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19 Genius Organizing Tips Our Readers Actually Swear By

All of 'em tried and tested!

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the best organizing tricks they'd ever tried. Here are some of our favorite ideas!

1. Store a whole set of fitted sheets inside one pillowcase, so it's easy to grab 'em all at once.

Photo by Raymond Hom. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright © 2011.

Fold your sheets and put them inside the pillow case. Saves a lot of room and doesn’t make your closet look a mess.


Read more on Martha Stewart.

2. Hook your computer headphones on a banana hanger so you never find them on the floor again.

Repurposed a banana hanger to hold my computer headset so it wouldn't keep falling off the desk.


Get a similar one on Amazon for $8.99.


3. Attach an empty tissue box to your full tissue box, and use the empty one as a trash can.

For sick kids, take a rubber band and attach a full tissue box to an empty one for a garbage can to keep the tissues contained.


It's also great for the car, if you don't have a trash can in there already. Read more on The Neat Nook.

4. Store your favorite bags (or your flats and sandals) in a clear-pocket hanging organizer, so you can actually see them.

I use this bad boy to organize my flats, flip flops and sandals. It keeps them from cluttering up the bottom of my closet. Works really well and has held up for the past couple of years. It has more than paid for itself. —redpanda45

Get one for $10.95 on Amazon.

5. And repurpose an over-door shoe organizer to make all of your cleaning products easy to find.

Using a plastic over the door shoe organizer has been a life saver. I currently have one each in my laundry room, pantry and closet. One stores things like cleaning products, lint rollers, lingerie bags and rags. The other stores pens, pencils, extra chargers, wires and other various odds and ends. My third stores bottles of sauces, clips for bags of chips, oils and oven mitts. One of the best organization hacks and cheap too!


You can also store leggings, baby clothes, kids toys, scarves...whatever you have a ~small collection~ of, one of these might just do the trick. From Fashionable Home. Get one on Amazon for $8.87.

6. Before you reorganize any storage space, clear it out completely.

@stephieinsc /

When I organize anything, I take it all down and start with a clean slate (shelf, cabinet, etc.) It's much less overwhelming when you aren't trying to squeeze things into spaces between the objects that are already in there.


This trick also helps you see everything that's accumulated in your cabinet, drawer, or wherever — so you can sort through what you actually want stored there, and either donate or find a different place for the rest.


7. Never leave a room empty-handed — always grab something to put away.


Never leave a room empty-handed! For example: If you're going to the kitchen and you have a glass sitting next you simply take it and leave it in the kitchen. Or if you just got out of the shower, take the clothes you were wearing and put them in the laundry hamper. It helps to keep everything where it belongs.


10. Or, fold your clothes, store them vertically so you can see them all, and use shoeboxes as dividers.

I swear by folding and putting my t-shirts in the drawer just like the first picture. You can fit soooo much more in the drawer.


(This is the picture they're referring to, from One Kings Lane.)


11. Decorate the inside of your closets, drawers, and cabinets, and you might like using them a little more.

I saw a suggestion somewhere online to make your storage spaces beautiful so you won't mind putting things away as much. At first I thought it was silly and blew it off. But it stuck with me and I realized that I didn't like going in my dull, white closet. So I painted it a zen green color to contrast my bedroom and put up some cute coffee wall decals. I took it a step further and lined my dresser drawers with different scrapbooking papers. It may sound nuts, but it really does make a difference!


To take it above and beyond, learn how to easily line drawers with fabric on Crafts by Courtney.

12. Assign different colors of hangers to different types of clothes in your closet, so you can find what you need in no time.

@tabbyontour /

I became meticulous with my small closet area. I organized my dress shirts by colors and suit sets by darkness. I use different color hangers for different types (all dress shirts are black, sweaters are teal, floral are green, jackets are white, and suits have their special wooden hangars). It makes the closet look aesthestically pleasing to look at and helps me find clothes with ease.


13. Store your leggings by category, divided up in big plastic ziplock bags.

@lydthekyd92 /

Leggings sorted into gallon-size ziplock bags. That way I just look for the pattern/color/etc. bag that has the one specific pair I want, rather than digging through all 40 pairs. —Kara Smith, Facebook

14. Drape your daintiest necklaces over a flocked hanger so they never get tangled.

I drape all my necklaces over a clothes hanger in my closet. It keeps them from getting tangled in my jewelry box and it allows me to match them to outfits easier. —katiem4708af964

This would only work with a flocked hanger, though — that's how they don't just slip off!


15. Or, repurpose a corkboard or a small canvas into a jewelry holder with a few cute push pins.

I bought a pack of canvas and cute thumbtacks at Target. I was repainting my bedroom so I used leftover paint. I used 3M hooks to place it on the wall.

I don't wear a ton of jewelry so have a full jewelry box never made sense and always took up space. So I did this! Easy. Fun. And you can make it your own! —brittanijuneb

16. OR, if you have a lot of jewelry but hate jewelry boxes, try this system:

I have to wear all black for work so I love jewelry and have a shit ton of it. I've tried every type of jewelry box imaginable and it's always turned into a huge mess where I can't see anything.

So I got some cute tacks and put them in the wall and hang up my necklaces on them. I painted some tiny wood boxes and bowls from Michael's — one each for my big earrings, small earrings, watches, and bracelets. At night I pick out what I'm wearing and put it all in its own container. It looks very beautiful and I can actually see all of my jewelry.


The hooks system pictured above is similar — see how it was done at Infarrantly Creative.

17. Think ~vertical storage~ when you're faced with a narrow space.

I built this to hold my coffee cups in the coffee bar area. I used "s"-shaped hooks you can buy in bulk online to hold everything. I built a similar one in the small laundry room to hang my delicates and hold a small hanging trash bin to collect lint. Hanging storage is great for narrow spaces! —jamesmoriarty

18. Enlist plastic bins as drawers that'll help you reach the back of your deepest cabinet and pantry shelves.

I put storage containers in my pantry and cabinets that contain foods. I can easily pull out the container and find the can I was looking for without taking everything out one by one. It makes my life easier, especially if it's a can all the way in the back.


Read more on Everyday Organizing.

19. Group your kids toys into other clear plastic totes — that way, they don't always have ~every single toy~ out.

All of my kids toys are in clear plastic totes with lids. They each get to have 2 totes out at a time and if they want a new tote they have to exchange one that is already out. It limits the number of toys out and on the floor and they are actually playing with things that used to be trapped at the bottom of the toy box for ages.


Get a pack of four 70-quart bins on Amazon for $48.65.

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