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    29 Products Under $10 With Truly Dramatic Before & After Photos

    Cheap products. Incredible transformations.

    1. The cult-favorite Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask for the deepest pore cleansing your skin's ever experienced.

    2. Some Bottle Bright fizzing tablets that are like an ultra-powerful bath bomb for your travel water bottles and mugs — they deeply clean even the most built-up layers of coffee and tea stains.

    3. A scarf organizer so you no longer have to dig through a messy pile to find the perfect match for today's outfit.

    4. A set microfiber makeup remover cloths that will swipe off every speck of foundation and eye makeup with just water — yep, WATER.

    5. A drain millipede to reach deep into your slow drains and extract the slime-and-hair monster who's been lurking for far too long.

    6. A matte foundation with buildable coverage that doesn't require a setting powder to seriously stand up to oily skin.

    7. A wood polish and conditioner to restore all kinds of faded and water-stained tables, cabinets, furniture, doors, and even natural wood floors to their former glory.

    8. A makeup brush cleaning egg and shampoo combo that extracts every last bit of leftover makeup on your brushes without damaging their delicate bristles.

    (Bonus tip: If you don't happen to have an Ikea sock hanger lying around, you can always use hair ties and your towel rack to easily dry your brushes upside down.)

    9. A pumice stone because years (or even weeks) of iron, calcium, and other mineral buildup isn't going to scrub itself off in the space of just five minutes.

    10. A callus-busting foot file so you don't have to spend hours applying lotions or scraping at your foot with a (pumice) rock to actually see results.

    11. A witch hazel toner you simply wipe over your face once a day to cleanse, moisturize, and rebalance your skin — even if it's a little bit sensitive.

    12. A working hands cream to instantly improve the dried out layer on your hands, which basically happened the moment the weather dipped below 70.

    13. A rust stain remover so you can harness all the powers of chemistry to make the stubborn red-orange dissolve and vanish with just a few sprays.

    14. An HD concealer ready and willing to seamlessly disguise any acne, under-eye circles, dark spots, and more.

    15. A headlight restoration kit to make your car's brights look sparkling and new again thanks to a cleaning wipe and just a dash of elbow grease.

    16. A brow pencil and spoolie for natural-looking brows that take no effort and no time.

    17. A highly-rated honeycomb drawer insert to turn your sock-and-underwear pile into an well-sorted array where you can always find exactly what you need.

    18. A toilet wand cleaning system that uses a fresh scrubbie loaded with Clorox's powerful disinfecting cleaner every time, letting you ditch the nasty toilet brush you've been using for years.

    19. A bottle of anti-frizz serum to protect your hair from heat (thanks, styling tools) and humidity (great, outdoor air) so it stays sleek and smooth.

    20. A patch kit engineered to have everything you need to seal up a dent or nail hole in one place: the spackle and primer in the tube, the putty knife on the end, and the sanding pad on the lid.

    21. A pack of clip-in hair extensions for the days (or weeks!) you just feel like making your hair a little longer, thank you very much.

    22. A bottle of soft cleanser to tackle all kinds of impossible stains on pots, pans, bathtubs, stoves, ovens, sinks, and basically any surface that won't scratch.

    23. A roll of stainless steel contact paper that will make every circa-1990s appliance in your kitchen look like it belongs in the 21st century at long last.

    24. A red wine stain remover so you don't have to worry one bit if you (or your house guests) get a little messy with their merlot.

    25. An eight-bin interlocking drawer organizer you can customize to any configuration so it fits your drawers just perfectly, giving every product a place and never sliding around.

    26. A grout-cleaning brush with super-stiff bristles designed to scrub out every last bit of built-in dirt and grime with a minimal amount of effort on your part.

    27. A can of spray paint that can make any thrift-store find look like you picked it up at a high-end furniture store.

    28. And a can of metallic spray paint as a cheap and easy way to update the finish of any fixtures you're not in love with.

    29. A water stain eraser because, yes, it is that easy to make minor damage to your wood furniture disappear right before your eyes.

    You, witnessing the amazing transformations these products bring to your life:

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