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    This Paula's Choice Sale Is Everything Your Skincare Routine's Been Missing

    20% off everything AND a cute gift for FREE?! *clicks*

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Y'all, Paula's Choice is having an anniversary sale, and just about everything is 20% off! You know what that means? Time to stock up — or find your new Holy Grail product! Just enter the promo code PC23 at checkout.

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    OH, and the shipping = free, AND they'll do a full refund (within 60 days) if you end up with something you don't love, so you basically have no excuses to not check it out! (Just do it before the sale ends: June 18th just before midnight Pacific Time.)

    PLUS if you spend over $65, you get a ~free~ full-size Radiance Renewal Mask with the code PC23.

    Paula's Choice

    It's a well-reviewed hydrating mask that regularly retails for $36, but is currently on sale for $28.80.

    *Earlier in the sale you could get a five-piece travel-size gift set in a cute pouch of your choice instead of the mask, but they sold out! This is the updated offer.

    Here are just a few of the cult favorites you can snag at a discount:

    1. Their best-selling 2% BHA Liquid that'll do SO much more to clean and minimize your pores than any painful pore strip could even dream about, if you use it regularly.


    It's a ~chemical exfoliator~ that helps your skin shed built-up dead cells on the surface and clears out clogged pores. You just wipe it on after washing your face (and, after you use a toner, if you do), using a cotton round.

    Promising review: Anyone out there with combination skin knows my daily struggle. I couldn't find a product that worked for my sometimes oily, sometimes dry, acne prone, and pore covered skin (and usually all of these at the same time)!! When I started Paula's Choice YEARS ago, I started with the entire Skin Balancing line, which included this. THIS was the miracle worker in the group. You could tell that it was getting rid of my acne, my pores, my oily forehead and my dry cheeks. It was making my skin PERFECT and balanced. This BHA will compliment every skin type and can be added to any routine. You'll thank Paula for the rest of your life! —No-Make-Up Jenna

    Get it from Paula's Choice for $23.20 (regularly $29).

    2. A retinol serum — it may help your skin feel firmer, smoother, and even improve the appearance of wrinkles.


    It can help repair some sun damage, too! If you want a stronger retinol product, consider checking out their full selection.

    Promising review: This product is gentle on my skin, and little goes a long way. It's the only retinol based product that hasn't irritated my skin to the point where I get discouraged and give up. I love this product and my skin loves it because I've never looked better. I definitely recommend this product, and I never want to be without it! —Lewanda

    Get it from Paula's Choice for $33.60 (regularly $42).

    3. An acne body spray you can spritz on at any angle to target breakouts literally wherever the devious red bumps like to appear.


    Promising review: Simply put: I will never buy another "leading brand, dermatologist recommended" money-wasting body acne treatment from the drugstore — I now stock up on this body spray. It is the ONLY thing that cleared my "backne" in record speed. It occupies a permanent space in my shower cubby and is the last step before getting out of the shower every day. I use it every day on upper back/shoulder blades and back of arms: two or three sprays in each of those areas does it, so the bottle lasts a relatively long time for me (months). —G

    Get it from Paula's Choice for $20 (regularly $25).

    4. A hyaluronic acid booster to mix in with your moisturizer to make your skin softer and more hydrated than it's ever felt before.

    Hyaluronic acid's the superhero of skin moisturizing; although if you live in a dry-ish climate, you might want to apply it to damp skin.

    Promising review: To me, this is on of the best PC products so far. I don't know if it's the ferment (yeast extract) or the ceramides or EVERYTHING that this incredible product contains but my skin LOOOVES IT! It's just so calming and replenishing and refreshing. I can literally feel my skin being reinforced and plumped every time I use it. —Joan, the skincare lover

    Get it from Paula's Choice for $27.20 (regularly $34).

    5. A lightweight moisturizer with SPF 30 that'll make the perfect top coat for your morning routine and protect you from skin's most nefarious enemy: the sun.


    If you have normal, oily, or combination skin, that is — if you have dry or very dry skin, check out the Skin Recovery Lotion with SPF 30 ($23.20, usually $29).

    Promising review: I have extremely sensitive and eczema-prone skin that can be difficult to deal with. This product doesn't irritate my skin at all, provides enough hydration, and actually calms my skin down when it's irritated! It also makes my skin look amazing which is great as I have recently not have had enough time to wear makeup. My skin looks better after wearing it during the day, and it gives my skin a bit of a soft filter appearance when it's on. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for sun protection! This is the one product I always must have and I really hope PC never changes it or discontinues it. —Lora

    Get it from Paula's Choice for $23.20 (regularly $29).

    6. A soothing oil-reducing cleanser — it can help minimize pores but will never leave your face feeling even the tiniest bit tight or dry.


    At the end of the day, you don't even have to use an extra makeup remover — this'll gently wash all of that off, too.

    Promising review: When I first used this product, I could tell that it was much different than any other product I had used before. It is very moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. I've had skin troubles for years and I can't explain how happy I am to have found this product. My main concern prior to using this product was the size of my pores, and after just a few weeks of using this cleanser (plus the skin balancing toner) I've noticed a decrease in pore size and increase in overall skin health. I also want to mention I haven't gotten a pimple since I started using this product. So happy! Would definitely recommend. —Laura

    Get it from Paula's Choice for $14.40 (regularly $18).

    7. Or a cleansing oil perfect for trying the OCM (oil-cleansing method) for the very first time while showing your waterproof makeup who's boss.

    Made from sunflower, coconut, meadow-foam, jojoba and grape seed oils, all you do is smooth it over your face, rinse, and call it good. Here's more detail on the OCM, if you're curious!

    Promising review: My skin is clean and very soft using Paula's Cleansing Oil. The product removes makeup without irritation, even water resistant mascara. I have an active t-zone, and I never expected to use an oil cleanser. The results have been a pleasant surprise — soft, clean skin and no blackheads, no breakouts, no irritation. — Valerie

    Get it from Paula's Choice for $20 (usually $25).

    8. A gentle, fragrance-free shaving cream with a ~cushiony texture~ so you can get a close shave with zero irritation.

    Promising review: I'm a 40-year-old male with very sensitive skin that shaves daily, and this product is excellent for getting a close comfortable shave with no redness or irritation. I love the fact that it's completely fragrance-free. I follow with a PC toner and SPF moisturizer and couldn't be happier! Another gem from Paula's Choice! —jphiggi

    Get it from Paula's Choice for $10.40 (regularly $13).

    9. A face mask that'll work the night shift to make sure you wake up with super-soft, calm skin.

    You can also just wear it for 20+ minutes if you prefer not to mask overnight! (If you're shaking your head because you have super oily skin and there's no WAY you're trying an ultra-moisturizer like this, check out the oil-absorbing clay mask, $17.60, usually $22).

    Promising review: The only product that hydrates my ultra-dry skin in the dry winter months. I've discovered the tip of using it as a night cream and my skin has never been so plump and hydrated. Never. My skin looks better now than it did in my 20s. In the morning I use BHA lotion and a light moisturizer and my skin is hydrated all day. The overnight mask keeps my skin in perfect shape all day. —Judykay

    Get it from Paula's Choice for $19.20 (regularly $24).

    BTW, Paula's Choice is a cult favorite for a reason: besides making truly great products, they also never test on animals, and do their best to avoid using animal-derived ingredients.

    While (unfortunately) they're not certified or 100% vegan, they are part of the Leaping Bunny program — besides not testing on animals in their company, they also make sure none of their suppliers do.

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