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    24 Smart Duct Tape Tricks That Actually Solve Everyday Problems

    Like the force: it has a dark side, a light side, and holds the universe together.

    1. Hem your pants.

    2. Open stuck jars.

    3. Repair torn toys.

    4. Unscrew a stuck light bulb.

    5. And change a recessed bulb you can't get your fingers around.

    6. Fold your shirts.

    7. Save your place.

    8. Make sandpaper last longer.

    9. Remove mysterious sticky residues from glass or other smooth surfaces.

    10. Save your screws when you disassemble furniture to move.

    11. Trap a bunch of swarming ants.

    12. Temporarily hold your shoes together.

    13. Remove gum stains from fabric.

    14. Easily label buckets and bins.

    15. Help someone out until help arrives (assuming there's nothing else around).

    16. Pull out a shallow splinter.

    17. Hold your cash and change.

    18. And your pens and pencils.

    19. Keep your tie in check.

    20. Get rid of your warts.

    21. Protect your books and textbooks.

    22. Hold a loose car headlight in place.

    23. Stop your clothes from chafing during long runs.

    24. Fix a leaky hose.

    What other everyday problems have you solved with duct tape??? Let us know in the comments!