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21 Clever Packing Tricks That Will Make Your Trip So Much Easier

♪ All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...♫

1. Put cling wrap under the lid of your toiletries to keep them from leaking all over your suitcase.

2. Or if you want to carry smaller bottles of toiletries, use empty prescription bottles.

3. Keep your razor (and your fingers) safe with an oversized binder clip.

4. Prevent your jewelry from tangling with cling film.

5. And string more delicate necklaces through a straw.

6. Use a shower cap to keep your shoes off of the rest of your clothes.

7. Fold a shirt and put it in the inside of a hat to keep your hat from getting squished.

8. Put your earrings through the holes in a button to keep each pair together.

9. Or use a pill box to keep your earrings from getting scratched during transit.

10. Roll delicate dresses between two sheets of white tissue paper.

11. And roll the rest of your clothes so they take up less space.

12. Try a set of "packing cubes" to help you compartmentalize your suitcase.

13. Or simply use laundry bags made for washing your delicates to hold all of your small rolled tees.

14. Keep your charger, cord, and earphones in an old sunglasses case.

15. Squirt small amounts of makeup, lotions, or soap into contact cases.

16. Use an empty tube of chapstick to make a secret money stash.

17. Pack heavy shoes and toiletries close to the wheels, and lighter clothes close to the top of your bag.

18. Put your hair ties on a carabiner to keep them all in one place and easy to grab.

19. And keep bobby pins together in an empty Tic Tac container.

20. Layer dryer sheets between your clothes to keep them smelling fresh, and slip in an empty pillow case for dirty laundry.

21. Or make it super easy on yourself and pick up a set of packable shelves.

These are $30.78 and work in most suitcases.

Happy packing!

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