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    21 Under-$25 Home Upgrades That Are Actually Easy

    Low effort. Big difference.

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    1. Give your garage doors a dose of instant character and detail with a set of carriage-style magnets that take only seconds to attach and arrange so they look just right.

    2. Freshen up your living room in a single step: stuff those throw pillows you're not in love with anymore into a new set of covers.

    3. Spend two hours one afternoon making over your kitchen with a peel-and-stick tile backsplash that'll be easy to wipe clean when your baking gets a little messy.

    4. If you don't love the ones you have right now, swap out your cabinet and drawer pulls. Find ones that are the same length (and use the same holes) as the ones you have already so you can simply change 'em out, no drilling required.

    5. Transform your outdated (but still perfectly functional) appliances in one weekend with a three-step stainless steel paint kit.

    6. Build a simple wood frame and stretch a shower curtain or table cloth you love over it for a statement-size piece of wall art.

    7. Hang those pendant lights you've always dreamed of, no electrician required: just pick up a couple conversion kits for your builder-grade can lights.

    8. Or opt for a pendant lamp, which couldn't be simpler — all you have to do is hang it up and plug it into any regular outlet for that rustic bedside glow.

    9. Erase old water stains from your antique furniture so it looks nearly brand-new again with the help of a miracle wood finish restorer.

    10. Dress up a blank wall in your kitchen (and tbh any room) with a wood-framed tea towel you can switch out with the seasons — or just your mood.

    11. Instantly double up your shoe storage space with a set of organizers that neatly stack the left shoe on top of the right, without making any pair too difficult to find.

    12. Ditch your ancient shower head for a luxe dual-spray version with a handheld sprayer — it'll make cleaning everything (your dog, the tub, and yourself) so much easier, and installation couldn't be simpler.

    13. Toss an ultra soft fuzzy throw over basically any piece of furniture to make it an inviting spot to curl up and read.

    14. Exchange your yellowing, cracked, or otherwise blah switch- and outlet-plates for new shiny gold covers to give every room a dramatically better look with almost zero effort required.

    15. Banish all the stubborn carpet and upholstery stains you've left for too long with a spray cleaner basically guaranteed to make your jaw drop the moment you see the "after."

    16. Hide eyesores like breaker boxes by screwing hinges to one side of a canvas or large poster frame, so you don't have to look at it all the time, but can still actually access it whenever you need.

    17. Replace the blah-looking house number next to your front door with a modern option for a quick curb-appeal boost.

    18. Breathe new life into a scratched laminate-wood table in two steps: covering some of it with marble contact paper, and painting the rest to coordinate.

    19. Magically conjure new storage and display space wherever you need it most with a basket shelf or two.

    20. Apply some rainbow or frosted film to the windows where you need just a little bit more privacy, but don't want to block out the light.

    21. Create a beautiful gallery wall with very little effort thanks to a ready-to-hang frame set — it even comes with three different full-size templates to help you put the nails in all the right places.

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