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    29 Products That'll Solve All Of Your Hot Weather Problems

    ::runs to the AC::

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A twenty-inch air circulating fan to come to the serious aid of your AC, and make sure that cold air gets everywhere. It'll be the perfect thing to both collapse in front of the moment you come in from mowing the lawn, and then carry out to your porch or balcony after dark so you can enjoy the evening, comfortably.

    It has three quiet speeds, five blades, and an adjustable-tilt base for maximum coolness.

    Promising review: "Powerhouse of a fan! It's a bit on the large side for indoor use in a small apartment, but I don't care because it's also very powerful, even on the lowest setting. It's very light and easy to move around in spite of its size. It dropped the temperature in my bedroom by two full degrees without my touching the thermostat, in only a couple of hours. So it is very good for the electric bill. The design is great for people with children or (like me) pets. There is no way to knock this fan over with the way it is shaped and the fan blades are well enclosed away from little fingers and paws. It does make a bit of noise, but it's a soothing white sort of noise, and fine for leaving on all night while I sleep. I quite enjoy it, actually." —Wendy Swearingen

    Get it on Amazon for $40.99.

    2. And a mini personal fan to help stave off sweat, whether you just came into work from the 100-degree parking lot or your home's AC doesn't quite do enough for your bathroom vanity.

    Promising review: "This fan has been great so far! It's compact and fits in my work space perfectly. It blows just enough air, considering its size. Level one feels like a gentle breeze and level two is similar to a low setting of a standard fan. It isn't very wide, so the air is concentrated to wherever you point it. It doesn't oscillate on its own, but you can easily turn it if you need to blow air in another direction. I really like the versatility in that in addition to turning horizontally, it can be adjusted vertically to straight up if you wanted. This allows you to place it in different places because the air will still blow on you." —Christy19

    Get it on Amazon for $19.99 (five colors available).

    3. A set of sexy anti-chafe lace bands because dresses are sooo comfortable to wear when it's hot outside right up until that moment you take a few steps and feel your thighs rub together — and these put a stop to that discomfort, instantly.

    BuzzFeed Video /, Amazon

    Reviewers do say that if you're between sizes (or even an exact number of inches that corresponds to a size), order down one so they stay!

    Promising review: "If you suffer from a little bit of 'chub rub' you need these. I wore these in 100 degree heat in Las Vegas under a skirt and had NO problems. They didn't fall or roll, weren't too hot, and best of pain no chaffing! I'm buying another pair for sure because I know I'll wear the first pair out now that I can wear skirts again with out having to wear hot shape wear under them!" —AJ

    Get them on Amazon for $16.95+ (eight colors, some available both in lace and solid).

    4. Or an anti-chafing stick so you can apply it anywhere you know your body's prone to rubbing and blisters before you head out for whatever adventure (or, y'know, work) your summer has in store.

    @bodyglide /

    The original is made with plant derived, vegan, hypoallergenic ingredients and never tested on animals. It's made to be preventative, so you're supposed to put it on before you even get dressed in the morning!

    Promising review: "As a (proud) woman with no thigh gap, thighs that chafe are a real concern for me. Typically I rely on bicycle shorts with dresses, but that was not ideal while traveling through Europe in the middle of the hottest point of the summer. This stuff was AMAZING! It's compact enough to throw in your purse or luggage, easy to apply, doesn't leave residue and is sweat proof. One tube lasted me through two weeks in Europe wearing dresses and shorts every day. Free your thighs!" —Tia Holiday

    Get it on Amazon for $9.99: it comes in its original stick form, a moisturizing stick version (which... is called "for her"... ::eyeroll:: ...but is good for any human who prefers something with additional skin-softening ingredients), and a cream version.

    5. An easy-to-use iced coffee maker that transforms regular old ground coffee into delicious cold brew concentrate overnight, so you can completely avoid hot beverages when it's a scorcher outside.


    You literally just fill it up the center filter with the ground coffee of your choice, add some water to steep while you sleep, then wake up to a pitcher full of cold and delicious caffeine.

