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    8 Tried And Tested Little Upgrades That'll Actually Make Your Life Easier

    What's actually worth your time.

    Hi! I'm Natalie, and I'm always on the lookout for ways to make life just a little bit easier.

    Sometimes, when I find a really good trick, I decide to try it out for myself — because, hey, it might make my life better! Here are a few of my favorites I've tried recently:

    1. Save closet space by hanging multiple tops together — either by linking 'em together with soda tabs, or a length of plastic chain.

    2. Hang your scarves by looping them over the bottom part of a pants hanger, *not* by using shower curtain rings.

    Here's how to loop your scarves around the hanger:

    3. Wrap pipe cleaners (or rubber bands) around hangers to make 'em nonslip, so your clothes never slide off again.

    4. Store bobby pins in a magnetic paperclip holder from the office supply store so you can pull just a couple out at a time.

    5. Put your hair ties on a carabiner, or on multiple carabiners, if you're always searching for a hair tie.

    6. Plop your damp Beauty Blender or makeup sponge into an egg cup to help it dry after you use it.

    7. Organize all your shoes with two shower curtain tension rods.

    8. Hang pot and pan lids on inside of your cabinet doors so they're easy to grab.

    Because my cabinets are too small to really show how great this hack is, here's a reader-submitted photo of this trick at work:

    That's all for now! Do you have any home cleaning or organizing hacks you swear by, or that you think I should test? I'd love to know — please share 'em in the comments!