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    7 Quick Organizing Tricks You'll Actually Want To Try

    Simple ways to put your life in order.

    1. Use rope and inexpensive baskets to string together a colorful plant holder that doubles as storage.

    2. Pick your messiest kitchen drawer and divide it into organized sections.

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    If you're worried about the wrapping paper getting wet, try using vinyl contact paper instead.

    3. Sort the clutter under your kitchen sink into manageable bins.

    4. If your kids' art is scattered willy-nilly, use clothespins and twine to set up a creative display wall.

    5. Enlist a toothbrush holder to organize your makeup brushes.

    6. Ask your family to download SquareHub and try it for a week.

    It's a (free) family messaging app that helps everyone keep track of everyone else's location, schedule, and to-dos.

    7. Display your favorite bracelets on thrifted glass vases.

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