    Promising review: "I wish I had found this iced coffee maker years ago. I live in Florida and the summers are extremely hot, so I like to drink iced coffee in the morning during the summer. It makes my mornings quick because all I have to do is pour it into a to-go cup. I can usually get about five fills out of one pitcher. I absolutely love this device, you do not need anything more expensive or complicated than this." —Ashley Bouchard

    Get it on Amazon for $18.99.

    And find out why one of our editors loves it so much in her Takeya cold brew maker review!

    6. Some makeup setting spray because even the most long-lasting makeup can benefit from a little help in the never ending battle against S-W-E-A-T, and this will make sure all hard work on that adorable cat eye actually stays put for hours.

    Promising review: "This was the first time I've ever used a setting spray. But it was my daughter's graduation and 99 degrees outside. I sat outside for three hours in the heat! We went out to dinner and to the store before I finally got home to take off my makeup. I was a little shinier than I was before I left but am very happy with this spray!" —Jess Y

    Get it from Amazon for $8.36.

    7. A water bottle designed to help you remember to actually stay hydrated all day, because nothing's better on a hot, humid afternoon than a long drink of ice water.

    Mint To Sparkle / Etsy

    Get either the Harry Potter bottle or the otter bottle from Mint To Sparkle on Etsy for $23 each. Or get a similar (but more "plain") set of two timed water bottles on Amazon for $14.99.

    8. Or if you prefer, a stainless steel bottle that's 1) insulated, so your water stays cool even if you have no other choice but to park in the bright sun and 2) actually sized to fit in a regular cup holder.

    It has double-walled vacuum insulation and can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours (or hot up to 12 hours, so you can use it in the winter, too).

    Promising review: "This bottle is AMAZING! It really keeps your water cool all day! It’s sturdy, easy to clean, does not lea,k and fits into every cup holder I’ve had to put it in lol. In my car, at the gym, in my wife’s car. It’s just great! I've left it in my car for a couple hours while the temp outside was upwards of 110–113 and to my surprise my water was nice and cold when I got back in. It really is a great product especially if you are an avid water drinker! It definitely earned all five stars from me." —CLoRo

    Get one on Amazon: the 17 ounce bottles for $13.95 and the 25 ounce bottles for $19.95 (available in 38 different colors and patterns).

    9. A sun hat — both styles feature a UPF 50+ sun rating (which means they only let 1/50th of UV radiation pass through), so you can bring your own shade with you wherever you go and know your head, ears, and face are extra protected.

    Sunday Afternoons

    Both styles are packable so you can travel with them without worrying about 'em getting all crushed up! The one on the left has an adjustable size band.

    Promising review: (for the hat on the left) "I'm not much of a hat person but bought this while on vacation in New Mexico where the sun was very bright and intense. It didn't cost that much so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal if I brought it home and never used it post-vacation but I surprised myself — I really like it, get compliments every time I wear it and so it has become my weekend hat!" —MGA

    Get them on Amazon: the one on the left for $24.99+ and the one on the right for $36 (both available in three colors).

    BTW, this brand makes LOTS of different styles, including ones for men and kids; you can find all their styles on their Amazon Store.

    10. A self-adhesive door draft stopper so you can stop paying extra $$ on your electricity bill for the hard-earned cold AC air that escapes out to your garage, apartment hallway, or basement.


    Besides that, it helps with light, pests, and sound...and will keep the heat in during the wintertime, too.

    Promising reviews: "Kept all the drafts away for sure. Also keeps heat and AC temperatures in rooms comfortably. Actually saw a difference with my utility bill. Highly recommend and easy to put on. Was done in literally three seconds!" —Amazon Customer

    "Easy to cut and apply to door. Already notice a difference in the draft — the basement is considerably warmer from AC air not leaking through the door." —Robert J. Lively

    Get it on Amazon for $9.99 (available in four colors).

    11. A personal mister because its gentle, continuous, cooling cloud of water will make it that much more comfortable to hang out on your porch, patio, or yard, no matter what time of day you decide is right.


    You won't catch me out there in peak summer, but you do you. Reviewers also love this for their chickens and parrots.

