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    30 Useful Products That'll Actually Help Declutter Basically Your Entire Home

    Pictures to inspire you, with products to actually help you make it happen.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up because the first step to a truly decluttered space is actually getting rid of stuff — and this will show you how.

    The cover with the title, the subtitle "the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing", and the author, Marie Kondo

    2. A Zero-Waste Box from Terracycle, where you (or you + your neighbors, or high school, or dorm) team up to buy a box that you then stuff with hard-to-recycle items, and mail back to Terracycle to be recycled.

    3. A set of dresser drawer dividers so you can keep all your clothes that spark joy folded in neat rows that easily adjust to the perfect widths.

    4. A set of three airtight snack and cereal containers — they'll 1) let you consolidate your open box and backup box into one spot *and* 2) keep all of those delicious snacks fresher for longer.

    5. Or a set of airtight ~Pop Containers~ that are a little less convenient to quickly open and pour, but come in a variety of sizes and types to fit whatever your particular pantry needs.

    The five-piece set: one tall large one, a midsize one 3/4 the size of the large, two medium ones each 1/2 the size of the large, and a small one 1/4 the size of the large

    6. And for your fridge, a set of clear storage bins — they'll make it so much easier to pull out the stuff in the very back without having to dig for it, so you'll actually be able to find the bottle of ketchup you already have, instead of having two open at once.

    the clear acrylic bins

    7. Plus some custom decals for your most-used drawers and shelves so you can feel like a Professional Organizer every time you open your fridge, and so everyone knows where to find everything and where to put things away.

    8. A paper shredder because you'll finally be able to destroy that stockpile of credit card offers, old tax returns, and other stuff you (reasonably) didn't want to just chuck in the recycling.

    9. And a slim four-pocket expanding-file organizer perfect for holding onto the few papers that are actually important enough to keep around.

    A rainbow of 10 colors of the folders, all pastel except for one black

    10. Or if you need more than four pockets, a cascading file — it collapses for easy transport, then fans out to make each and every folder quick to access.

    The file cascaded to hang on a home office wall; there's a loop for the nail, six file folders, and a clear slot for something like a calendar print-out in the front

    11. A beanbag cover designed so kiddos can stuff it with all of their less-loved plush toys, turning the omnipresent, messy-looking pile into a comfy place to sit.

    12. A nail polish case that, after you sort through and toss any expired bottles or colors you don't want to keep, will file the ones you actually love into an orderly menu.

    A product photo showing before: a messy pile of lots of nail polish and after: all the nail polish bottles lined up neatly in the case's grid

    13. A hair dryer holder that takes two seconds to use — just plop the dryer in — so you'll actually be motivated to put your dryer away after you're done with it, instead of leaving it laying out on the cabinet. You could even install it on the inside of your bathroom cabinet door, so it's convenient but not out all the time!

    hairdryer sits nose-down in spiral metal holder

    14. A row of cut-up books because it'll disguise your router and other e-clutter without blocking the all-important wifi signal.

    before: a home office with a pile of routers, Amazon Alexas, and other cords next to the computer; after: the same space, except all you see is a row of colorful book spines

    15. A bamboo monitor stand with two drawers perfect for storing all of the little desk supplies you need somewhere besides your desktop, but still within arm's reach.

    The monitor stand, which is 22 inches long, 10.6 inches deep, and 4.8 inches high; has two drawers, space underneath them for storage, and three slots in the top for organizing

    16. A pack of shoe doublers — the shoes you do decide to keep will take up half the space they would otherwise, freeing up extra shelf you can use for basically anything...including new shoes, of course.

    A reviewer photo showing 11 pairs of shoes fitting on a six-pair shoe rack, because the doublers allow each pair to stack on top of each other

    17. A pack of those ~As Seen on TV~ Wonder Hangers because they take advantage of all the vertical space in your closet, freeing up extra room on your rod so everything's not so jam-packed in there together.

    18. A set of baskets and clip-on labels to turn into a crap basket system: when you find something abandoned in a spot where it doesn't belong, drop it in that person's crap basket for them to put away later.

    A blogger's photo of four baskets on their home's stairs, one basket per step, each with a different family member's name on it

    19. A personalized embroidered dog toy bin that may not stop your beloved pup from pulling every toy out onto the living room floor, but will at least give you a cute, neat place to put everything back again once they've crashed for their mid-afternoon nap.

    puppy sits next to white fabric rope-handled bin that says "mishka's toys" in light blue with a blue dog bone

    20. A coupon folio so you can toss the pile of of ads slowly accumulating on one corner of your kitchen counter, and just file away the deals you need for when you need 'em.

    21. A set of vacuum storage bags to compress your out-of-season clothes, extra bedding, or any other bulky fabric things you use often enough to keep, but not so often you want 'em taking up space in your tiny linen closet or out all the time.

    A reviewer's before: pile of clothes taking up a huge amount of space and after: everything compressed into four bags, a quarter of the size

    22. A disc keeper so you can reduce the shelf space all those plastic DVD cases take up to just 2.8 inches, while still keeping all your favorite movies protected (and in alphabetical order, if you so choose).

    23. A cutlery tray that holds an entire set of forks, spoons, knives, and salad forks in half the space of a traditional organizer.

    A hand puts a fork away in the cutlery tray; it's deeper than the typical tray; has three deep slots for forks, spoons, and knives, and one divided shallower slot for salad forks and other small utensils

    24. A jewelry armoire disguised as a full-length mirror so your collection stays organized and easy to access but completely out of sight.

    25. A stackable drawer and shelf that makes even the furthest back corners of your under-sink cabinets completely accessible while maximizing every inch of their vertical space.

    26. A clip-in mop and broom organizer that can turn any 17-inch section of wall into an impeccable cleaning closet the moment you hang it up. You won't have to deal with the haphazard pile of mops, brooms, and dusters falling all over each other the moment you go to grab one ever again.

    A reviewer photo showing the organizer hung on a wall behind a door; it holds a broom, a dust mop, a wet wring-mop, a mini broom and dust pan, a swiffer duster, and the dog's leash

    27. Some acid-free photo boxes because even if you don't have the time or motivation to put all those developed pre-digital rolls from the into albums, you can at least transfer them to storage that looks nicer (and is more organized) than those old shoeboxes.

    black photo box

    28. And some larger boxes that you can enlist to disguise those technical books or letter-size files that you need to flip through every once in a while, but look like such an eyesore on your bookshelf.

    29. A comfortable ottoman because it lets you both prop your feet up after a long day and hide throws, games, books, and more in its handy storage compartment.

    A taupe tufted storage ottoman with tapered legs

    30. Or a lightweight lidded storage baskets perfect for stashing away pretty much anything you need to: blankets or toys in the living room, extra supplies in the office, shoes in the entryway, magazines in the bathroom...the possibilities are truly endless.

    neutral light brown and white basket with handles next to chest of drawers

    BTW, after you get your cool new decluttering and organizing stuff in the mail, reuse that box to ship gently-used donations for FREE through Give Back Box.

    A box with the word "donate" written on it, a pair of jeans sticking out of the top

    Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.