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    7 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Get Organized For The Holidays

    Using things you probably already have!

    1. Store all of your wrapping paper in a transparent garment bag.

    2. Then slip toilet paper rolls over the paper to keep it from unraveling as you pull it out of storage.

    3. Tape or tie lengths of wide ribbon to your kitchen cabinets (or a closet door) and use clothespins to display your holiday cards.

    4. When you open up each box of decorations, take a quick phone photo of it so you can remember how to put everything back.

    5. If you're hosting overnight guests, throw a bunch of toiletry samples into a basket or jar.

    6. Download ShopSavvy, which lets you scan a barcode in a store to see if you can buy it for less somewhere else.

    Get it here.

    7. Start saving egg cartons now, so you can store small ornaments in them when the holidays are over.

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