    Promising review: "I live in south Texas, so I purchased a canopy for my western facing patio and it was still too hot to sit outside. I thought I would give this a try and I couldn't believe it. We sat outside on a 98-degree day all afternoon with just this mister! It works perfectly. You can adjust how much mist comes out. Even my dogs sit out under the canopy and let the mister spray them. I would never have another summer without one." —Kindle Customer

    Get it on Amazon for $21.99.

    12. A sunburn lotion that may help prevent that dreaded peel thanks to the power combo of cooling aloe and hydrating coconut oil.

    As someone with more experience with sunburns than I'd like, I've found the key to reducing peeling is to pick a lotion you like enough that you don't mind reapplying it twice a day (including after showers).

    Promising review: "Best product ever for sunburns! No peeling or itching. Simply amazing! The photos are four days apart." —Carrie

    Get it from Amazon for $7.69.

    13. And water- and sweat-resistant sunscreen to shield you from those ever persistent UV rays without feeling too greasy, because the real solution to that sunburn problem finding a sunscreen you'll actually like using enough to apply it to (at the very least) your face every. single. day.


    If you're spending the entire day out in the sun sweating (or swimming!), remember to reapply it every 80 minutes!

    Promising reviews: "Love this sunscreen, especially for my face when I'm playing tennis or am otherwise active outdoors. I sweat, and this stuff lasts without being hard to remove, or gumming up your pores." —bongor

    "Literally the only sunscreen I've used and never gotten a sunburn with. Feels more like a high quality moisturizer than a sunscreen and the scent is very mild. Works well even when sweating." —Amazon Customer

    Get it on Amazon for $22+ (three sizes).

    14. A pair of polarized sunglasses to seriously reduce glare and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays because most of the time the hottest days are incredibly bright, too.,

    The first time I tried polarized glasses (tho they were fancier than these), we were on a beach in Hawaii and my mom let me borrow her pair. It was clear water anyway, but I could suddenly see SO much more detail through to the bottom, because it blocked the sun's glare so effectively. Now I'll only wear polarized!

    These have 100% UV protection, which is the most important thing to look for in sunglasses, according to The American Academy of Ophthalmology. Reviewers say each pair comes with a case, a cleaning cloth, and a mini screwdriver for tightening them if needed.

    Promising reviews: "I was driving directly into the sun yesterday and they did a damn good job of cutting the glare and enhancing my surroundings." —Henryhillsmom

    "I bought these as a cheap and quick replacement to similar looking sunglasses that recently were stolen. I had no hope for these being as great but was extremely happy to be wrong. These are very comfortable and the polarized lenses are wonderful and work quite well. These do not feel cheap, the quality is great! I am all around happier with this purchase than I was with similar sunglasses with an extra $100 on the price tag." —Anastasia Tavenier

    Get a pair on Amazon for $14.99 (10 variations of different frame and lens colors available; some mirrored, some not).

    15. A set of four car shades for your side windows (two lighter and two darker) because if you're car's gonna sit in a hot parking lot all day long, putting up something in addition to your standard windshield cover could make all the difference.

    They're coated in a film that makes them easy to just stick directly to the window (no suction cups required), and then just peel off and twist-fold into a little pouch whenever you're done with them.

    Promising review: "Tucson AZ report: Top notch static-affixing shades. I live where it gets over 115 degrees. Today it's a cool 102! Love these window shades which STICK like the best Saran Wrap ever. My Tahoe windows are big and darkened but there's a serious difference on my arm in the extra shade. The best part is how much cooler my skin feels under the shaded area. We all know interiors heat up by sun entering the windows, and my black Tahoe is no hotter than the gold colored Yukon next to me in my office parking lot. But now thanks to these my drive is even cooler." —Shanon N.

    Get them on Amazon for $13.97.

    16. And a cute Disney Cars windshield shade — besides performing that essential task of keeping your car interior cooler, it will bring everyone who sees it (including you!) a little spark of childhood joy.

