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25 Reasons Living In San Antonio Ruins You For Life

There's more to remember than the Alamo.

1. Because the Riverwalk is SO much more than that stretch for tourists downtown:

2. Although TBH you can have a pretty great time with the tourists, too:

3. Because you'll never have a better breakfast taco:

4. Or a more luscious puffy taco:

These are from Ray's Drive Inn and Henry's Puffy Tacos, respectively.

5. And you'll never find a tastier chicken fried steak and giant cinnamon roll served together anywhere else:

6. Because there's no better way to spend an afternoon than wandering around the Japanese Tea Garden:

7. Or visiting the old missions on the missions trail:

8. Because there's so much indie theater that you can't find anywhere else:

9. Not to mention art:

Like the exhibits at Blue Star Arts Complex and Luminaria.

Which is literally everywhere, even on the cathedrals:

And in the Majestic Theater:

And out in the open air:

These are just a couple of the many, many murals that you can find all around the city. Learn more here.

10. Because you're never too far from a good rollercoaster:

11. Or the Guadalupe river:

12. Or that giant granite dome called Enchanted Rock:

13. Or some of the most stunning caves in the entire country:

14. Because the views from the Tower of the Americas are unbelievable:

Even if the food's a little overpriced, the restaurant freaking ROTATES, what else do you want?

15. Because you can always find a cold glass (or can) of local beer:

The Alamo Beer Company is right beneath the Hays Street Bridge in the city. And you can tour the super local Real Ale and the ubiquitous Shiner breweries just outside of town.

16. Or wine blessed by the Hill Country sunshine:

These are Becker Vineyards and Dry Comal Creek Vineyards, which are a short drive away. You can see a complete list of Hill Country vineyards here.

17. Oh, and strong, delicious margaritas:

On the left is El Mirador's margarita, which according to the San Antonio Current's Best of 2015, is the top marg in the city. On the right is La Gloria's, which comes in at number two.

18. Because everyone goes all out for Fiesta every year:

And it is so freaking gorgeous:

19. Because ice houses are a way of life:

20. And so is the Rodeo:

21. And let's not forget the Spurs!

22. Because you can spend literally all day eating, shopping, and chilling at the Pearl Brewery:

Like at The Tiny Finch or Cured. Learn more about the Pearl here.

23. And, okay, yes, you can also spend a few hours learning your Texas history at the Alamo:

24. But best of all? You're right in the heart of Texas.

25. And there's no better place to be.