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    7 Small Ways To Actually Get Your Home In Order

    Small problems solved.

    1. Pick up some dollar store wire organizers meant for kitchen shelves, and stick 'em in your fridge to immediately take advantage of vertical space.

    2. Keep your kids busy this summer with a job chart that helps them easily earn more money.

    3. Prep a batch of these Healthy Brownie Granola bars for an easy, healthyish, and honestly delicious way to start your day.

    4. Banish sad, soggy lunch sandwiches by packing them in an DIY sandwich kit.

    5. Sign up for the Inbox Cleanse so email takes up less of your time and energy every day.

    6. Put together a ~Dates to Remember~ box and have a card ready for every birthday and graduation, and even your anniversary.

    7. File your flip-flops in a basket instead of letting them take up valuable shoe storage space.

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