    The listing says it comes with suction cups, but multiple reviewers say it doesn't but still works really well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Promising review: "This shade makes me smile every day. It is as thin as you'd expect of a low cost sunshade but I have no trouble getting it to stay upright and it nearly covers the whole windshield. Honestly, I did not measure before ordering I just thought it would make my kids laugh when they saw Lightening McQueen in the driveway. If it was a couple of inches bigger all around it would be a better fit but it still works, just flip the visors down and pull the shade up behind them. —Elizabeth Mohsin

    Get it on Amazon for $14.99 (also available in black and grey). If you'd prefer a shade that's very efficient and UV-blocking but less playful, try a different one for $11.99+.

    17. Some antiperspirant lotion specifically formulated to prevent excess sweating in your hands and feet, whatever it is that triggers yours.

    @mycarpe /

    Promising reviews: "This is the only thing that has ever worked for my foot perspiration. It is wonderful, my feet are DRY when I take my boots off when I come in from work. If you think you've tried everything and don't think this will will!" —USMC/MCSO

    "This product is as advertised: it stops your feet from sweating. It doesn't take much product, a very small amount, rub into clean, dry feet vigorously, wait 10 minutes, then put on socks and shoes. I used it at night as well as in the morning, and it worked great. I can even skip a day. Love this stuff." —Alison Widmer

    Get it on Amazon: two tubes of the foot lotion for $29.95 or a tube of foot lotion and a tube of hand lotion for $24.95.

    18. A pair of flats or sneakers that will *never* get too smelly no matter how much you sweat in 'em because anytime they do, you can just toss them in the washing machine.


    I've had a pair from this brand (all their shoes are made out of the same woven material, which is made from recycled plastic water bottles) for almost two years now and they really do still look brand new. I wear them all over New York through the spring, summer, and fall with no issues, and as someone who grew up on the Gulf coast, know they'd hold up well during summer's peak heat and humidity there, too. (You can read my full Rothy's flats review for more).

    Get them from Rothy's: the pictured flats or sneakers for $125 (many colors and patterns available; sizes 5–12).

    19. A pack of 100 oil-blotting tissues perfect for a mid-day touch up. Idk if it's actually true, but I swear my oily-prone skin always struggles more when the temperatures climb.


    I recently bought a pack of these and can 100% attest that they're packaged neatly and work really well.

    Promising review: "Where have these been my whole life? I live in humid Florida and have very oily skin. Halfway through the day I look like an oil slick. I love these charcoal tissues, they feel great on skin and gently absorb oil. They do not ruin or pickup my makeup at all when I dab them on my face. They leave no trace of oil and I am good for another four hours or so. I can't live without these now!" —Ashley Bouchard

    Get the pack of 100 tissues on Amazon for $6.95.

    20. A cotton undershirt with an extra sweat-absorbing panel under the arm to catch any drips you'd prefer weren't visible in a business-casual setting (as long as you don't mind the extra layer).


    Yes, it is another layer on a very hot day (and technically also 5% spandex), but it'll keep those sweat stains away from your short- or 3/4-sleeve business casual tops!

    Promising review: "This product works very well. It effectively blocks most sweat rings and only shows minor stains around noon, which dry rapidly. I'm no longer sitting in a wet shirt and freezing. The shields within the shirt are very effective at trapping the moisture and it is very comfortable to wear. I have started wearing a lot more of my brightly colored shirts." —pathetiquehumor

    Get them on Amazon for $28.49: one for women (three colors, sizes XS-XXL) and one for men (three colors, sizes XS–3XL).

    21. A durable pet cooling mat filled with non-toxic gel — it stays five to ten degrees cooler than the surrounding temp, so your pup or kitteh can quickly chill out even if they've been running laps in the heat.

    It wipes clean, and doesn't require any refrigeration or anything.

    Promising review: "I have a pug and a toy fox terrier/chihuahua mix and they absolutely love this thing. I just leave it sitting on the living room floor and they gravitate towards it when they need to cool down (and sometimes fight over it). Both fit simultaneously if they are in the mood for sharing the space. The mat is tough too — I don't think the dog nails can penetrate it." —E Marsh

    Get it on Amazon for $34.99+ (two colors available).

