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    28 Lazyish Ways To Deep Clean Your Home You'll Probably Wish You'd Known About Sooner

    Get OMG-worthy results *without* the elbow grease.

    1. Fill a dishwashing wand with vinegar and dish soap, then bust through (and prevent) soap-scum and hard-water buildup by scrubbing down the walls + door *while* you shower.

    A dishwand filled with blue soap on the floor of the blogger's shower

    2. Or mist your shower walls, curtain/door, tub, fixtures and floor once a week after you turn off the water and you'll (almost) never need to deep clean your shower at all.

    3. Wipe away built-up layers of soap scum and hard water stains on your glass doors with the help of a soft cleanser — the reviewer who took the photos below said they didn't even have to scrub.

    Before: A glass shower door with lots of white hard water buildup covering it; After: the same door, now completely clean, clear, and transparent

    4. Secure a plastic bag filled with vinegar + baking soda around your shower head to descale hard water stains and break up mold or mildew while you go back and sit on the couch.

    5. Brighten your greying, dirty, and mildewed white grout by running some bleach gel over all the worst spots.

    The blogger's hand runs a thin line of bleach along a grout line with a bleach pen

    6. Cut down on your elbow grease while still getting gaps, corners, hard water stains, and (any color) grout clean with a power scrubber.

    Hand holding the brush, which looks like an oversized electric toothbrush, while it scrubs dirty grout until it's white

    7. Save yourself lots of fruitless scrubbing with a toilet brush and use a pumice stone to quickly banish those impossible rust and mineral rings.

    8. Then stamp some gel into your clean toilet to actually keep it that way for weeks and months at a time.

    9. Switch to wearing sweeper slippers every time you're at home, so as you walk around, you're also picking up all the dust, fuzz, and hair lurking on your hard floors.

    10. Leisurely dab up even the most impossible and old set-in carpet and upholstery stains with the help of a spray-and-blot spot remover.

    11. Have pets that shed? Pick up every last little bit of their fur that's embedded in your carpet using the squeegee-side of a rubber broom.

    12. Pop a bunch of things in the dishwasher to clean them all at once while you go and do literally anything else: dusty AC vent covers, sticky stove vent hood filters, grimy glass light covers, and even wrenches and screwdrivers can stand a go.

    The blogger's dishwasher rack with all the listed items loaded in it

    13. Then clean all the gunk and scum out of your dishwasher by running it empty with a cleaning tablet.

    14. Cleans and polish your stainless steel in a single, quick, satisfying step with this spray-and-wipe cleaner.

    15. Spray some fume-free foam cleaner in your oven, let it all sit overnight, then easily wipe away the crud in the morning — the oven will look brand new.

    16. Shine up your stovetop with five minutes of concentrated work: Drizzle on some Dawn and hydrogen peroxide, sprinkle with baking soda, and vigorously scrub in circles with a dish brush.

    17. Enlist a soft cleanser to easily scrub off cooked-on gunk from your stainless or enameled gas stove (and tons of other things).

    Kayla's enameled stove before, with lots of coooked on and spilled gunk around the hedge. And after, where her burners looked move-in ready.

    18. Run a knife wrapped in a damp cloth through the gap between your oven and your stove to extract all the crumbs and crud lodged in there. Then cover that gap with a pair of stainless steel covers so you never have to clean that spot out again.

    19. Dissolve hard water stains on your water faucets by wrapping them up in vinegar-soaked paper towels for an hour — they'll wipe off in one go.

    The blogger's faucet before, caked with white hard water stains, and after, no more water stains in sight

    20. Grind up a garbage disposal cleaning packet — its foam will reach into the depths of the disposal to clean every. single. last. inch.

    21. A few drops of mineral oil (or even olive or vegetable oil) on a paper towel is perfect for picking up that grimy, sticky dust that seems to inevitably accumulate on your stove and vent hood.

    22. Grab that bottle of stain remover from number ten again and use it to make the years-old mystery stain on your mattress vanish right before your eyes.

    23. Then mix baking soda with a few drops of essential oil and sprinkle that on your mattress to absorb any funky smells.

    24. A lint roller will pick up all the built-up dust on your lampshades and pillows.

    25. Sweep and (gently!) scrape dust and dirt buildup off of your keyboard, mouse, or laptop using a dual-sided cleaning brush. One end = a super soft brush, the other = a flexible but firm-ish silicone wiper.

    26. And wipe down all your other surfaces with a microfiber duster, which attracts and holds onto dust like a magnet, instead of brushing it into the air just to settle again later.

    27. Washing machine smelling a little funky? Run it on an empty cycle with hot water and vinegar to freshen it up.

    Blogger pouring vinegar into their washer's detergent compartment

    28. Or if you've tried that with no success — or are just the type to go big or go home — opt for a washer cleaning tab, instead.

    You, knowing your entire home is sparkling and it didn't take all weekend to do it:

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