of your cabinet for whatever you reach for most often.

    Maybe you're like Dream Green DIY and want to use the space for your hair tools, or your makeup brush kit, or your selection of hair brushes...whatever!

    Get a pack of nine of these hooks for $5.25 and a similar file basket for $11.99 on Amazon.

    22. Hang your hair dryer almost anywhere that's most convenient for your particular bathroom with the help of a removable adhesive hair dryer coil.,

    Promising review: "Having recently moved into a much smaller home, I no longer had the luxury of just plopping my hair dryer into its own separate drawer. I was looking for something that would allow me easy access and utilize my limited cabinet space well. Most of what I was originally finding for hair dryers hooked over the cabinet door so when the door was closed, the silver hooks were exposed on the outside of it. I am picky, but I didn't want that as it cluttered up the look and not what I wanted.

    This solution has been perfect. It adheres to the inside of the door and is completely invisible when the door is shut. I have yet to find anything I don't like about it. Just an FYI: You must wait 24 hours from application to usage, unlike many Command products which can be used within an hour." —Holly

    Get it on Amazon for $9.99.

    23. Or if you actually have enough drawers to dedicate one to your hair tools, empty toilet paper rolls can help corral the cords and prevent tangles.

    24. Desperate for more storage space? Look no further than (directly above) your toilet and install some extra shelves.


    You have two main options for this: over-the-toilet floor shelves (which often have the coveted ~cabinet space~), or a set of three or four regular wall shelves (which will require your toolbox and level to hang).

    Wayfair has a wide selection of styles of over-the-toilet shelves at a variety of price points: get the metal shelves for $64.99 or the sage green cabinet for $178.99. Or you could totally check out their wide selection of hanging wall shelves, which start around $17.99.

    25. Or go super simple, and mount lightweight baskets on the wall.

    From Making Lemonade, who (likely) got these baskets at the Container Store, $9.99 for the small and $12.99 for the medium.

    26. Use mini plastic drawers to turn a messy medicine shelf into an easy-access dispensary where you can always find anything you need, no digging through multiple boxes required.

    From Just a Girl.

    Get two sets of similar drawers on Amazon for $17.95.

    27. Find what you're looking for in the linen closet and stop the washcloths from getting buried under the bath towels with large bins.

    See more on Ask Anna Moseley, and get a set of three similar bins on Amazon for $35.99.

    28. And, if you store your sheets near your towels, keep 'em neat by sliding the full set inside one of the pillowcases.

    Photo by Raymond Hom. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright © 2011.

    Besides looking sharp, when it comes time to change your sheets you'll be able to grab the whole set in one go. From Martha Stewart.

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