    22. And a durable miniature pool created so all kinds of dogs can enjoy some sweet relief when the thermometer shows significantly more red than white.

    Because it's not inflatable you won't have to worry about springing any leaks, but it still stores easily because it folds up in no time (although just like all of those heavy chewer dog toys, it's not completely chew-proof). And yes, it works well for kids, too!

    Promising review: "Great pool! Heavy duty material yet packs easily for storage and travel! Perfect replacement for those hard plastic ones that the dogs always put holes in and are hard to store/transport. This pool has held up to two swimming seasons so far for the labs in our family (about 65lbs each). These girls have tons of energy and always manage to destroy the plastic pools...this pool survives the splashing, digging and general shenanigans the girls get into. When we can't make it out for a hike or swim, this is our go-to for cooling off!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it on Amazon for $32.99+ (available in five sizes).

    23. A foldable miniature fan that can fit in your pocket, purse, or glove compartment, letting you keep your cool while you wait for your car's AC to (fiiiinally!) kick in.


    It charges via USB, so you don't have to worry about keeping batteries around. It has two different speed settings, and the bottom half can also fold backward to act as a little stand.

    Promising review: "I liked it so much I got a second! I got one for my girlfriend because she wanted to make sure her makeup doesn't come off during humid days, but I started using it and it's is amazing. I thought it was going to be one of those cheap ones that break or have weak wind power but this is so strong. It has two settings normal and high, as if normal power wasn't strong enough. I am someone who sweats a lot so after walking a long day and I sit in the park somewhere, I just use this to cool off. I have been using it for a week now. A full battery life lasts a couple of hours so I can literally use it from morning to night. I highly recommend this!" —Mitchell

    Get it from Amazon for $11.88 (available in three colors; also available with two fans for $13.99).

    24. Some double-layer blackout curtains to stop the sun from blasting through your windows with all its brightness and heat, keeping your entire home cooler (and helping lower your energy bills, because your AC won't have to work quite so hard).


    Promising review: "The best blackout curtains I’ve ever had. I live in Florida and I have a weird schedule (I work until early morning and get up early afternoon) so I need great curtains. The darker the color the better they work. I’ve previously had tan and dark brown and they did pretty well. This time I went with navy to go with my room color scheme— GLORIOUS. It’s so dark and cool all day long. You can feel the heat inside the curtain. It is white on the opposite side of the panel (the side looking outside) so that’s nice. It is wrinkly but a couple sprays with a wrinkle releaser or washing and drying them and promptly hanging them and the wrinkles come right out. The only light that shines through is the gap between the curtain and the wall due to the curtain rod." —Labra

    BTW, that white on the inside of the curtain is part of why these work so well — it helps reflect some of the sun's heat and light back outside, instead of letting it heat up your room!

    Get them on Amazon for $35.99+ (available in nine colors and six sizes).

    25. A set of incredibly lightweight Belgian linen sheets so you never have another moment where you wake up at 3 a.m. drenched in sweat, not from a Stranger Things 3 induced–nightmare, but because you've just always been a hot sleeper and the summers make it worse.


    Yes they are a bit of a splurge, but linen often lasts for years and takes no special care (you just wash on warm and dry on medium). And it gets softer with each wash!

    Promising reviews: "Initially was much more coarse then cotton sheets but that was to be expected. However after a few nights that started to grow on me and now I absolutely love them. I’m hot sleeper and always have a fan on me while I sleep. These sheets are incredibly breathable and keep me cool." —Joey Pulliam

    "I love these sheets! They are beautiful and quality and remind me of my precious purchase of Restoration Hardware Belgian Linen sheets ($229 for twin, $289 for queen). They keep you cool when it's hot and comfortable when it's cold. They have that amazing lived-in, relaxed look. If you want super crisp then try something else. If you want beauty, natural fibers, quality and comfort — try these!" —Amazon Customer

    Get them on Amazon for $149.99+ (available in Full–Cal King sizes and five colors).

    26. A natural deodorant that really, truly, actually works to keep odor at bay (at least for some people!) and may even help you not sweat so much, even though it doesn't contain any traditional antiperspirants.

