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15 Vintage-Inspired Lingerie Stores You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Feel like a movie star.

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1. What Katie Did

You'll find pieces from What Katie Did all over the ~vintage-inspired lingerie~ corner of the internet, and for good reason — their pieces are classic and well-made.

Pricing: $29.50–$362

Where to buy:


5. Dollhouse Bettie

Dollhouse Bettie carries a range of vintage-inspired lingerie, which means their collection tends to be a refreshingly modern take on ~classic~ pin-up looks. It's handmade in San Francisco. They also sell gorgeous Feather fans, if you have an extra $200 lying around.

Pricing: $24–$200

Where to buy:


14. Mayfair Stockings

Mayfair stockings specializes in just that: stockings, which are a crucial part of any pin-up ensemble. (You can also find a selection of various bras, panties, and loungewear, although not every piece is vintage-y).

Pricing: $9.86–$183

Where to buy: