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    Just 30 Random Products, Apps, And Services We Really Love

    Group games to play on video calls, a cozy Schitt's Creek sweatshirt, a super secure and comfy face mask, and more things we (the BuzzFeed Shopping team) are into right now.

    1. A cozy (under-$20!) Rose Apothecary sweatshirt that's truly perfect for all your lounging needs, including starting Schitt's Creek over again from the beginning, because why not?

    Abby (who wrote the review below) wearing her black sweatshirt that has the white Rose Apothecary logo from the show on it. It says "Rose Apothecary, handcrafted with care" and has two illustrated roses

    2. A jar of Stonewall Kitchen Roasted Garlic Aioli for dipping basically 90% of your food in, because it adds a creamy, garlicky, umami-ish oomph to every bite. It's time to upgrade your everyday grilled cheese, baked chicken, steamed veggies, and other staple homemade foods with a little bit of this tasty condiment.

    3. A pair of green and pink socks because they'll make you crack-tus a smile every time you look down at your toes.

    A pair of feet wearing the socks, which come up about three inches past the ankle, are pink with green cactuses on the ankle and top of the foot, and have pink and blue stripes on the sole of the foot.

    4. The MyLife app (formerly known as Stop, Breathe and Think) app, which features meditations, reminders, and other easy to use tools to help you find a sense of calm when you feel anything but.

    5. A non-medical fabric face mask from Reformation because they're relatively comfortable, tie at the back for a fit that's more secure than some of the elastic options out there, and come in a surprise fabric that might just be the same print as one of the brand's cute dresses.

    6. A super soft, seamless, stretchy T-back bralette so the thought of a restrictive underwire bra doesn't even have to cross your mind even once as you lounge around on the couch. And it's supportive enough that you can quickly run an errand without having to change.

    7. An easy-to-use cold brew coffee maker because it can transform regular old ground coffee into delicious and *strong* iced coffee overnight, and break your habit of buying several of those glass single-serve bottles (or even a jug of the stuff) to drink through the week.

    8. A pair of leggings that — in addition to Elena — over 10,000 (yes, ten. thousand.) people on Nordstrom swear by because between the high waistband, moisture-wicking fabric, and just-right thickness, they're good for workouts but GREAT for simply wearing every single day.

    9. A set of Invisibobble Slim spiral-shaped hair ties because they won't tangle and pull on your hair *and* they won't stretch out or break like normal elastics will.

    A pink, a clear, and a silver spiral-shaped hair tie laying on a pink background

    10. A jar of Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator that, thanks to glycerin and hyaluronic acid, is designed to actually help your skin re-hydrate itself, even after you wash your face. And it does it all with a not-too-heavy gel cream formula.

    An open jar full of moisturizer with a soft, gel-looking swirl

    11. A LegacyBox because it makes it super easy to digitize any and all of your old family videos, tapes, photos, and film. All you do is put everything in the box, send it in, and they'll make you a DVD, flash drive, or a cloud folder filled with all your memories that you can now access and share on the computer!

    Two people standing next to each other: one older, holding a stack of photo albums, film reels, and homemade video cassettes, and one younger, holding a small USB drive

    12. A subscription to Winc, which will deliver at least four bottles of wine straight to your door every month, based on a quiz you take to help determine your personal tastes.

    13. A bright blue, ceramic non-stick, and super simple to clean–half sheet pan so you can pile on the veggies and meat for one-pan dinners that are quick, nutritious, delicious, and (most importantly!) EASY.

    14. A Dark Magician Girl tee that'll help you truly believe in the heart of the cards and show off your fandom, but make it an OOTD.

    15. Some Tatcha Silken Pore-Perfecting Sunscreen SPF 35 so you can completely, entirely, 100% avoid being sunburned whatsoever. And have a nice, consistent, soft, non-oily and non-chalky base for makeup, to boot.

    16. A pair of the classic Old Navy flip flops, which, if you get a pair, are basically guaranteed to become a staple piece that you'll wear all through the summertime.

    17. Jackbox Party Pack 6 so when you run out of things to talk about on your video calls but still want to keep the hangout going, everyone can log in with their smart phone and play a bunch of fun games together!

    18. A bottle of Murad Prebiotic 4-in-1 MultiCleanser formulated with hemisqualane to help easily dissolve any and all makeup (even the waterproof stuff!), cyclic peptide to help rinse away oil and debris without disrupting your skin's natural oils, and prebiotic powder to help balance your skin's microbiome. TL;DR: it'll remove all makeup and deeply clean your skin without completely drying it out.

    A hand holding the pump bottle of cleanser

    19. The Sonos One SL, a bluetooth speaker with a small footprint but major sound. And you can use whatever streaming service you prefer, controlling everything directly from your phone (aka the ultimate remote).

    20. A bottle of Jot Ultra Coffee because all it takes is a tablespoon to turn hot or cold water into the perfect cup of coffee and any other liquid of your choice (water + milk + sweetener, ice cream + milk in a blender) into a coffee-infused treat.

    The screw-top bottle of coffee concentrate surrounded by coffee beans

    21. A pot of Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner so you can precisely apply the sharpest, no-smear-iest cat eyes ever that are *also* waterproof and sweat- and humidity-resistant.

    22. A bottle of this Ancho Reyes Verde Chile Liqueur so you can easily upgrade your homemade margaritas with a deliciously spicy kick.

    A hand holding the 750 milliliter bottle of Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur

    23. A jar of Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 — it color corrects, calms redness, helps boost your natural moisture barrier, and protects your skin both from the sun *and* environmental aggressors. I'd call that a win-win-win-win-win.

    Elizabeth, the left half of her face has no product and looks red-ish; the right half of her face has the product and the red is neutralized. The effect looks like there's a line down the middle of her forehead

    24. A streaming service called Tubi, which is ad-supported (but otherwise free!) and has tons of your favorite cartoons from childhood that you thought you'd never see again (if you were an '80s kid, or just like '80s cartoons).

    25. Some incredibly soft, absorbent, 100% long-staple cotton bath (and hand!) towels that you'll actually look forward to wrapping yourself in when you get out of the shower because they're just. that. fluffy.

    Several white, fluffy towels in a pile on a tray

    26. A personalized, glittery Disney Starbucks reusable tumbler so every time you reach to take a sip, your heart can feel a happy little ~sparkle~.

    27. An all-purpose cleaner scented with grapefruit, sweet orange, and neroli (the flower of the bitter orange tree), so wiping up the kitchen at the end of the day can be a task that you might actually enjoy, or at least find a little bit of enjoyment in.

    The spray bottle sitting on a table next to a bowl of oranges and white flowers

    28. A gorgeous Otherland coconut and soy wax candle to fill your entire room with its gentle, calming sandalwood and golden amber scent. It'll smell so nice that you'll just want to pause for a second and take a nice, deep inhale.

    The eight ounce candle on a styled surface

    29. A super hydrating Hetime sheet mask that's designed to reduce the appearance of blemishes and dullness *and* work for anyone with a beard. Which comes with its own bonus: it also works if you just don't want to use any extra products on the most breakout-prone zone on your face, or if you feel like most sheet masks just don't fit.

    A model with a beard wearing the sheet mask; it covers all of the face except the eyes, upper lip, lips, lower jawline, and chin

    30. The gluten-free flatbreads from Daily Harvest because they're packed with veggies, (optionally!) topped with delicious melty cheese or your favorite non-dairy topping, and as easy to make as frozen pizza.

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