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15 Vintage-Inspired Lingerie Stores You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Feel like a movie star.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. What Katie Did

You'll find pieces from What Katie Did all over the ~vintage-inspired lingerie~ corner of the internet, and for good reason — their pieces are classic and well-made.

Pricing: $29.50–$362

Where to buy:

2. Lucy B

Lucy B's playful products are all made in California, and they have a boutique in Long Beach. But of course you can order their playful sets online!

Pricing: $14–$96

Where to buy:

3. Dottie's Delights

The brand is named after designer Stephanie Kuhr's grandmother, and they make a wide range of sizes (all the way up to an F cup in some of their styles).

Pricing: $48–$184

Where to buy: or at a few boutiques.

4. Dita von Teese

If you don't know who Dita von Teese is, you haven't been paying attention. You can find this famed burlesque dancer's brand of lingerie at a variety of outlets, including Journelle.

Pricing: $22.50–$180

Where to buy:

5. Dollhouse Bettie

Dollhouse Bettie carries a range of vintage-inspired lingerie, which means their collection tends to be a refreshingly modern take on ~classic~ pin-up looks. It's handmade in San Francisco. They also sell gorgeous Feather fans, if you have an extra $200 lying around.

Pricing: $24–$200

Where to buy:

6. Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage makes reproductions of vintage clothes, so you can feel authentic without having to wear someone's old knickers.

Pricing: $20–$64 (For lingerie only.)

Where to buy:

7. Dollydripp

Dollydripp is an indie label based out of the UK, with made-to-order, limited edition products — that are actually pretty affordable. They also carry more than just lingerie!

Pricing: $14.44–$54.87

Where to buy:

8. Angela Friedman

Before designing lingerie, Angela Friedman used to work on ballet costumes — and it shows. All of the pieces are made in Durham, North Carolina.

Pricing: $30–$615+ (The high prices are for gorgeous corsets.)

Where to buy: or at their Etsy shop.

9. Clare Bare

Clare Bare's lingerie is handmade using eco-friendly, vintage, and salvaged fabrics and trim, minimizing their impact on the environment.

Pricing: $32–$102

Where to buy:

10. Upside Down Kisses

All of the pieces in this Etsy shop are hand-sewn in London, and they also carry the occasional piece of authentic vintage lingerie.

Pricing: $6.05–$101.65

Where to buy:

11. My Retro Closet

This independent boutique carries several different lines as well as an in-house brand. You can select your currency in the top right corner of the site, if you're not in the UK.

Pricing: $7.03–$175.81 for their lingerie.

Where to buy:

12. Secrets In Lace

A mail-order catalogue turned website, Secrets in Lace carries a fair range of styles, and has a killer collection of stockings.

Pricing: $12–$325

Where to buy:

13. Burlesque Chic

Playful Promises /
Playful Promises /

This Australia-based brand carries a curated selection of gorgeous pieces, and also carries a few pieces in sizes DD+.

Pricing: $20–$350

Where to buy: (You can select your currency in the menu bar.)

14. Mayfair Stockings

Playful Promises /

Mayfair stockings specializes in just that: stockings, which are a crucial part of any pin-up ensemble. (You can also find a selection of various bras, panties, and loungewear, although not every piece is vintage-y).

Pricing: $9.86–$183

Where to buy:

15. Pinup Girl Clothing

This popular store carries several different in-house lines of lingerie, clothing, and accessories in a wide range of sizes.

Pricing: $18–$310 for their lingerie.

Where to buy:

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