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    22 Real-Life Habits That'll Actually Help You Get Organized

    Practical habits and tips.

    We're all busy, and sometimes staying organized in all the chaos feels impossible.

    1. Think about making your bed as the first task to accomplish each day, or as an easy way to make your bedroom look neat without actually cleaning.

    2. Or choose a nightly habit that leaves your home a little bit neater, like tidying the sofa or never leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight.

    3. Find a decluttering system and schedule that works for you — like choosing one room or place in your house or apartment to organize each week.

    4. Or choosing to keep only the stuff you actually use in real life. Or that ~sparks joy~. Or whatever works for you.

    5. Decide you'll never leave a room empty handed — always grab something you can put away.

    6. Designate a place for all the ~important stuff~ (keys, phone, wallet, etc.), and always put the important stuff in its place.

    7. And find ways to designate a place for other still-important-but-not-essential-things you use all the time, like batteries.

    8. Set up your Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or whatever other digital calendar you like best, and let it remember things for you. And sync with your family.

    9. Or get an old-fashioned paper planner, and actually bring it with you and use it.

    10. Consider formally blocking out your day by half hours, whether you use a Post-It note, a weekly appointment book, or a bullet journal.

    11. Don't be afraid to say no when you don't want to or can't do something.

    12. Try the snarky Carrot app to help motivate you to finish your to-dos.

    13. Every evening, set out your clothes for the next day.

    14. Or go above and beyond and put five days of outfits together on Sundays.

    15. If you have two or more floors in your home, keep a basket by the stairs on each floor to dump all the stuff that needs to go to another floor.

    16. Set a timer to clean for 10 minutes a day, every day. Or just aim for 10 nonconsecutive minutes.

    17. Or maybe set aside an hour once a month to deep-clean one room.

    18. If you really have trouble keeping the dishes clean, restrict yourself just to the dishes you need for one full day.

    19. Organize your grocery list according to the aisles and layout of the store so you can shop efficiently.

    20. Try meal prepping one day of the week so you can spend the rest of the week doing something besides cooking or figuring out what to cook.

    21. Make-ahead breakfast smoothies can be time and money savers, too — especially if you use a NutriBullet or other single-serving blender.

    22. Or if meticulous meal prep's not for you, just write down what you want to have for dinner each night.

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