18 Cheap Ways To Make Your Old Clothes New Again

    Give those old duds new life.

    1. Add flowers, a logo, or anything that's printed on fabric to a basic tee.

    All you need is Heat n Bond, which you can get at most craft stores. Here's the full tutorial.

    2. Or use iron-on hem tape to make a cutout lace shape in the back.

    3. Trim last year's shorts with lace (or ~layers~ of lace).

    4. Or turn them into preppy polka-dotted shorts with the help of a pencil eraser.

    5. Shape an old scarf into a wrap that could have come from UO.

    6. Cut out the crotch of old leggings to make a crop top.

    Make those winter standbys into something new. Here's how.

    7. Turn an old tee into a midi skirt using some strategic tying.

    8. Snip out the back and turn some of the excess fabric into strappy cords.

    9. Cut up an old maxi skirt to make a colorful sundress.

    10. Use studs to make a diamond pattern in the back of a tee.

    11. Layer lace over an old pair of white pants (or white dress, or whatever) and use it as a stencil.

    12. Paint fabric dyes onto an old dress to make it colorful.

    13. Turn an old tee into an open-back workout shirt in 20 minutes.

    14. Cut a straight line up the back of an old shirt or sweater, then attach Velcro for a trendy open back.

    15. And use the rest of the excess to make these blister-free flip flops.

    16. Hot glue a string of sequins to a crop top to spell out a word.

    17. Turn felt into a bleach stamp pad, and stamp patterns all over an old shirt or old pants.

    18. Button and tie a work shirt so it fits like a shoulder-less crop top.