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    14 Cheat Sheets For Anyone Who Hates Laundry But Does It Anyway

    :: refuses to do laundry until the last pair of underwear ::

    1. If you hate all the confusing settings on your washer:

    2. If you grieve your lost socks:

    3. If you dread the time it takes to hang clothes so you just don't:

    4. If ironing and static are the banes of your existence:

    5. If you detest clothes with confusing symbols on their tags:

    6. If you cry a little when you have mud all over your pants:

    7. If the stench of bleach fries your nose for days:

    8. If you fuss when stain remover doesn't get that grease stain:

    9. If yellow pits on white shirts drive you up the wall:

    10. If you buy an outfit you love but you're terrified it'll shrink:

    11. If you wish your pants would just stay on the dang hanger:

    12. If you dream about clean-sheets-day every day:

    13. If the idea of folding a fitted sheet makes you cry, but you're going to try anyway:

    14. And if you're too busy for laundry and proud of it: