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    The HyperChiller Basically Makes Drinks Instantly Ice Cold, And Is 30% Off Right Now For Prime Day

    All it needs is 60 seconds to take your coffee from piping hot to perfectly chilled.

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    Some drinks are good hot, but let's face it, most drinks out there are better if they're nice and chilled. But we've all run into a situation where you'd prefer your freshly-brewed hot coffee iced, or your beer or Chardonnay cooled, and you want that NOW.

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    Hey when it comes to iced coffee especially, it's okay for there to be a little Veruca Salt in all of us. This goes doubly in the hot summer months. 

    That's where the HyperChiller comes in: using only water (and without watering your drink down), it cools down any bev in 60 seconds flat (!!), even if it's piping hot coffee. Just grab it from your freezer, pour in your drink of choice, swish, and voila! What's even better? This little genius of an invention is 30% off for Prime Day!!


    When you're chilling hot drinks, you'll still need to pour the chilled version over ice to get it perfectly cold, but the liquid will be plenty cold already. And with this Prime Day deal, you'll save even more $$ than you already would, because the HyperChiller lets you skip the Starbucks run!

    It's secret — besides the magic of your freezer? You pour your drink into an inner cylinder made of two strong layers of stainless steel, which divide it from the solid block of ice around the outside. Because stainless steel is so darn good at conducting temperatures, as you swish, the heat diffuses.

    hyperchiller pouring rose wine into glass

    And yes, that heat will also melt the ice some, but that's the other function of the stainless: to keep the ice from watering things down! Then you can just rinse and pop it back in the freezer. And if you need to give it a full wash, all the parts are dishwasher safe! 

    Think of the time saved in the mornings! It works with pretty much any form of coffee brewer, although if you have a Keurig you can brew the coffee ~directly into the chiller~. And don't forget the drinks you'll get to actually enjoy, even if you just bought that bottle or six-pack five minutes ago!

    And yes, it actually does what it says it does — over five thousand reviewers have given it five full stars on Amazon, whether they drink coffee, iced tea, or booze:,

    Promising reviews: "I've had my HyperChiller for a few years and it's been the best thing to happen to me. I love my coffee and I LOVE iced coffee! Especially in the summer! I can not recommend this thing enough to my coffee drinking friends. If you're looking at this and reading reviews, that means you need this. Don't let the price throw you, it's worth every penny. Buy it now." —Amber Skye

    "I only drink iced coffee, so I have spent years brewing my coffee the night before to have chilled coffee in the morning. With this chiller, I can place it directly under my Keurig and go from hot brewed coffee to chilled coffee in less than 2 minutes (after brewing). I love that I can have iced coffee whenever I want now. Absolutely worth the $25!" —JB

    "This thing is fantastic. Hoped it would be an answer to paying $5 plus at SB for an ice coffee and it didn’t disappoint. Actually bought a second one so the wife can have one also! Used it to chill wine also!" —Haiden Herrera

    "This thing is amazing! I got it for my husband to use for his beer and I don’t think he’s used it once. But the rest of the family has!! Juice, tea, wine... you name it, we’ve tried it and it is AHHH-MAZING! We had friends over for dinner and I forgot to put my wine in the fridge — no worries! My girlfriend was so impressed she wanted one, too!" —ChristalynD

    "Brewing iced tea is always more of an art than a science for me. I hate bitterness, so figuring out whether it’s better to use 1 or 2 teabags, how long to let it steep, and how much ice to use changes every time I try a new blend or brand. No longer a problem with this thing because it takes the dilution factor out of the equation entirely. I just brew up my tea normally as if I were going to drink it hot, then send it through this thing and it’s perfectly chilled, but tastes exactly the same. My only complaint would be that it separates into 4 pieces for cleaning, but since they’re all dishwasher-safe that complaint is completely moot." —J. Perry

    Ready to try it for yourself and have iced coffee bliss every morning? It's 30% off for Amazon Prime Day, so get it for $17.49 (originally $24.99)!

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