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31 Clever Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Space

Small changes, big difference.

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2. Or if wood is not your style, treat a table cloth with a water-based polyurethane to make an outdoor rug.

Maybe it's not the most durable of all outdoor rugs, but it is certainly one of the least expensive. Get the full tutorial here.


4. Turn crates into cheap, cozy seating.

You can find inexpensive ones at hardware stores and craft stores (like here and here). To make sure they're rain-resistant, treat them with a weatherproof stain, and if they feel unstable, screw in a few corner braces.


12. Hide from your neighbors with this striped drop cloth privacy screen.

They'll never peek over and ask for a glass of your iced tea ever again. And if you hate stripes, you could always use some wall stencils for your pattern, instead. Get the directions.


17. Enlist more cinderblocks to build a plant stand with a bit more height.

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All you have to do is stack cinderblocks and planks of wood, then top with pots. You might want to secure the wood to the blocks with Liquid Nails for extra stability. From here.


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