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    14 Useful Ways To Keep Seasonal Allergies From Ruining Your Life

    Besides taking your allergy meds, of course.

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    If you have seasonal allergies, you know that medicine's the very first step. But there are other small things you can try to help keep the sneezing and sniffling under control:

    1. The very first morning you see that thin layer of gold powder on everyone's cars, make your car's AC recirculate instead of pulling in the air from outside.

    Recirculate = instead of pulling air from outside and cooling it down, your car's AC mostly uses the air inside the cabin (there's always a little fresh air). It'll also help your car quickly cool off. If the car gets too stuffy, let it pull in fresh air for a minute or two, but then swap it back to recirculated.

    2. Take off your shoes the moment you step inside your front door, and insist that your guests do the same, so you don't track pollen into every room of your home.


    This is especially helpful if you have carpet or rugs. If you have the space, consider storing the shoes right next to the door in a handy shoe cabinet. Get one on Wayfair for $88.99.

    3. Then, at least wash your hands and face right after you come in from being outside.

    Fox /

    Any lingering pollen = bad news.

    4. And if you can, hop in the shower and change your clothes when you get home for the day — that'll help keep the pollen off your furniture, and wash away some of what's irritating you right now.

    Sony Pictures

    And ask the people you live with to do the same — especially if you share a bed. "You don't want the pollen to stick to you all night while sleeping," Dr. Purvi Parikh, an allergist with Allergy & Asthma Network, previously told BuzzFeed.

    5. Consider trying out a Neti pot to rinse the gunk out of your congested sinuses — it might feel a little weird at first, but it might also be a major help.

    Wickedpix / Getty Images,

    “I encourage it,” Dr. Robert Sporter, of ENT & Allergy Associates, previously told BuzzFeed. “Essentially, it is rinsing all the junk out of your sinuses. The salt actually breaks up mucus a little bit.” He suggested using one daily if you're prone to allergies, colds, and sinus infections.

    Just make sure to only use distilled or previously-boiled (then cooled) water. And if you're concerned about it, you can consider discussing it with your doctor, of course!

    Promising review:

    It took a bit to get used to but once I figured it out it was great! As a person who has terrible allergies and asthma, I feel like I never have clear sinuses. After using it, it felt like I had gotten surgery to open up my sinuses or something! The relief was so intense! I have never felt so clear. I can breathe easily through *both* nostrils. Such a difference! And it really wasn't uncomfortable at all (once I figured out how to do it right). —Krysta

    Get a starter kit with 30 rinse packets on Amazon for $12.79. (You can also get well-reviewed ones in porcelain for $15.79 or ceramic for $18.97).

    6. Or you can try a sinus rinse: it's similar to a Neti pot, except it works a little faster because it uses gentle pressure instead of a slow pour.

    Same rules apply here, too: stick with distilled or previously-boiled (then cooled) water. And you can always talk to your doctor about it!

    Promising review:

    I just changed to using this instead of 2 Rx nasal sprays. I have sinus allergies and sinuses are going to bug me no matter what. I stopped the nasal sprays 3 months ago and started NeilMed one month ago. I get the same results with NeilMed. So bye bye Rx sprays! —Steph

    Get a starter kit with 50 rinse packets on Amazon for $10.39.

    7. Vacuum often — ideally with a HEPA filter — to capture any pollen that manages to infiltrate your carpet, couch, and the rest of your home.

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    If your vacuum has a filter you can change out, check and see if your manufacturer makes a HEPA filter you can order. Or if you happen to be in the market for a vacuum, this Shark has promising reviews and is $199 on Amazon.

    8. Dust all the surfaces you don't vacuum, and opt for microfiber cloths that'll pick up the dust over feather dusters that'll just send the dust back up in the air.

    To make it easy to dust blinds, tie two cloths around your tongs. From One Crazy House.

    Get a set of eight microfiber cloths on Amazon for $17.70.

    9. If you also have pet or mold allergies, try an air purifier to help with those — because the fewer allergies you have to deal with, the happier you'll be.,

    BuzzFeed previously reported that air purifiers work for pet and mold allergies, but don't really help with dust mite or pollen problems. But if you happen to have both, you'll want to control as many symptoms as possible!

    Promising review:

    "We've had this running day and night for 3 years and it's in great condition. There are no strange rattling noises or clogs like you see in some other air purifiers. It provides a nice ambient noise and it not too loud (on the lowest setting). We've noticed a significant decrease in our allergies and in the dust in our home. Replacing the pre-filters every 3 months is a breeze: you just unscrew the bottom, unwrap the old one and wrap the new one onto the HEPA filter. " —Healthy FitMom

    Get the pictured HEPA air purifier, which is designed for a room around 390 square feet (so, pretty large!) on Amazon for $130.34. If you have a smaller space, get one for a 75-sq-ft room for $53.10 or a 155-sq-ft room for $100, also on Amazon.

    10. Wash your sheets and bedding regularly, so you don't end up literally sleeping in pollen.


    Especially if you don't shower and wash your hair between the time you get home for the day and go to bed.

    11. While you're at it, stick your pillows in the washer every once in a while to get any pollen and yellow stains out of those, too.

    Use the air-dry setting for down pillows, and low heat for synthetics. Once your pillows are completely dry, kill dust mites by putting them in the dryer again, but on high for 15 minutes — then cover them with special allergy pillow covers (get a pack of two for $14.99+ from Bed Bath and Beyond).

    Learn how to whiten your yellow pillows on One Good Thing By Jillee.

    12. If you have a pet who regularly goes outside, give them more frequent baths, too.

    Yeah, this one's probably the biggest pain. But if there's pollen in the grass, and your pup joyfully romps through it, that pollen's coming straight back to your home! To make it easier, try a bather that'll attach to your outdoor hose or your shower.

    Promising review:

    My husband washes our two bath-time-anxious 6-7lb pups who really love to pace around and cringe at the sight of water coming out of the shower head. When bath time came around this time, my husband had no troubles at all. The dogs were less anxious, he just clicked it off when the time came to shampoo and condition them and then clicked it on again to let the water run. I highly recommend it to make your doggy bath time simple as can be!! :)I.C.

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    13. Gotta mow the lawn, do some weeding, or other yard work? Cover your nose and mouth with a dust mask — or wear a specialty reusable allergy mask.,

    Now, I'm not saying you have to wear these to prom, or even to walk the dog. But if you're gonna be stirring up some pollen in the outdoors, do what you can to protect your allergy-prone self!

    Get a pack of 20 dust masks for $12.51 or the allergy mask for $16 (8 colors available), both on Amazon.

    14. Or try out the nasal filters from Shark Tank — they stick right over your nose and supposedly filter out the allergens as you breathe.,

    Of course we can't verify this, but could be worth a try. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Promising review:

    These were a true lifesaver this spring. I suffer from extreme allergies that cause systemic health issues, and wasn't sure I wanted to leave my house (even for work... almost had to take a medical leave this year, I was just so sick) if not for these. Can you see you are wearing them? Yes. But the relief was worth it.Christina L Bedard

    Get a pack with seven pairs in size medium on Amazon for $10.98, or size large for $10.95.

    And sorry to burst your bubble, but eating local honey won't actually help.

    There's hardly any pollen in honey, and it's also not the same pollen that's causing your allergies. So enjoy eating local honey! But don't expect it to help with allergies one whit.

    H/T r/AskReddit, from 3/8, 3/31, 3/28, 4/2. Plus the Mayo Clinic.

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