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    15 Office Cleaning Ideas Every Clean Freak Needs To Know

    (Do you know how germ-y your keyboard actually is?)

    1. First, do a little bit of paper organizing so the surfaces you need to clean aren't covered in actual work.

    2. Use a solution of 70% alcohol and water to clean your phone and tablet.

    Read more about why (and how to do it) here.

    3. Take a magic eraser to your keyboard's keys.

    4. Then run the sticky edge of a sticky note between the keys to pick up any crumbs.

    5. Wipe the grime off your earbuds, then disinfect them with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.

    6. Wipe all of the parts of your computer that ~aren't~ screens (including your trackpad or mouse) with a lightly moistened microfiber cloth.

    7. AGAIN, be careful with water around your electronics, especially their screens.

    8. Literally vacuum the tops of your books.

    9. Use a dusting spray to wipe down all of your wood furniture, like your bookshelves and your desk.

    10. Wipe down your air vent with the help of a butter knife or a ruler.

    11. Clean your windows and the glass in any picture frames you have hanging on the walls.

    12. Scrub out stains in your office chair using dish soap and hydrogen peroxide.

    13. If you have one of these chair mats, make sure to at least sweep it, if not wipe it down with a damp cloth.

    14. Make the whole room smell good while you vacuum by sprinkling DIY carpet refresher.

    15. If you have indoor plants in your office, gently wipe off their leaves with a damp cloth.

    Now enjoy your super clean work space and ~get stuff done~!

    Now that your office is clean, have you thought about organizing it?