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    26 Useful Products Under $10 That'll Actually Improve Your Bathroom

    Smart bathroom fixes on the cheap.

    1. A beauty spatula that can reach all the way into narrow-necked bottles because you definitely don't want to waste any good foundation, concealer, or eye cream.

    2. An expanding acrylic drawer organizer so everything stays in its designated place and you don't have to dig past your hair elastics while searching for your eyeliner.

    3. A three-cup makeup brush organizer to make your routine just a little bit faster β€” you won't spend so much time searching for the one brush you need.

    4. A pair of two toothpaste squeezers to extract every last bit of product that you paid for. And while they're sized for toothpaste, they work on any size tube that's about two inches wide (or smaller).

    5. A pumice scouring stick that can make even the worst hard water stains and buildup vanish like they were never even there in the first place β€” even when literally no other cleaners have worked.

    6. Once your toilet is clean, a gel stamp to actually keep it that way for weeks on end β€” you just press it onto the bowl right below the rim (and re-stamp every 12+ days as needed), and it goes and goes.

    7. An over-the-tank (or cabinet) toilet paper holder perfect for the tiniest bathrooms, because it doesn't take up even one square inch of precious wall or floor space. You could even use it as a way to store backup TP!

    8. A lidded trash can β€” it's just the right size to slide next to a toilet, plus the lid will keep your nosy pups from foraging through it for "gifts" to bring you while you're watching TV.

    9. An emergency drain cover because sometimes it's just nice to have a completely full bath without the last few inches of hot water draining completely away.

    10. A drain hair catcher that stops those gross built-up clogs in their tracks and lets you avoid those intense drain cleaners altogether, no matter what kind of drain your bathtub happens to have.

    11. And a drain millipede covered in tiny little hooks to grab onto the clump of hair that's preventing your sink or tub from draining well, and yank it all up so water flows freely again.

    12. A classic waterfall soap saver that drains directly into your sink or tub, so your favorite bar lasts for as many washes as possible.

    13. Or a similar soap dish β€” it attaches (with Command Strips) to your shower wall, and does the same thing: prevents your bar of soap from dissolving before its time.

    14. A six-pocket mesh shower organizer you hang on your existing curtain rings for seamless storage β€” the caddy won't rust, and the corners of your tub will stay clear so they're easy to clean.

    15. A no-waste cap with four size adapters for keeping your upside-down bottles stable while you use each and every ounce of lotion, shampoo, and soap.

    16. A rust-stain remover for the worst jobs that had you thinking about replacing the entire shower or tub.

    17. A set of four shower curtain clips because regularly drenching the wall and floor outside your shower, besides being messy and annoying, definitely encourages mold.

    18. A soft cleanser for busting through built-up hard water stains on your glass shower door *without* requiring massive amounts of elbow grease on your part.

    19. And a shower squeegee to prevent those hard water stains in the first place. Plus this one has a hook on the end so you don't have to deal with suction-cup holders that always scare you when they fall and clatter loudly to the floor.

    20. An easy-to-refill moisture absorber that will suck all the extra humidity out of the air and help stop mold in its tracks once and for all.

    21. A weekly pill organizer with removable four-section trays for each day, so you don't have to dig through your evening pills to get the ones you need to take at noon.

    22. A razor sharpener that extends the life of disposable razor cartridges, saving you $$ on refills.

    23. A silicone holster designed especially to hold your flat iron, curling iron, and/or blow dryer as you're using them (and when you're done using them) β€” it attaches without any adhesive to just about any smooth, clean, non-porous surface.

    24. Or a brushed metal hair dryer holder you can install under your sink so it's out of the way but still stored neatly and always easy to access.

    25. A cabinet door organizer that has designated spots for a dryer and a hair straightener, plus a little basket where you can fit your brushes and a bunch of products. It'll basically turn your cabinet door into a battle station for your hair.

    26. A set of two heavy-duty cleaning brushes β€” toothbrushes don't hold a candle to these when it comes to scrubbing the built-up dirt out of grout and tile.

    You, enjoying your bathroom after its mini-makeover:

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