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17 Gorgeous Lunch Boxes For Grown-Ups

You'll actually *want* to bring these to work.

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

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1. Mini Labo Gel Cool Bento Boxes

Good for: When you need an insulated lunch that is also pretty. (The lids are the ice packs.)

Price: $27 each

2. Goodbyn Hero Bento Box

Good for: Portioning everything out just so.

Price: $12.95

3. The Lunch Pot

Good for: Soup, and bringing more than just one thing for lunch.

Price: $12

4. Bento Salad Bowl

Good for: Insulated salads.

Price: $21.99

5. Flair for Fare Tiffin Box

Good for: Bringing both bread and salad, or soup and salad, or soup and bread.

Price: $11

6. The Double Wall Bowl

Good for: Anything you can eat with the included utensil that fits onto the lid.

Price: $22

7. Stanley Classic Lunch Box

Good for: Rough commutes, anyone who loves the look of "cold rolled steel."

Price: $38

8. Clicks Small Leak Proof Set

Good for: Taking just one layer when you only have meatballs, and two layers when you have meatballs and salad.

Price: $27.99

9. 1940s Vintage Metal Lunch Box

Good for: Explaining that your lunch box is older than your co-worker's, and therefore wiser.

Price: $30

10. Classic Stanley Thermos & Lunch Box

Good for: Embracing the "retro combo" of Thermos and lunch box, without it needing to actually be retro.

Price: $75

11. Furoshiki ECOlunchwrap Kit

Good for: Light lunches stylishly wrapped Japanese-style, as long as everything can be eaten with a bamboo utensil.

Price: $35

12. The "Brown" Bag

Good for: Anyone who really just likes a brown paper bag, but is bothered by how bad those are for the planet, and their wallet. This version is made from waxed canvas.

Price: $20

13. Insulated Chevron Lunch Tote

Good for: When you need a bag you can just throw over your shoulder.

Price: $20

14. Sandwich Boxes

Good for: Cutting up apples right before you eat them, so they don't turn brown (the lid is a cutting board).

Price: Set of two for $26

15. Collapsible Eco Meal Kit

Good for: Anyone who hates carrying a big empty lunch box home at the end of the day.

Price: $9.99

16. Slimline Quaddie Lunchbox

Good for: Bringing along an eight-ounce "apple juice" with your sandwich and grapes.

Price: $9.99

17. Neoprene Animal Lunch Bags

Good for: People who like to ride to work in style.

Price: $12.50

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