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31 Clever Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Space

Small changes, big difference.

1. Start from the bottom: cover up the concrete floor.

Many hardware stores sell interlocking deck tiles (like these and these) that you can then lay out to fit the square footage of your space.

2. Or if wood is not your style, treat a table cloth with a water-based polyurethane to make an outdoor rug.

Maybe it's not the most durable of all outdoor rugs, but it is certainly one of the least expensive. Get the full tutorial here.

3. Crochet an outdoor rope rug out of colorful polypropylene rope.

There isn't really a pattern for this, it's just a super basic crochet stitch using a durable material. From here.

4. Turn crates into cheap, cozy seating.

You can find inexpensive ones at hardware stores and craft stores (like here and here). To make sure they're rain-resistant, treat them with a weatherproof stain, and if they feel unstable, screw in a few corner braces.

5. You can also turn crates on their end for handy end tables.

Get the instructions on how to paint yours like this here.

6. Put together a super simple bench with cinder blocks and 4x4s.

Here's the full tutorial, which notes that you should probably glue the blocks to one another with some Liquid Nails.

7. Sew up a cushion for the seat if all the wood-only bench-ness hurts your bum.

Make sure to pick some outdoor canvas when you go to the fabric store. Here's the tutorial.

8. Crochet yourself a chunky porch pouf.

Imagine your kiddo, lost in a book while sitting on your porch pouf, no sign of a computer or iPhone in sight. Here's the pattern.

9. Transform a drop cloth and some dowels into this cozy hanging lounge chair.

You will need a sturdy porch ceiling for this to work, though. Here's how to make it.

10. Or sew up this pretty hammock chair.

Here are the directions. If you're not so thread-and-needle inclined, you can also just buy one.

11. Freshen up the furniture you already have by giving it a fresh coat of exterior paint.

Yes, the cushions too. Here's how.

12. Hide from your neighbors with this striped drop cloth privacy screen.

They'll never peek over and ask for a glass of your iced tea ever again. And if you hate stripes, you could always use some wall stencils for your pattern, instead. Get the directions.

13. Hang up pots of herbs for a less invasive but still quite divisive privacy screen.

Yes, this can actually be secure, if you do it correctly. Here's the tutorial.

14. Make a similar hanging garden with ammo cans.

~Plants, not war.~ They may rust out after a few years, though. Get the directions here.

15. Or make a smaller hanging herb garden with painted soup cans.

Also may be prone to rusting, but super portable! Here's how to make it.

16. Build a decorative cinder block planter if you can't hang things.

17. Enlist more cinderblocks to build a plant stand with a bit more height.

Carissa & Andrew Gallo for Freunde von Freunden /

All you have to do is stack cinderblocks and planks of wood, then top with pots. You might want to secure the wood to the blocks with Liquid Nails for extra stability. From here.

18. Elevate a single pot by flipping a tomato cage upside down and cutting off the legs.

19. Put on your DIY superhero cape and build this herb garden coffee table.

Get the plans and the step-by-step here. Alternatively, you could find an outdoor cofee table you like and just set a windowbox in the middle.

20. Put up a pretty porch-sized greenhouse. / Via

Find similar greenhouses here and here.

21. Paint some rocks to look like cacti if plants aren't really your thing.

They require absolutely zero care. Here's the tutorial.

22. Stitch a vinyl tablecloth into durable outdoor pillows.

They won't be cozy-put-your-face-on-them nap time pillows, but they'll be pretty and durable! Here's the tutorial.

23. Or use double-layer placemats to make the easiest pillows ever.

Here's how to make them. You do have to stitch a little bit, but you don't have to use a sewing machine (or you could go the lazy route and use Stitch Witchery).

24. Light up the night with globe lights made with ping pong balls.

They'll cast a magical glow over your summer evenings. Here's the tutorial.

25. Keep the bugs at bay with wine bottle citronella torches.

Just do *not* knock these over. Here's the tutorial.

26. You could even nestle them in sand and stones for a pretty fire feature.

They're less prone to knocking over this way. Get the directions here.

27. Into the fire idea? Put a can of chafing fuel in a flower pot for an instant mini fire pit.

Make sure it's a sturdy pot, though! Here's the tutorial.

28. If you're feeling extra ambitious, cast your own concrete bowl for your gel fuel fire pit.

Ooooo, ahhhh. Also will keep you warmer on brisker evenings. Here's how to make this.

29. Stick with tried and true candles, and maybe even put them in a pretty chandelier.

Here's how to turn an old electric chandelier into this beauty.

30. Or, suspend them in mason jars all around your porch.

Twine would be much more secure than raffia, though. Here's the tutorial.

31. Go the fire-free route and light up some grapevine spheres.

Then mix up a pitcher of sweet, sweet porch tea and relaaaax.

Thank you, spring, for the gift of porches, however tiny they may be. (Here's a good boozy recipe.)