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    20 Unusual (But Legit) Home Hacks That'll Make You Say "Why Didn't I Know About These Sooner?"

    Smart shortcuts.

    Here at BuzzFeed, we come across SO MANY home hacks and ideas every day.

    So here are 20 hacks that I've actually tried (or want to try) because they're so freaking useful:

    1. Run a long plastic tube from your kitchen's soap pump into an oversized bottle of dish soap, so you almost never have to refill it again.

    2. Drill holes in your trash can or plastic trash can liner to prevent the dreaded and annoying garbage-bag-vacuum-effect.

    3. Open stuck jars with a short length of duct tape.

    4. Windex will magically wipe crayon marks off painted walls.

    5. Rub wax paper on your shower curtain rod to make your curtain glide more smoothly.

    6. A mixture of vinegar + water + cheap AF ~vodka~ makes glass, mirrors, and faucets shine like new.

    7. And when your chrome faucets are clean, rub them with more wax paper to help prevent pesky water spots.

    8. Pick up (and squish!) gross bugs with a sticky lint roller.

    9. Drop a denture tablet in your toilet once a week, and you'll almost never have to actually clean it.

    10. Loop a hair elastic around a towel rod so your clean makeup brushes can dry without losing their shape.

    11. Refrigerate your paintbrushes in a plastic bag when you're waiting between coats.

    12. Stash round ornaments safely away in a repurposed Costco apple container.

    13. When you fill a hurricane vase, put a can beneath the candle. The candle will sit perfectly level, and you'll use less filler overall.

    14. Hook your headphones on a banana hanger so they don't keep falling off your desk.

    15. Use an extra large plastic bin for instant plastic container access, and slip in a shoebox divider to keep all the lids in check.

    16. Stash plastic grocery bags in an empty tissue box instead of stuffing them into a different grocery bag.

    17. Fold a tiny piece of aluminum foil to complete the connection between a battery and a loose spring.

    18. Scrub out your bathtub or shower in no time using dish soap and a new broom.

    19. Wrap pipe cleaners around any plastic hanger to make it a no-slip hanger.

    20. Easily wipe cooked-on greasy grime out of your pans using a dryer sheet.