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15 Thanksgiving Apps You Can Make With A Can Of Crescent Dough

Is there such a thing as a "snack-tooth"?

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3. Use that extra can of cranberry sauce that your nephew's date so ~thoughtfully~ brought to make a nutty, cheesy ring.

It walks you through making cranberry sauce from scratch, but you could totally substitute the canned stuff. Here's the recipe.


7. Set the eager young person who really wants to help but is kind of just getting in the way to making these crescent-wrapped asparagus spears.

They definitely take a few steps to finish, but they're tasty and fancy and can be easily prepped on the dining room table. Here's the recipe.


8. Sprinkle any extra green onions leftover from stuffing prep onto the dough, add some parm, roll, slice, and pop in the oven.

Tbh you can sprinkle on whatever leftover ingredients you have — extra cooked sausage, breadcrumbs from a casserole, — and these will turn out well. Here's the recipe.


13. Make room for leftovers by wrapping up last week's lunchmeat and serving the mini-reubens with thousand island for dipping.

You could also do this with ham and cheese, but I wouldn't necessarily serve those with mayo for dipping. :) Here's the recipe.