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23 Dogs Who Are So Happy To Be In Your Wedding

So many fluffy feelings.

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1. This golden retriever who feels #blessed to be the flower dog.

2. This dalmatian who is overwhelmed with happy feelings.

3. This kiddo who thinks his mom looks ~so beautiful~.

4. This ring bearer who loves his little tux.

5. This sweetheart who is trying so hard not to cry.

6. And this one who is so glad she didn't have stay at home for this.

7. This chocolate lab who is a little worn out from all the hair and makeup, tbh.

8. This yorkie who thinks your sister did an amazing job with the flowers.

9. This little man who wishes he could get up there and lick your noses.

10. This retriever who retrieved the missing bouquet and saved the day.

11. This tiny dude who thinks your big day was absolutely perfect.

12. This sweetheart who loves her little striped bow.

13. This puppy who is really glad he gets to match your dress.

14. This yorkie who has all your bridesmaids gear ready to go.

15. This freshly grooomed girl who is super pleased with all the love.

16. This labradoodle who is so glad she gets to be in the ceremony.

17. This little ringbearer who just can't believe his luck.

18. This ball of fluff who will make sure you find your way to the venue in time.

19. This pomeranian who likes his shirt but thinks his head looks a little too big in it.

20. This baby girl who doesn't know that she's the best wedding present ever.

21. This furry guy who looks so handsome in his puppy tux.

22. This baby who thinks the reception treats are DELICIOUS!

23. And this guy who is just worn out from all the fun.