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    7 Easy Organizing Tricks You'll Actually Want To Try

    A tiny bit more organizing can make a real big difference.

    1. Label your food with small dots if someone in your home is allergic to a particular ingredient.

    2. Download the KonMari app and get guidance on everything tidy-related.

    It helps you stay organized, track progress, and connect with people who won't make fun of you or put you down.

    3. Divide your drawers up with shoeboxes instead of buying drawer organizers.

    4. Hang wall planters like these indoors, and use them for stuffed animal storage and display.

    5. As you write things down on your grocery list, sort them by type for more efficient grocery shopping in-store.

    6. Make a big batch of freezer-friendly lasagna roll-ups, cook one of the pans, and store the rest for later.

    7. Put together small chore kits for each room in your home so it's easy for roommates, teens, or spouses to contribute to cleaning, too.

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