21 Incredibly Gorgeous Wedding DIYs That You Can Actually Do

    Your dream wedding is in your hands.

    1. This wooden heart guest book that doubles as wall art for your home.

    This is an incredibly simple DIY that involves a bunch of pre-cut wooden hearts (like these), a Sharpie, and a hot glue gun. Then your loved ones' words will always be in view! See the tutorial here.

    2. An easy painted Mala easel that will tell your guests where to sit.

    3. These "something blue" shoes made with inexpensive paint.

    And if you're not into the traditional blue, you could coordinate them with your wedding colors, instead! Here's the how-to.

    4. These adorable custom cake toppers made from "peg people" wood turnings.

    5. This simple but gorgeous lace-edged veil.

    Here's the tutorial. I promise it's not impossible, even if you don't have lots of sewing experience — and could help you save some serious cash.

    6. These pretty pearl and wire hairpins.

    To make your hairstyle truly one of a kind. Here's the tutorial.

    7. These spray-painted bottles that double as candle holder centerpieces.

    8. Or these simpler votive holders with a glittery glow.

    9. This bunting that you can make from old sheets (and dye with tea, if you'd like).

    10. These understated moss-covered letters.

    11. This easy-to-make fringe to dress up your balloons.

    12. This painted ring box with an easy-to-sew cushion.

    13. These elegant customizable menus.

    14. This glitzy handmade garter that looks like it came from Bhldn.

    15. These sweet heart-shaped programs that double as fans for a warm outdoor ceremony.

    16. These glowing paper lanterns that will light up the dance floor (or illuminate your tables).

    17. This table runner made from reprinted family photos — both vintage and modern.

    18. These flour hearts made with food coloring and a stencil.

    19. This literal curtain of carnations.

    20. These favors filled with tasty loose leaf tea.

    21. And these customizable confetti poppers for a sparkly sendoff.