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27 Products That'll Actually Make You Productive In 2019

Even if you're a little lazy.

1. An alarm clock to wake you up with a chill, gradual sunrise, the way all of our bodies ~evolved~ to wake up.

2. A simple planner with built-in tools to help you overcome procrastination by setting and tracking goals, undated pages so you never waste a spread for a vacation week, and a happiness guarantee that lets you return it at anytime.

3. Or a dotted notebook you can turn into your very own bullet journal, if you want a truly custom way to track and plan your days.

4. OR (and I swear this is the last one of these) a bare-bones productivity planner designed to help you focus on one main task each day, plus two secondary ones.

5. A set of no-smear colorful pens nearly 2,000 people — including lefties, who tend to have extra problems with smeary ink — swear make all their notes look neat and color-coded.

6. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones to mute all the distractions around you and focus on the task at hand.

7. Or a pair of squishy earplugs, which do pretty much the same trick for much less money.

8. A desk lamp you can switch on to brighten up the space in front of you before hunkering down to the task at hand.

9. A subscription to Audible, so you can listen to that book you've been meaning to read for ages while you wash dishes, hang up laundry, commute, and otherwise do other productive adult-y things.

10. A dry erase calendar with a cork board you can hang in your kitchen or home office to keep track of all the major upcoming events happening with everyone you live with.

11. A cookbook that makes it easy and cheap to cook for yourself, because eating three square meals (that aren't just take-out) = an important key to true concentration.

12. And a water bottle designed to help you remember to actually stay hydrated all day long. If college studying taught me anything, it's that a productive mind starts with a well-fed, not-thirsty body!

13. And speaking of Maslow, some relaxation tea you can enjoy before bed to help promote restful, restorative sleep...another important factor to maximize all-day focus, concentration, and memory.

14. A meal planning and grocery list pad that's perforated in the middle, so you can plan your meals, write down what you need to buy, then peel off just the shopping list when you head to the store.

15. A 60-minute timer so you can try practicing the "Pomodoro Technique": work for 25 minutes, break for 10 minutes. Then every fourth break, break for 20-30 minutes.

16. A habit tracker to help you stay accountable to the one person that matters — yourself — when you want to establish a new routine.

17. A UV sanitizer for your phone that could lower your chances of getting sick, at least a little bit.

18. A colorful cube of Post-It notes, because sometimes you just need the reminder to do something right in front of your face.

19. Forest, an app that lets you set a timer to watch a little virtual tree grow while you work — but kills the tree the moment you leave the app ahead of schedule.

20. One of these two books to help you tame the physical clutter in your life (even if it's just in one part, like your closet), which is both productive in and of itself *and* useful for focus in the long-run.

21. A standing desk converter for your workspace, perfect if you suspect sitting most of the day is draining your ability to pay attention to your work.

22. Or an adjustable desk shelf to organize your workspace in an appealing way, so you actually look forward to sitting there each and every day.

23. A to-do list pad that'll motivate you with the carrot, not the stick — but the carrot's a delicious adult beverage of your choice.

24. A memory-foam lumbar support for your office chair or car (or even airplanes) because when your back and body's happy and not aching, it's infinitely easier to stay focused and alert.

25. And an ergonomic wrist-rest set for your keyboard and mouse, to rejuvenate and support, well, your wrists, if they feel achy after just a couple of hours of sitting at your computer.

26. A book to remind you that productivity and busy-ness are not the same thing, and to help you understand all the different ~productivity theories~ out there — including the fascinating concept of productive procrastination.

27. A ~nootropic~ gum — it'll boost you through your three-p.m. slump without dosing you with so much caffeine you're still feeling jittery at dinner.

You, living your most productive life ever in 2019:

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