    Lara Parker / BuzzFeed

    The tricky thing about natural deodorants, unfortunately, is that they're totally dependent on your body's microbiome. So just know YMMV! Here's what Lara, an editor here at BuzzFeed, had to say about it in our roundup of Things to Try in July:

    "Over a year ago I made the switch from regular deodorant to a more natural option. This was for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I got too high one night and spent like three hours reading about the dangers of some of the ingredients included in non-natural deodorants. I went through several options at first like Toms (I could *not* stop profusely sweating for months, the pit stains were real), and Schmidt's (I smelled and no matter what I did, it did not stop) before finding one that I swear by now — LaVanila's The Healthy Deodorant.

    I love that it comes in stick form because it feels much easier to use than some of the powdered options available. It also smells great, doesn't leave residue on my skin or on my clothing, and I don't smell bad and I don't profusely sweat when I use it. It took some time for my body to adjust, about 2–3 weeks, but once it did, I never looked back." —Lara Parker

    Get it from Ulta for $14.

    For more on how natural deodorants work and different options, check out the best natural deodorants no matter your price point on BuzzFeed Reviews (I've personally been using the budget pick and it's worked well for me, tho I do reapply it 3–4 times a day).

    27. A genius nearly-instant slushy and smoothie maker because when it's above 90 degrees outside, pretty much everything (from juice to tea to coffee and milk to boozier concoctions) is better in slush form.


    Quick frosé, anyone? You simply pull it out of the freezer, pour your bev of choice in, then stir it with the included spoon until it reaches peak slush. One reviewer even figured out how to create a corn syrup free–ice cream with bananas, milk, and vanilla.

    Promising review: "In December we somewhat randomly purchased one of these as a birthday gift for one of our kids who loves slushies. Five months later, it has become such a hot item at our house (two parents and three kids) that we ordered two more. All three Zoku slush makers are used on a daily basis. While it does take some time for the drink that you pour inside to freeze thoroughly to make a nice slushy, I have never heard complaints about the time that it takes. It works really well and they love the result." —Kindle Customer

    Get it on Amazon for $22.99 (five colors).

    28. A cooling towel that absorbs and holds onto lots of water for its size, so you can lay it around your neck and shoulders — if you're somewhere with a dry heat and low humidity — and let it provide extra moisture to evaporate off your skin like sweat, cooling you down.


    And when you flip it over, it always has a "cool" side. Many reviewers even purposefully keep it in their fridge or an ice chest so it's extra cold. (Some reviewers from more humid climates do like it, but technically its cooling effect comes from evaporation, which is why — as someone who grew up on the Gulf Coast — I don't think it would quite so effective somewhere super humid.)

    Promising review: "I use the towel to mitigate against 100-degree summer heat when I'm out walking. I usually wet the towel and to put it in the freezer overnight, laid over a bag of veggies so that it forms a rough U-shape. The next day I take it out and put it on my shoulders around the back of my neck (the U-shape freezing keeps the towel in place). It gradually thaws as a I walk. The coolness lasts 20-30 minutes. Pretty good result for the price." —Gaston

    Get it on Amazon for $14.97 (two colors).

    29. And last but definitely not least, a window air conditioner for obvious reasons, although I really do hope you have one — or central air — already!!!


    This one's made for a room up to 150 square feet, and only windows that open vertically (not ones that slide to the side).

    Promising review: "Update 6/6/2018: A couple of weeks ago I pulled this out and put it back in the window. I'm now on the third year of near continuous use during the summer and it still blows as cold as day one. For the price, energy usage, and performance, I couldn't be happier.

    Original review: This is the end of my second summer using this unit daily, and it's still going like a champ. I have it in my bedroom, about 200 square feet. Despite the two different settings knobs, there are basically two levels: Can't Feel It and Nice And Cold, but considering the price point that doesn't bother me too much. It also hardly raised our energy bill, despite heavy usage." —f1shst1x

    Get it on Amazon for $158.99.

    My sincerest wish for all of you this summer:


    Well, not TOO conditioned... because that's its own problem.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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